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Neonstar: Since I’m so far behind and I what to catch up before Christmas I won’t be posting my opinions on the episodes I will however answer your thoughts about the episodes in the comments or if you want on twitter thank you for understanding.

Bakuman - 09 - Large 01Bakuman - 09 - Large 02Bakuman - 09 - Large 03Bakuman - 09 - Large 04Bakuman - 09 - Large 05Bakuman - 09 - Large 06Bakuman - 09 - Large 07Bakuman - 09 - Large 08Bakuman - 09 - Large 09Bakuman - 09 - Large 10Bakuman - 09 - Large 11Bakuman - 09 - Large 12Bakuman - 09 - Large 13Bakuman - 09 - Large 14Bakuman - 09 - Large 15Bakuman - 09 - Large 16

Summary for episode 9:

For hitting Ishizawa Shujin is suspended for the week, which in turn causes Saiko to worry about him. After writing notes to Miho during class and her encouraging him to go and see if Shujin is alright Saiko decides to visit him after school. Once Saiko arrives at Shujin’s apartment and Saiko asks him if he has any decent enough stories that he can write further chapters to and that he can draw. Shujin then informs Saiko that Kaya and Iwase both have feelings for him and he wants Saiko’s help in the situation he is now in. Eventually Shujin tells them that he likes both of them, but he can not be in a relationship with either because of his career. Iwase tells Shujin that he should quit being a Mangaka and then leaves, however Kaya remains and tells him that she will support him. Kaya then gets insanely mad after Shujin informs her that he only spoke to her to get more information on Miho for Saiko, she then punches him and then tends to the wounds she’s created, Saiko then leaves Shujin’s apartment with his determination restored.

Bakuman - 10 - Large 01Bakuman - 10 - Large 02Bakuman - 10 - Large 03Bakuman - 10 - Large 04Bakuman - 10 - Large 05Bakuman - 10 - Large 06Bakuman - 10 - Large 07Bakuman - 10 - Large 08Bakuman - 10 - Large 09Bakuman - 10 - Large 10Bakuman - 10 - Large 11Bakuman - 10 - Large 12Bakuman - 10 - Large 13Bakuman - 10 - Large 14Bakuman - 10 - Large 15Bakuman - 10 - Large 16

Summary for episode 10:

Saiko and Shujin meet up with Hattori who tells them that they will talk in the Editorial department and they take the lift up they are immediately bombarded with the Top 3 shounen manga One Piece, Naruto and Bleach plus a few other series also running in Jack. Hattori apologises for making them wait and tells them that Inagaki-sensei, Oda-sensei, Toriyama-sensei and Kishimoto-sensei all liked there work however the editors judging it thought it would never be published. Saiko is wanting to progress faster and asks Hattori if they can submit work for serialisation however Hattori is doubtful, the editor in chief says that work needs to be good for it to be serialised and Saiko and Shujin are not at that level yet and need a good main character to do so. Their early attempts are unimpressive however after staying up all night Hattori suggests that a cult hit that only 20% of the reader base would read but consider it their favourite, is a possible way for Saiko and Shujin to get first place. Shujin then informs Hattori of his other story “Money and Intelligence”, which is about people who sell  the contents of their minds to other people, Hattori likes this idea and informs them to work on “Money and Intelligence”.

Preview: Chocolate and NEXT

Bakuman - 11 - Large Preview 01Bakuman - 11 - Large Preview 02Bakuman - 11 - Large Preview 03Bakuman - 11 - Large Preview 04

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.


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