Tegami Bachi REVERSE 03&04 – The Hydrangea Colored Picture-Letter & The Wild Phantom Lighthouse   Leave a comment

Since I’m so far behind and I what to catch up before Christmas I won’t be posting my opinions on the episodes I will however answer your thoughts about the episodes in the comments or if you want on twitter thank you for understanding.

Summary of episode 3:

So to begin Lag is still wondering what to say in the letter bullet for Gauche, so he decides to ask Sylvette for some ideas since he has never written a letter before. however before he can get a reply from Sylvette he has to go and deliver a letter to a mansion to someone called Ray Attlee, when he gets there he is humbly welcomed by a tall maid called Kimidori. In regards Ray is asking Lag to see if he can find out who sent her picture letters of hydrangea-coloured mountains, she also states that these pictures remind her of her childhood whilst living in that village. Whilst explaining Ray mentions that her parents received governmental positions in Central and thus had to move her close to the location because of her sickly health, she mentions that these letters make her happy which she thinks is a way to tell her to fight her illness. Thus beginning his search Lag goes throughout the town for any clues on the origin of the letter and thus finds out that the hydrangea colours came from Blue Romeo flower dyes. When Lag is searching for Niche in the mansions garden Lag happens to see Kimidori picking some Blue Romeo flowers and realises that she is the sender of the picture letters, to which she admits. Lag tells Kimidori  that Ray is extremely happy with her letters and asks her to admit this to Ray however Kimidori ultimately refuses and tells Lag to promise her not to mention this to Ray. Colbasso the other maid overheard the conservation and told Ray that it was her who sent the letters, for her own selfish reasons. Even though Lag promised not to tell Ray that it was Kimidori that sent those letters, he decides to shoot a shindan at the letter, which in turn reveals a flashback to Ray’s childhood; from this it seems that ray had actually known Kimidori in her childhood and that before Ray moved she had given Kimidori one of her hairpins as a sign of their friendship. After this Kimidori had grown up but it appears that her family owed huge debts and she had to sell the hairpin that Ray gave her, Kimidori felt guilty for selling the hairpin that she decided to leave home in search for Ray’s current residence. Kimidori plants the Blue Romeo in the garden to remind Ray of her childhood, Ray winds up going to Kimidori and thanks her for her cherished memories during her childhoofd. Inspired by this Lag returns back home in order to draw Gauche a picture letter but is extremely disappointed that his drawings are awful.

Summary for episode 4:

Starting off, Lag is shown working on repairs for an imagery lighthouse situated in the desert.  Where an old man addresses him as Lugh, who his grandson and was born and raised in the lighthouse with him and his grandfather. Lag then manages to tell his grandfather that lately he’s been hearing weird voices but his grandfather dismisses them telling Lag that they are his imagination,  he then precedes to tell Lag that he is all that his left and to never leave the lighthouse like his parents did. When Lag goes to his bedroom he keeps seeing a strange four-eyed apparition which is persuades him that he should leave and Lag begins to notice these strange marks all over his body. Out of nowhere his grandfather appears and is pointing a gun whilst muttering under his breathe “hate”, eventually Lag realises that the old man is not is grandfather and vice versa. In a flashback we see Zazie explaining to Lag about another Bee called Jiggy Pepper who delivers express letters, Lag learned from Zazie that Jiggy was heading towards a place called Liquid Sand River and goes to search for him there. Suddenly Lag remembers who he is and notices that the strange monster was indeed Niche and Steak, they finally face the old man who then blames Lag for taking away his grandson, whilst that is happening inside the lighthouse, Jiggy manages to confront the Gaichuu Korona that had took over the dilapidated lighthouse, once Jiggy has destroyed the Korona, the old man disappears and Lag and the others manages to escape the collapsing lighthouse. When they got out from the lighthouse Lag remembers going to look for Jiggy and finds Gaichuu Korona instead. Upon entering the lighthouse to defeat it, he is overwhelmed and starts to halluinate himself as the old man’s grandson. Lag fires a shindan into the old man’s journal to find out his heart. It turns out the old man was left all alone when his son refused to become the lighthouse keeper and left with his family. After revealing this Jiggy explains that the all of the journals the old man wrote were actually filled with hatred, and thus the Korona consumed the heart  that was stored within them which had overwhelmed Lag. However, thanks to Niche, who is immune to the hallucinations, Jiggy was able to easily defeat Korona. Jiggy warns Lag not to be taken in by emotions within letters and to be strong. After paying his last respects to the old man, Lag and the others ride home with Jiggy. Jiggy tells Lag that he received a letter from Neri, his sister, and thanks him for his help.

Preview: Reverse World

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5.


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