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Tegami Bachi REVERSE 03&04 – The Hydrangea Colored Picture-Letter & The Wild Phantom Lighthouse   Leave a comment

Since I’m so far behind and I what to catch up before Christmas I won’t be posting my opinions on the episodes I will however answer your thoughts about the episodes in the comments or if you want on twitter thank you for understanding.

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Kateikyoushi Hitman REBORN! Target 317 – Enma’s Anger   Leave a comment

Starting off after Shitt. P is taken to the Vindice Prison Enma decides that it is now that he should fight Tsuna much to the displeasure of Adheild due to losing  his friends Rauji and Koyo says that he can not forgive Tsuna or the Vongola for hurting his precious friends. Enma is not the only one who is willing to fight Tsuna is thinking of Yamamoto, Ryōhei and Chrome unleashes his flames out of anger and tells Enma that he is doing the exact same thing whilst Gokudera, Lambo and Reborn watch the battle from a safe distance. Read the rest of this entry »

Tegami Bachi REVERSE 01&02 – Promise & Underwear and Bread   Leave a comment

Opening Song: 「小さな魔法」 Chiisana Mahou by 「ステレオポ二ー」 Steropony

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Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! 299 – Talbot   Leave a comment

Inheritance Ceremony Arc Re-cap:

The Vongola Tenth’s Family arrive at the ceremony and reunites with Naito Longchamp, Dino and the Varia except for Xanxus. The Shimon Famiglia are also present, and are relatively surprised to see Yamamoto there and looking well.

Admist the passing of the Vongola Sin, the Shimon intervine which in turn caused the Ninth to drop the Sin, however the Ninth informs Tsuna that it is merely a fake, and the real one is locked up in a foolproof safe. Much to everyone’s surprise Enma informs them that he has managed to break into the safe and get ahold of the real Sin. Enma preceeds to drip it onto his hand, which transforms into a gauntlet, he then reveals the story between Giotto and Cozart Shimon, and thus declares that he will bring the Shimon Famiglia back to its former glory, the other members of Shimon get the Sin on their hands and reveal their hidden power which is said to rival the Vongola’s Seven Sky Flames – The Seven Earth Flames.

Afterwards, Tsuna enters Hyper Dying Will Mode, but before he gets a chance to do anything, Enma uses his powers to crush Hibari, Gokudera, Chrome and Ryōhei with ease, also revealing Yamamoto to be an illusion. Enma then proceeds to announce he only hasn’t attacked Tsuna to make him experience the pain of Shimon, and breaks the Vongola Rings of Sun, Cloud, Mist and Storm. Tsuna then attacks Enma, causing a reaction on their respective Rings, but he is overpowered. Adelheid then announces that Enma’s powers will take 7 days to reach full power, thus he is only using a seventh of it, to the shock of both Reborn and Tsuna. After overwhelming Dino and the Varia, and finally breaking the Vongola Ring of Sky, the Shimon take their leave. Read the rest of this entry »

Bleach 413 – Decide 15   Leave a comment


Isshin looks exhausted while commenting that Ichigo still hasn’t defeated his new inner Zanpakuto + hollow form. The three month deadline looks close to being spent as Ichigo has numerous wounds from his battle. The scene changes to Tatssuki and Keigo who rendezvous with Chizuru and Mizuiro and are surprised to see that they are both awake. It turns out Mizuiro is a thief, but only because it’s necessary as he has acquired numerous items to aide their cause. Chizuru, freaked out because of the situation they are in, knows that the others are hiding something since they are all acting so calm. She asks them to explain themselves however before an answer is supplied, everyone feels Aizen’s ominous reiatsu, and just as they decide a course to flee in, Aizen appears before them. Read the rest of this entry »

Fairy Tail 193 – All You Living Things   Leave a comment

Arc Re-Cap:

Before beginning, since this is the first Fairy Tail post, I guess a little background information on the current arc is necessary. It turns out that there are two different worlds that exist parallel, one being Earth, the other Edoras. The two are the same yet different; for within Earth, magic is infinite however in Edoras magic is finite and running out. Edoras also is home to the Exceed, a race which Happy and Charle are apart of. Everyone looks exactly the same as people from Earth though with key differences to distinguish themselves; Edo-Wendy has fully matured while Earth Wendy still looks very much like a chibi, the differences aren’t always physical – some are personality traits instead. Since Edoras has finite magic, a magic ban has been created by the King, Faust, however magic is still used but it is bound to weapons rather than from people. To try and obtain more magic for their world, a magical machine called Anima was created and is used on Fairy Tail on Earth. Anima traps all with magic power into lacrima crystals and transports them to Edoras. Dragon slayers are not affected by this and so it is up to Natsu, Wendy and Gazille to save Fairy Tail.

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Bleach 280 – Hisagi and Tōsen, the Moment of Parting   Leave a comment

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