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Opening Song: 「STRAIGHT JET」 by 「栗林みな実」 Minami Kuribayashi

Infinite Stratos - OP - Large 01Infinite Stratos - OP - Large 02Infinite Stratos - OP - Large 03Infinite Stratos - OP - Large 04Infinite Stratos - OP - Large 05Infinite Stratos - OP - Large 06Infinite Stratos - OP - Large 07Infinite Stratos - OP - Large 08


Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 01Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 02Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 03Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 04Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 05Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 06Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 07Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 08Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 09Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 10Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 11Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 12Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 13Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 14Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 15Infinite Stratos - 01 - Large 16

Summary of episode 1:

Ichika Orimura (Uchiyama Kouki) is attending the Infinite Stratos Academy and is the first male to pilot an IS and due to this fact he becomes a female sensation of the academy. Whilst in homeroom and being constantly stared at by the other classmates because he is male and his older sister Chifuyu (Toyoguchi Megumi) is his homeroom teacher who is also an ex-IS pilot and he begins to wonder if this is the reason he has not seen her in so long, in his uneasiness he hasn’t been able to read the manual that his sister sent him thus she gives Ichika a week to learn it. On the way to his dorm he is excited to find out who is room mate will be and it turns out its his childhood friend Houki Shinonono (Hikasa Youko) whom he has not seen in six years and a national kendo champion. The next day whilst in homeroom it is time to decide who their next class representative will be, most of the class nominate Ichika to be the class representative, however the British cadet representative and noble, Cecilia Alcott is completely against it and nominates herself, saying that there is no way a male IS pilot can beat her, this makes Ichika mad as he mentions that in order to accept this and not insult his male pride he gracefully accepts Cecilia’s proposal of the IS duel stating that he has managed to beat one of the teachers when he enrolled here.

Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 01Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 02Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 03Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 04Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 05Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 06Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 07Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 08Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 09Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 10Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 11Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 12Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 13Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 14Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 15Infinite Stratos - 02 - Large 16

Summary of episode 2:

Informing Ichika that he shall be provided with his own personal IS for his match against Cecilia (Yukana), this is considered a rarity since there are only 467 IS cores created by Houki’s older sister Tabane Shinonono before she disappeared. In order to prepare himself for the upcoming battle Ichika asks Houki if she can train him in Kendo in which Houki gladly accepts. The day has come for the match between Ichika and Cecilia, Ichika is given his IS Byakushiki against Cecilia’s IS, Blue Tears, however due to this Cecilia has the advantage because her IS is a sniper while the one given to Ichika is a close-range IS. As the match progresses Ichika is able to transform his IS into First Shift, in this form Byakushiki manages to pull out an energy sword. However just as Ichika is about to strike Cecilia, the match is declared over and Cecilia is announced the winner because Ichika’s energy sword completely drained his IS Shields. Despite losing, Ichika agrees to be trained more by Houki while Cecilia is left unsure of herself despite winning the match and being announced the class representative.

Ending Song 1: 「SUPER∞STREAM」 by 「日笠陽子」 Youko Hikasa

Infinite Stratos - ED - Large 01Infinite Stratos - ED - Large 02Infinite Stratos - ED - Large 03

Ending Song 2: 「SUPER∞STREAM」 by 「日笠陽子」, 「ゆかな」 Youko Hikasa, Yukana

Infinite Stratos - ED2 - Large 01Infinite Stratos - ED2 - Large 02Infinite Stratos - ED2 - Large 03

The opening song by Minami Kuribayashi was good I feel that it fits the concept of this anime, the lyrics and style of the song is also quite catchy I may even rank this song as one of my favourites this season. As for the ending of the song I was surprised that like quite a few songs this season its sung by the seiyuu voicing his friend Houki i.e Youko Hikasa and by the looks of it every episode a new seiyuu will be added to the list Yukana is the second one. Now onto the song I like it though its a little too upbeat normally for someone so depressing like myself but the whole song is easy on the ears and ends the episode nicely and flows coherently.

Preview: The Transfer Student is a Second Childhood Friend

Infinite Stratos - 03 - Large Preview 01Infinite Stratos - 03 - Large Preview 02Infinite Stratos - 03 - Large Preview 03Infinite Stratos - 03 - Large Preview 04

Personal Opinion:

Personally I am not a huge mecha fan but this series greatly surprised me especially since at first I was only willing to watch the first episode to see what it was like and if I should continue to watch it, however the animation production for this series is to an excellent quality 8-bit really did exceed my expectations and for that I applaud them.

Now onto the episodes I like the fact that the whole reason that women are the only ones capable of piloting IS robots quite fascinating then throw into the mix the only male in the world able to pilot an IS makes this anime worth while. For some reason I’m not sure if you can say this but I get the feeling that this series maybe a harem, if you think about it there is only one male in the entire girl school, to top that off he seems to know the kendo champion because he’s her old childhood friend. I’m not saying its a bad thing but a lot of the series this term are either ecchi or harem.

But in regards to IS I like the reason that Ichika is voiced by Kouki Uchiyama he probably is perfect for the role and his whole portrayal of Ichika was above my expectations I wasn’t sure what to think when they cast him as the lead role in this series, Yoko Hikasa voices Houki and even though I don’t tend to follow female seiyuu she was the right person to bring Houki to life and for that I am personally growing to like her as one of the female leads in IS.

This show doesn’t get a full 5/5 marks from me partially because I’m not a fan of too many tsundere type characters in one series in the first two episodes its obviously clear that Houki is tsundere and in episode 2 Cecilia is tsundere no.2, maybe they have reasons for being that I’m not sure but due to that I’m not sure how much more of the whole I don’t like you that way but I do like you that way type anymore.

Cecilia is the British representative and noble in Ichika’s class and in my opinion she is way too obnoxious I mean I’m British but I don’t go around saying how much better I am at something, for stereotyping British people as arrogant and obnoxious is also something I’m not a fan of. Moving on I love how Ichika’s older sister Chifuyu is his homeroom teacher and how Ichika explains this must be the reason why she hardly used to visit home when she was younger, her personality is rather bad ass she doesn’t openly show how much she cares for Ichika but its obvious to the viewers that she does and for that I’m happy. All in all to sum it up the first two episodes was a real surprise and I will continue to blog this 2 episodes at a time.

Personal Enjoyment: 4.5/5.


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