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Shun, waiting for his friends to eat lunch together on the roof he finds a girl with a scraped knee he offered her a bandage but the girl refused to take it and ran away from him. Shun chases the girl through the school and finally manages to catch up to her and gives her the bandage then goes back up to the roof to have his lunch. However the next day, in his shoe locker he finds a letter telling him that he will get cursed Shun is scared, who left him the letter, however throughout the day various bad things happen to Shun and his friends eventually they figure out that it is the girl who Shun gave the bandage too. Yuta realises that even though Shun is being targeted all he wanted to do was help the girl after she throws a rock which accidently hits Yuta in the head Shun chases here along with Kaname, Yuki and Yuta and tells her to stop hurting his friends. Ultimately Yuta realises that the only reason why she his making Shun’s day miserable is because she was happy that he gave her a bandage.

Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 01Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 02Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 03Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 04Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 05Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 06Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 07Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 08Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 09Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 10Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 11Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large 12


A new transfer student is announced into Yuki and Kaname’s class his name is Chizuru Tachibana, a half-Japanese student from Germany. The teacher seats him next to Yuki as there is no other seat available, suddenly Chizuru realises that he used to play with Yuki as a child however Yuki can not remember him but Chizuru is determined to get Yuki to remember him. Apparently when Yuki and Yuta were kids they used to play together but one day Yuta came down with a cold so Yuki had to go to the park on his own, this is where he met a foreign kid who started to play with him, regardless of not understanding what Chizuru was saying to him he played with him for a few days. However one day Chizuru was climbing a tree and fell from it because Yuki doesn’t know if he can understand Japanese but Chizuru just gets up and smiles leaving Yuki to run off, however the next day Yuki comes down with a cold and tells Yuta to go and get him a drink which Yuta does he runs into Chizuru who gives him a figure and Chizuru runs off. Back to the present Yuki finally remembers Chizuru and tells him that he’s not worthy to be his friend since he couldn’t even apologise for getting Chizuru hurt but Chizuru tells him not to worry since it healed and it’s in the past.

Preview: Noisy Medicine

Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large Preview 01Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large Preview 02Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large Preview 03Kimi to Boku - 03 - Large Preview 04

Personal Opinion:

So all in all, both episodes were enjoyable for completely different reasons I must admit I still really love the twins Yuki and Yuta probably cause’ I have a thing for twins at the moment however the reason is because the two twins are different rather ones more trustworthy the other one goes with the flow <<< this type of character is exactly like myself which is why I like Yuki so much maybe you could call me a narcissist but he is just so cool.

Back to the point the 2nd episode of Kimi to Boku was more focused on Shun and Masaki’s weird relationship, I mean Shun is a good natured and an airhead but these points is probably what makes him the peacekeeper between the twins and Kaname. So Masaki the 1st year he helped blatantly has a crush on Shun is fairly out in the open to everyone minus the guy she has the crush on, so she starts harassing him I mean come on seriously if you want to apologise for being a bitch do it upfront and not cowardly making him trip, or stealing his chopsticks so he can’t eat is bento then throwing rocks at Yuta when he’s trying to tell Shun not to change who he is because some girl is picking on him. THAT IS NOT RIGHT IN ANYONES MIND LET ONE PICKING ON A TWIN IS UNFORGIVABLE!!! However at least she apologised and tells them that she just wants to try to do things on her own without relying on anyone, I completely agree however there are some things girls can not do without any help from other people whether they be boys or girls. Normally I hate flashbacks in anime but this series as put flashbacks in every episode that I think that without these flashbacks the characters backstory couldn’t be explained in enough detail so I deemed them necessary. I mean seeing Shun in the freezing cold trying to take all the snow off of the tulips so they can grow was absolutely adorable even though Tulips are tough and can survive in the cold he still tended to them without knowing that I commend his rational kids mind.

So the 3rd episode introduced a new character to the story in the manga Chizuru Tachibana appeared chapters 4&5 I mean I’ve seen plenty of anime’s that just randomly throw in characters willy nilly but this series as really thought out the need to introduce the characters separately and by doing this have perfectly executed. At least Chizuru (Miyu Irino) has a very good reason to hang out with the group of friends since all he wants is to get Yuki to remember him and not apologise to him for the injury since it was his fault and he was the reason he enjoyed is trip to Japan. I felt that Chizuru and Yuki are going to become great friends I mean Yuki even learned German so that he could apologise to Chizuru isn’t that dedication, I mean Yuki is amazing he was reading a manga during the time when Chizuru was getting bullied and just told the guys that he was borrowing them without even breaking a sweat. I also like the fact that its easily recognisable that Kaname can tell that both Chizuru and Yuki are friends since they manage to piss him off after a little thing. The nicknames that Chizuru gave to both Yuki and Yuta were adorable, Yuta’s nickname from now on is Yutan and Yuki’s nickname is Yukki. You know I found the whole Yuki remembering his past with Chizuru refreshing we got to see a side of his character that isn’t seen often since his facade is genuinely uninterested but that was completely destroyed and we can see a typical teenage boy regretting his younger self actions. I think younger Yuki is absolutely adorable I want to take him home awww soo cute. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this refreshing series will turn out maybe we’ll see the past of some other character’s who knows I will not spoil since I read the manga but this adaption is one of my favourites this season.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.


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