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Since I’m so far behind and I what to catch up before Christmas I won’t be posting my opinions on the episodes I will however answer your thoughts about the episodes in the comments or if you want on twitter thank you for understanding.

Summary for Episode 3:

After meeting up Shujin and Saiko successfully arrive at Saiko’s uncles apartment, where they have the chance to look around the apartment seems to be filled with all different kinds of manga. Saiko decides to show Shujin the manuscripts and “names”, which are the rough draft that each mangaka writes or produces before drawing them. Saiko then comes to a realisation that his uncle was working extremely hard before his death and thus evidently decides to put in as much resolve as his uncle did when he was alive. Eventually, Saiko and Shujin stumble across a box that contained letters from Saiko’s uncle and his childhood friend, which ultimately stops before his manga became serialised, and by looking at the yearbook photo of the girl, they came to realise that Saiko’s uncle had been in love with Azuki’s mother. So the next day they decide to go and visit Azuki’s mother to ask her about Saiko’s uncle, which she explains that she was in love with him, while they were in school but was too scared to admit it to his uncle this was the reason that they decided to send letters to one another, eventually she admits that she fell in love with another man and thus ceased writing to Saiko’s uncle. Shujin tells her that Saiko has asked Azuki to marry him once their manga becomes an anime so that she can voice act in it.  Before they leave Saiko asks Azuki’s mother not to mention the relationship between her and his uncle, then he and Shujin sets out to make a manga.

Summary for Episode 4:

Beginning Saiko decides its time to show Shujin everything that he has drawn and also points out all the mistakes that has been made, as well as the finer points of the tools that are used to help the mangaka draw the manga. Shujin then questions Saiko and thus Saiko decides to tell him everything about G-Pens and Kabura pens, to making manuscripts, and his uncles three steps to writing a successful manga which are; thinking you are better than others, trying your hardest and luck. Eventually they decide to go to a convenience store to get some food, once they arrive there Shujin notices whilst reading the latest issue of “Jack” that there was a semi-finalist called Nizuma Eiji, who is a fifteen year old mangaka. Eventually Shujin and Saiko discuss where they are going to go to High School, so Saiko tells Shujin that he’s decided to apply for North High, so Shujin also tells him that he will apply for the same school as well, Saiko asks him why since Shujin is the top student in the year and can go to a better High School, Shujin answers him by saying that if they both attend the same High School it will be a lot easier to create manga together, eventually they discuss about manga, and editors finally they concluded that they have to finish their first manuscript by the end of summer so they can show it an editor of “Jack”. On the way home with Shujin, Saiko encounters Miho by chance; despite the fact that neither of them are able to look each other as they walk past, they both turn back for a quick glance. Before the episode finished we see Nizuma Eiji who has a phone call from his editor saying the the chief editor has praised his work, and wants him to move to Tokyo.

Preview: Summer and Name

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.


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