Bakuman. 05&06 – Summer and Name & Carrot and Stick   Leave a comment

Since I’m so far behind and I what to catch up before Christmas I won’t be posting my opinions on the episodes I will however answer your thoughts about the episodes in the comments or if you want on twitter thank you for understanding.

Summary for episode 5:

So to begin Saiko recalls the time when him and Azuki turned back to look at each other at the same time, stating to Shujin that both him and Azuki have been on the same frequency since they were in elementary school, thus indicating that they are able to not talk to one another in order to understand what each other are saying through a special bond that has had years to forge between them. Meanwhile both Shujin and Saiko are on sitting on the school rooftop discussing about how to complete their manga and handing it in to Shounen Jack before the deadline. Whilst they are discussing this Azuki’s best friend Miyoshi appears before them and starts complaining to Shujin about telling Azuki her dream while she is doing so there is slight indications of showing romantic interest in Shujin, which both Miyoshi and Saiko notice but Shujin fails to see as he’s too busy focusing on writing the manga. So during the summer, when Saiko and Shujin decide to stay over at Saiko’s uncle’s office, and eventually finish the manga they have been working on for the deadline they  have set themselves to complete the manga, the manga that they have completed is called “The Two Earths” they then decide to call the Shounen Jack editorial department and arrange a meeting with one of the editors to be judged.

Summary for episode 6:

Saiko and Shujin decide to meet at the train station the next day whilst walking to Shounen Jack’s headquarters, we learn a little of Shujin’s past we know that when he was younger his dad lost his job and this resulted in his mother pressuring him into studying not become like his father, eventually it all got too much for Shujin and he told his mother that he will not be like his father and to leave him alone. They arrive at Shounen Jack office to go and meet with the editor Akira Hattori. Hattori invites them to a secluded spot and tells them to sit down has they hand over “The Two Earths” to him so he can read it. After reading it twice Hattori comments on the manga saying that it is too text-driven and by being like this is not drawn in a manga style, but they do have the potential to become popular mangaka . Hattori carries on explaining that for the time being that they should focus on trying to figure out what could be a hit and then drawing that, rather than trying to draw what they like and it not being a hit, with that mindset they are more likely to follow one up if they do, has both Saiko and Shujin take in what Hattori has said about their first manga , Hattori decides to give them his contact information, thus encouraging them that if they have anymore manga to come to him so he can give them advice on how to improve if they need it. Once both Shujin and Saiko have exited the Shounen Jack office they look a little disheartened but Saiko reminds Shujin that with this information he will be able to write a better story which makes their partnership stronger thus making the artwork better in the process. The next day their is a new seating plan in class  as the teacher had decided to seat the class boy and girls next to each resulting in Saiko sitting next to Azuki and in turn making Shujin laugh in his seat because he finds it extremely amusing.

Preview: Tears and Tears

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.


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