Kateikyoushi Hitman REBORN! Target 318 & 319 – The Other Side of the Mist & Black Shadow   1 comment

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do but just a brief one so sorry, also there won’t be a personal opinion as I’m to tired to do one at the moment but do feel free to share your opinions on the chapters with me =^0^=. There isn’t a chapter next week as Shounen Jump was a double issue for Christmas.


Summary of 318:

So to start of Enma is preparing to kill Tsuna as Gokudera and Reborn watch on in horror, however midway through he stops and releases Tsuna as his flames go out of control because his emotions are haywire. Adelheid notes that Enma’s ring isn’t fully awake yet, Julie curses that fact but it takes a full week for Enma to fully awaken. There’s a brief exchange between Enma asking Tsuna to give him back his sister, Adelheid then gets ready to take Enma away tells Tsuna that she will be the one to fight him in place of Enma and to think what his pride is, Gokudera is annoyed at this but Julie tells them that they have just been spared there lives for a  little while longer. After they leave Gokudera and Reborn realises that Tsuna is in a daze, Reborn kicks him but it has no effect and Reborn summarises that Tsuna rather than taking physical damage has taken psychological damage. Over at the Shimon base Chrome is still trying to escape but Julie returns before she can and he informs her that he knows about Mukuro and that she should come over to him in which she refuses for the second time, Julie informs her that the island they are on is protected thus Mukuro cannot create her organs thus he has taken on that rule and has been creating her organs in place of Mukuro as a demonstration he stops his illusions and Chrome coughs up blood. Julie reaffirms that unless they get along and she accepts his organs she will die and she still refuses, a mist covers Julie and it appears that he is the First Generation Mist Guardian Daemon Spade, and he was the one who devised the war between the Vongola and Shimon family and his objectives were the annihilation of Vongola and the second was her in order to take over Mukuro. Daemon asks Chrome to submit to him on her own free will or he will punish her Chrome refuses, after saying that Daemons right eye begins to spin and a Spade shape appears in his eye and informs Chrome that she will be his, Chrome tries to resist but it is futile and a spade like shape appears in her Chrome’s eye and she has now lost her free will and replies “Yes, Daemon-sama”.

Summary of 319:

Beginning with Timoteo is on the Vongola ship, asked Ganauche if they have received any news from Tsuna since it has been four days since he allowed Tsuna to subdue Shimon, and if the guarding of Yamamoto is secure. Ganauche thinks that Timoteo should sleep but he refuses and asks Brow Nie if they have any information on the Shimon Family in which they reply that most of the Shimon members lost their families when they were young, but there’s a special case in regards to Enma’s parents and sister’s case is little different to what happened from the other families members and reminded Timoteo about “The Flood of Blood” incident that jurisdiction by CEDEF that shocked Timoteo who remembered and made a face of disbelieve. Moving onto the Shimon base Enma has a dream and Adelheid is wondering why he’s dreaming about that time and she suspects Julie’s involvement in this and that something about Julie has changed and before she leaves she promises to purge the Vongola for Enma’s sake. Back at the Vongola’s position Gokudera and Lambo try to cheer Tsuna up but to no avail, Tsuna eventually spoke confirming that he didn’t think that Enma was lying because he felt his sadness through his fists when they fought, Reborn states that he doesn’t think that it was a ruse as well but reminds Tsuna that is this really what the Shimon want, and he also thinks that there is a dark shadow surrounding the Shimon family controlling it, Gokudera agrees with Reborn’s theory but there isn’t any proof to prove that what Enma saying is the truth. Meanwhile, at Julie’s room, Chrome changed her clothes to the Shimon Middle School uniform. Daemon Spade appeared as he commented that the uniform fits her and said that he want to quickly get used to controlling her mind, so she can stay with him all the time as he changed back to Julie, saying it’s just like a date and ordered her to come closer and snuggle up to him, which Chrome obeyed. Adelheid states that she is ready and willing to fight Tsuna and asks him to state what his pride is confused Tsuna doesn’t answer all of a sudden an helicopter comes flying down with Kusakabe flying it wishing Hibari luck in his battle which Hibari replied “right” before he jumped off the helicopter with a smile on his face ready to complete his and Adelheid’s fight.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.


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