Naruto 520 & 521 – The Secret Behind Impure World Resurrection & The Army’s Battle Begins   Leave a comment

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do but just a brief one so sorry, also there won’t be a personal opinion as I’m too tired to do one at the moment but do feel free to share your opinions on the chapters with me =^0^=. There isn’t a chapter next week as Shounen Jump was a double issue for Christmas.


Summary for 520:

To begin Naruto is struggling at his new technique it is too heavy and he can not seem to get the ratios right, Naruto tells Bee that he doesn’t have time to waste so they continue on fiercely training Naruto. Moving on Kabuto has successfully managed to reach Madara, however Madara wants Kabuto to kill Anko but Kabuto refuses as he needs her for Orochimaru’s chakara within her and he needs a live sacrifice, Madara is still unconvinced as Anko knows too much, Kabuto informs him that with Anko still alive  his power will be greater hence Impure World will be more powerful and they will win the war easier. Madara informs Kabuto about his real concerns that if he disobeys him Kabuto and him will become enemies. Madara brings backs the two right hands of Danzo who are alive he explains that they were trapped in a genjutsu, Kabuto explains that he need the DNA of the person he’s reviving and that they need to have their souls either in the pure world, or heaven they can’t be sealed anywhere else that’s why Orochimaru failed to resurrect the 4th Hokage, and the third Hokage managed to seal himself and the 1st and 2nd Hokage away none of the Hokage’s are resurrectable. Kabuto demonstrates why he needs a living human rather than a dead one, as he kills their personality so they become a killing machine, he explains that he can’t get Jiraiya’s or Shinsui’s DNA but he is hoping that he can get one of Nagato’s bodies and Shinsui’s DNA from Danzo, but Madara tells him not to push his luck. Kabuto then says that the Impure World Resurrection is the most powerful technique, and it was the 2nd Hokage that created it, Orochimaru perfected the jutsu and Kabuto has managed to evolve it, Madara then poses a question to Kabuto asking what are the risks? Kabuto answers saying that there are no risks with the jutsu. The scene changes, to the allied shinobi army, and they have figured that Madara is travelling underground, they then pass this information to the 2nd division. Meanwhile the ambush squadron finds other resurrected bodies namely Haku, they start fighting and send a signal in which the closest division see and its Kakashi and Guy’s team.

Summary for 521:

Starting off Madara is surprised that there are no risks involved with the Impure World Ressurection jutsu, so Kabuto begins to leave as Madara asks him how to stop the technique if the time comes, Kabuto states that he only needs the seal the resurrected people or gain control of himself to release the jutsu. Kabuto then leaves after saying that even if Madara knows he is practically invincible with both techniques, Madara is tracking him with the spores from black Zetsu on him. Meanwhile over at the 2nd Division they explain how the layout of each division helps improve the battlefield, the 5th Division goes to back them up,. Sai and two other members are found in the sky by Haku and 3 others, Haku manages to easily take out the birds and Sai goes falling to the ground, and they realise they are fighting 3 bloodline limits. Before attacking Haku asks for forgiveness, and Kakashi appears to stop the attack, as his division was the closest on to the ambush platoon. Kakashi and Zabuza manage to exchange some words and he asks how Naruto is doing, and Kakashi states that they made a very important change to Naruto and he is now a recognised shinobi. Meanwhile over with Kabuto and Anko its time to get serious as Kabuto makes the necessary changes to Impure World and manages to kill off everyone’s personalities, back to Kakashi and Zabuza after realising his personality has gone Zabuza asks Kakashi to kill them.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.


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