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Fairy Tail 193 – All You Living Things   Leave a comment

Arc Re-Cap:

Before beginning, since this is the first Fairy Tail post, I guess a little background information on the current arc is necessary. It turns out that there are two different worlds that exist parallel, one being Earth, the other Edoras. The two are the same yet different; for within Earth, magic is infinite however in Edoras magic is finite and running out. Edoras also is home to the Exceed, a race which Happy and Charle are apart of. Everyone looks exactly the same as people from Earth though with key differences to distinguish themselves; Edo-Wendy has fully matured while Earth Wendy still looks very much like a chibi, the differences aren’t always physical – some are personality traits instead. Since Edoras has finite magic, a magic ban has been created by the King, Faust, however magic is still used but it is bound to weapons rather than from people. To try and obtain more magic for their world, a magical machine called Anima was created and is used on Fairy Tail on Earth. Anima traps all with magic power into lacrima crystals and transports them to Edoras. Dragon slayers are not affected by this and so it is up to Natsu, Wendy and Gazille to save Fairy Tail.

*Note that unless names are prefixed with ‘Edo’ you can assume I am talking about people from Earth* Read the rest of this entry »