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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise 02 – ‘Wrong Kiss’   Leave a comment

An overview of the Episode:

The episode starts off with Mizuki getting confronted by the school doctor, who doesn’t seem happy about there being a girl in the school. She gets saved by Yuujiro the dog who runs then obediently to Sano’s side. Mizuki follows it to run into him. She tries to thank him for his help and for carrying her to the doctor’s. She doesn’t get the reaction she expects so she sort of shouts at him and says a few truths about his behavior, only to immediately regret it. the dorm head Tennōji has heard about the cheating going on and being the honourable man he is makes an official apology to dorm 2 and says he will remove himself as the winner of the marathon. The director bursts in at that moment screaming ‘Marvelous’ that the dorms are so responsible and the next event will be… ‘The Mr. Osaka Contest’. Sekime starts to explain that it’s a sort of pageant where 10 members of St.Blossoms and 10 members of the Osaka hotties compete for the title of king and queen. Read the rest of this entry »