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Naruto 520 & 521 – The Secret Behind Impure World Resurrection & The Army’s Battle Begins   Leave a comment

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do but just a brief one so sorry, also there won’t be a personal opinion as I’m too tired to do one at the moment but do feel free to share your opinions on the chapters with me =^0^=. There isn’t a chapter next week as Shounen Jump was a double issue for Christmas.


Summary for 520:

To begin Naruto is struggling at his new technique it is too heavy and he can not seem to get the ratios right, Naruto tells Bee that he doesn’t have time to waste so they continue on fiercely training Naruto. Moving on Kabuto has successfully managed to reach Madara, however Madara wants Kabuto to kill Anko but Kabuto refuses as he needs her for Orochimaru’s chakara within her and he needs a live sacrifice, Madara is still unconvinced as Anko knows too much, Kabuto informs him that with Anko still alive  his power will be greater hence Impure World will be more powerful and they will win the war easier. Read the rest of this entry »


Naruto 519 – The Tailed Beast Bomb   Leave a comment

So continuing from the previous chapter Kankurō has won his battle with Sasori and makes a speech, which basically settles the argument about art. Even if Sasori dies it is his creations that will be used by the next generation since they are genuinely good. Sasori understands Kankurō’s words, so he makes a final wish for Kankurō to keep Sasori’s mother and father puppets for himself Kankurō tells him he will and Sasori fades away knowing his legacy will continue. Read the rest of this entry »

Bleach 413 – Decide 15   Leave a comment


Isshin looks exhausted while commenting that Ichigo still hasn’t defeated his new inner Zanpakuto + hollow form. The three month deadline looks close to being spent as Ichigo has numerous wounds from his battle. The scene changes to Tatssuki and Keigo who rendezvous with Chizuru and Mizuiro and are surprised to see that they are both awake. It turns out Mizuiro is a thief, but only because it’s necessary as he has acquired numerous items to aide their cause. Chizuru, freaked out because of the situation they are in, knows that the others are hiding something since they are all acting so calm. She asks them to explain themselves however before an answer is supplied, everyone feels Aizen’s ominous reiatsu, and just as they decide a course to flee in, Aizen appears before them. Read the rest of this entry »

Bleach 280 – Hisagi and Tōsen, the Moment of Parting   Leave a comment

Read the rest of this entry »

D.Gray-Man 191 & 192 – Ai’s Memories & The Apostle Revealed   8 comments

Note: There won’t  be a personal opinion as I’m 2 months behind in the manga so chapters 193&194 will be a double post as well, but do feel free to share your opinions on these chapters with me =^0^=.


Summary for 191:

Well to begin we are still in Kanda’s memories, he is in a dream and looks up to find the sky a vibrant shade of blue stretching endlessly from what he can remember and then he apologises to Alma, and carries on thinking that even though the sky is so beautiful it almost hurts and for some reason he had known this all along.  Going deeper into his memories he wonders whose hand it is that is in the way of seeing the woman’s face and immediately after he wakes up, Alma informs Kanda that he was thrashing in his sleep again, Kanda apologises for waking him up however Alma just tells him not to worry its almost time to wake up anyway and asks him if he wants to head out, when they both leave Kanda says its cold and Alma informs him its winter and that’s why it is cold, Kanda asks Alma who is winter, Alma goes on to say that there’s a guy on the outside that freezes everything Kanda says that winter is a pain. However Alma states that he’s not going to lose to him and runs off ahead and says good morning to everyone in the womb room its a routine for them, they call each name and Alma begins to talk to the ones that haven’t awakened about anything that pops into his head, whilst Kanda wonders how he can remember everyone’s name when he doesn’t even try to remember them, and is wondering why he even bothers watching Alma do that and that even though he’s talking to people it actually looks like he’s talking to himself which Kanda thinks is pretty creepy. Read the rest of this entry »

Bleach 384 – Can’t Fear Your Own Sword   Leave a comment

The chapter begins immediately where the last one finished with both Komamura and Hisagi in shock after knowing that Tousen as now acquired the powers of a Vizard thanks to Aizen. However it seems that Komamura can’t believe that Tousen has fallen that far and Hisagi is doing the exact same thing. Hisagi then proceeds to ask if what Tousen as undergone is what they call a hollowfication and Tousen says it is, as Hisagi asks Tousen why he is attacked and Komamura then goes to attack Tousen who attacks him as well. Komamura wonders what exactly was the power that Tousen just used itwas something different than his usual attacks. Read the rest of this entry »

Naruto 474 – Hokage’s Resolution…!!   1 comment

Beginning with Kakashi realising that something was wrong with Sakura’s confession, and Yamato asks Sai what’s wrong. So he explains to Naruto that Sakura didn’t actually come here to confess her feelings to him but in fact, she actually went there to tell him what her and his friends have decided to do. Naruto having heard what Sai said realised that Sakura was hiding something from him and tells Sai to continue. Though Sai knows now why Sakura couldn’t tell him, anyway Sai then informs Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato that all Naruto’s friends are planning on getting rid of Sasuke. Naruto typically being him begins shouting at Sai and asks him if Sakura knows what do that entails, so Sai continues and then tells Naruto that Sasuke is darkness and he is helping it take over the world, so if he continues to live on it will spark an international war. Sai then goes on to say that Sasuke is a criminal and after the Akatsuki attacked Konoha, the rest of his friends couldn’t stand by and watch Sasuke do the same, he then says that Sakura’s not stupid and she notices other people’s circumstances. Read the rest of this entry »