Bakuman. 11 & 12 – Chocolate and NEXT & Feast and Graduation   Leave a comment

Neonstar: Since I’m so far behind and I want to catch up before the new Winter Season starts I won’t be posting my opinions on the episodes I will however answer your thoughts about the episodes in the comments or if you want on twitter thank you for understanding.

Bakuman - 11 - Large 01Bakuman - 11 - Large 02Bakuman - 11 - Large 03Bakuman - 11 - Large 04Bakuman - 11 - Large 05Bakuman - 11 - Large 06Bakuman - 11 - Large 07Bakuman - 11 - Large 08Bakuman - 11 - Large 09Bakuman - 11 - Large 10Bakuman - 11 - Large 11Bakuman - 11 - Large 12Bakuman - 11 - Large 13Bakuman - 11 - Large 14Bakuman - 11 - Large 15Bakuman - 11 - Large 16

Summary for episode 11:

Nīzuma Eiji has finally arrived in Tokyo and lives in an apartment which the editors have paid for him, his editor Yūjirō Hattori asks him if he’s completed his 50-page draft Nīzuma says there is one on the floor which Yūjirō asks him that they need a first page and a colour spread in which Nīzuma says that he feels confident to draw in colour and it shall be done by January rather than March. Saiko and Shujin work on “Money and Intelligence” whilst applying for the relatively easy North High School, Kaya questions Saiko as to why him and Miho are refusing to see each other, however Shujin concludes that Miho wants to remain focussed on her dream. Saiko and Shujin get accepted to North High along with Kaya they also learn that their work will be published in NEXT. Hattori also mentions that all the other editors are planning on using them to promote Nīzuma look great by comparison, but he encourages them that this is their chance to impress other editors and win against Nīzuma.

Bakuman - 12 - Large 01Bakuman - 12 - Large 02Bakuman - 12 - Large 03Bakuman - 12 - Large 04Bakuman - 12 - Large 05Bakuman - 12 - Large 06Bakuman - 12 - Large 07Bakuman - 12 - Large 08Bakuman - 12 - Large 09Bakuman - 12 - Large 10Bakuman - 12 - Large 11Bakuman - 12 - Large 12Bakuman - 12 - Large 13Bakuman - 12 - Large 14Bakuman - 12 - Large 15Bakuman - 12 - Large 16

Summary for episode 12:

After being treated by Hattori Saiko and Shujin discuss about “Money and Intelligence”, and the changes that needs to be made to it, however Hattori thinks that they should wait until they finish High School to go for serialising a manga and even reckons that Nīzuma is going for it too early. Kaya manages to tell Shujin that Miho is moving to Tokyo in hopes that either Miho or Saiko will see each other before she goes to Tokyo. Saiko insists on keeping their promise despite not knowing how long Miho is willing to wait for him and how long it will take to fulfil it, however he decides to meet Miho on her way home from the graduation ceremony. Saiko asks how long Miho is willing to wait for him and she replies by saying that she will wait forever and this pleases Saiko.

Preview: Early Results and The Real Deal

Bakuman - 13 - Large Preview 01Bakuman - 13 - Large Preview 02Bakuman - 13 - Large Preview 03Bakuman - 13 - Large Preview 04

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.


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