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Target 320-1Continuing on, Hibari has successfully jumped from the helicopter, surprising the other members of the Vongola and Shimon families. Kusakabe then leaves so he poses a question to Adelheid who he refers to as “degenerate” where is the other little degenerate that ruined the whole Inheritance Ceremony obviously referring to Enma as Reborn informed Tsuna and Gokudera. Adelheid then notifies Hibari that Enma the boss of Shimon is completely different than the boss is completely different from Vongloa’s boss Tsuna and not to lump them together in anyway; Hibari snorted and states that there is no difference whatsoever its just territorial which surprises Tsuna and Gokudera. After that Adelheid challenged Hibari to a duel in which Hibari gladly accepted since he already saw the size of her fangs from the fight on the rooftop before and calmly states that she cannot bite him to death.

Before they begin their battle Hibari began to insult Adelheid stating that she shall make a fantastic outlet for his frustration as a lump of meat, immediately hearing this made Adelheid extremely angry who countered saying that it is in fact Hibari that still doesn’t understand the mortifying strength of the Shimon family. Adelheid after stating that identified her pride which is the Shimon Family led by Enma and the will to cleanse whilst Hibari’s pride is Namimori Middle’s Disciplinary Committee and the iron hammer of those who disrupt its order, Gokudera knew it would come to this as Reborn mentions that Hibari is sparkling right now. However, after knowing this Adelheid decides its best to fight for the armbands, and whomever takes off the others armband is the winner, Hibari declares that they do not need to decide on any means, since he is so stressed out and anything that can distract him is perfectly fine to him.

Target 320-2Shortly afterwards, Adelheid reveals her flames, which are the Glacier Flames and mentions to Hibari to follow her to the stage where their battle shall commence. Adelheid then completely froze the waterfall in order for her to reach the ground safely, Reborn comments that that she’s strong and that’s why she’s the leader of the Shimon Family. Hibari than walked to the waterfall and confronts Tsuna briefly telling him that is face is disgusting and to watch his fight closely which stuns Tsuna. Hibari then jumped off the waterfall and summoned Roll and calms him down in order for him to get into the Needle Ball Form, which Roll completed and successfully managed to get Hibari to the bottom of the waterfall safely.

Target 320-3Watching from afar, Julie asks Chrome who is “the number one bad guy” out of everyone here, Chrome replies after briefly looking at Hibari, Tsuna Gokudera and Reborn and then tells Julie its Tsuna, Julie confirmed it and suddenly changed into Daemon who carries on explaining that Tsuna has indeed inherited the thick blood of Vongola Primo and therefore is a dangerous factor for the Vongola. He continues stating that he must completely wipe out or eliminate the remainder of Vongola Primo’s legacy and for them to do that, they require his abilities. He informs Chrome that she already knows what she can do for him which Chrome replies with yes, however Daemon orders her to say it with her own voice so Chrome states “she offers her body and Mukuro’s to Daemon” this made Daemon happy and tells her that they shall get along from now on. Daemon then focuses his attention back to the fight between Adelheid and Hibari commenting that if Adelheid wasn’t in the Shimon Family then his plan would never have worked as she is the passion of the Shimon.

Skipping over to the battle, Adelheid demands that Hibari should equip is Vongola Gear. Hibari then commands Roll to Cambio Forma, Roll obliged and so merged with Hibari and reveals that his new Vongola Cloud Gear Version X has modified his uniform, tonfas and Hibird. Adelheid gets ready to start attacking Hibari to start the battle between the “The Seething Ice Queen and Carnivorous Prefect of Discipline”.

Target 320-4Personal Opinion:

Wow, what can I say this chapter was packed full of mainly conversing but I was not disappointed in the slightest in fact it had me drawn in since the first page I was beginning to wonder when Hibari would make his appearance in the Inheritance Ceremony Arc again, and look he’s finally here. I may not be a massive fan of Hibari but he is more useful than Tsuna is in my opinion. Anyway I should get back to the chapter instead of rambling on about something unrelated.

Well it starts off where the previous chapter left off and Hibari has successfully managed to jump from the helicopter which Kusakabe piloted. My main question at that point is When did Kusakabe get a pilot’s licence? Why does Hibari even have an helicopter? Aren’t they only 15 year olds? Anyway this brings me onto the next point in the chapter I like is when it’s easy to realise when Hibari is angry I like the fact that he mentions everyone in the Shimon Family as “Degenerates” whereas he calls his own family members “Herbivores”, shows that he knows who are more likely to progress and become the stronger family.

If this is anything to go by hopefully this impending battle will be worth the 2 week wait until the next chapter is out, however I have preferences not to like any potential bad guy character but I must admit Adelheid is one strong woman she is basically the driving force behind the Shimon family I would say that she is the Shimon’s Right Hand in contrast to Gokkyun she seems to be easier to get along with and analyse the situation without as much as raising an eyelash, I’m growing to like her. In lieu of this her Flame is “Glacier” so its an Ice flame I think it fits her perfectly she does seem a little cold to people who aren’t a member of her Family, I would even say that she is the strongest of the Shimon Family much like Hibari is the strongest of the Vongola Family.

Now moving onto Hibari’s extraordinary presence in the chapter, we still don’t know a lot about his past hopefully during this fight we shall find out something as to why he prefers peace and quiet. Hibari’s new Vongola Cloud Gear Version X modifies his entire school uniform even Hibird (how cute Hibird now as an Elvis style quiff), Cloud Version X abilities are unknown until next chapter. Hibari apparently can give advice to Tsuna if the situation calls for it he must have been through something similar otherwise how would he know the look Tsuna had on. Though I guess you could pinpoint that to the fact that Hibari thinks Tsuna is a hell of a lot stronger then he thinks he is and considering that perspective it’s not hard to understand why Hibari told him to watch his fight closely as if silently telling him that he can get is fighting spirit back if he watches him fight.

Briefly going to mention that Tsuna, Gokkyun and Reborn didn’t feature much in this chapter, though I liked the fact that Gokkyun actively predicted that the fight between Hibari and Adelheid would result in the removal of their armbands (how very clever of you Gokkyun to even know that before they have even fought). Tsuna maybe still recovering from the shock that his father killed Enma’s family but he needs to cheer up a little he has the rest of the family to look after and they all look up to him. Daemon Spade even though as I mentioned before I don’t like bad guys I’m growing to like him but he seems to want Mukuro-sama and unfortunately just cause’ he resembles him a lot does not give him the right to take Mukuro-sama’s body from him even if Chrome said he could have it, Mukuro is only using Chrome so that he can briefly escape from Vindice Prison, although I think he has grown to like her a little regardless I’m sure Mukuro notices something’s wrong when he can’t contact Chrome. This also happened when Chrome was transported into the future.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.


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