Tegami Bachi REVERSE 05&06 – Reverse World & The Little Girl Doll   Leave a comment

Since I’m so far behind and I what to catch up before Christmas I won’t be posting my opinions on the episodes I will however answer your thoughts about the episodes in the comments or if you want on twitter thank you for understanding.

Summary for episode 5:

So to begin there have been frequent incidents of Reverse marauders attacking the Letter Bees and  commencing in stealing their letters are gradually coming to light, we see Largo writing reports to inspectors that have travelled from the capital, Hazel Valentine and Caribs Garrard, have finally arrived in Yuusari. Eventually Moc Sullivan comes in with some news of being ambushed and thus resulting in him losing his letters in a ravine. Lag manages to overhear this and offers to find the letters however Hazel and Carib interferes and tells the Bees that they don’t have any qualifications to deal with Reverse, but they suspect that there is a leak hiding within the Bee Hive. Lag is not happy hearing this and decides to stow away hiding in the boot of the inspector’s carriage, although once the carriage has stopped the two inspectors get out and offend a young boy and thus making Lag and Niche reveal themselves, after finding out that they were followed they decide to let Lag go with them to the ravine. Once they arrive at the ravine Lag notices all the letters scattered around, so Lag goes off to gather them and place them back in his bag so he can deliver them, though Carib tells Lag what he knows about Gauche. However Lag and Niche are temporarily distracted by Hazel and Carib and once Lag’s attention is drawn away from the letters, Carib uses a very strong catalyst agent which resonates the hearts of the letters to lure in a Gaichuu, somehow Lag manages to spot a letter regarding the leader of Reverse, who is called Lawrence. Lag uses his gun to resonate the heart of the letter and learns from heart remaining in the letter that Lawrence is a failed man-made spirit who was created by the Government as an experiment and thus manages to stir up some controversy from some of the residents of Amberground. Even though, Lag is disappointed he stands firm on his pride for delivering letters to the people of Amberground. Gauche is confirmed to be working for Reverse, Lawrence finally decides that it is a suitable time for the Reverse to make their next move and thus sends Gauche and Roda up north.

Summary for episode 6:

Starting off Lag gets a well deserved day off from the Beehive so he decides to ask for some advice from Sylvette on how to write the letter bullet, for the time when he next encounters Gauche.  When asking for this advice Lag also manages to deliver a letter to Sylvette from a 10-year old girl called M. Croce, apparently this girl loves the dolls that Sylvette makes and thus is requesting her to make a doll that resembles her to be made by tomorrow, for her brother who is going away and won’t be able to see her for a while, after reading this Sylvette immediately rushes off to start creating the doll the girl requested. In the end Sylvette decided to use the doll she created for Gauche and changed some of the designs so that it resembles Croce, she manages to complete it by morning. Eventually as Sylvette is preparing to leave to deliver the doll Croce asked for, but Lag  asks her where she is going so early in the morning, she explains that she’s off to deliver the letter to Croce, however Lag doesn’t want Sylvette to deliver the doll  to Dogra on her own and voluntary accompanies her. We then see Largo go into a shop to gather some information about Reverse from the guy he visits to get his cigarettes from. Back to Lag andSylvette insists to board a carriage but Lag warns her that letters get stolen frequently in that direction, while Lag and Sylvette sleep inside the carriage while on the way to Dogra, Autobahn, a thief disguised as an old woman steals Sylvette’s package. Lag and Sylvette awaken from the commotion and try to stop Autobahn from escaping, however Lag and Autobahn fall off the carriage and the doll is thrown and left hanging over a precarious cliff. While Lag goes to retrieve the doll, Sylvette goes after Autobahn who has hijacked the carriage to make his escape.  Eventually a very mad Niche arrives with Lag’s gun and he decides to shoot a Shindan at the doll in order to shoot the doll to Niche so she can take it to Sylvette, however the Shindan managed to resonate with the heart that was used to create the doll. Lag learns of Gauche’s thoughts before he entered Akatsuki, and the reason behind the doll, but before she had the time to finish the doll for Gauche he has left for the capital. The reason why Sylvette decided to help Croce was because her situation resembles Sylvette’s and Gauche’s relationship. Back at the Hive, Largo and Aria receive an eyewitness report of Gauche in the north.

Preview: Film Noir

Personal Enjoyment: 4.5/5.


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