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So continuing from the previous chapter Kankurō has won his battle with Sasori and makes a speech, which basically settles the argument about art. Even if Sasori dies it is his creations that will be used by the next generation since they are genuinely good. Sasori understands Kankurō’s words, so he makes a final wish for Kankurō to keep Sasori’s mother and father puppets for himself Kankurō tells him he will and Sasori fades away knowing his legacy will continue.The ambush squad learn that after you defeat the corpses they disappear it appears that Kabuto’s ultimate resurrection is not perfectly completed, however Deidara is still alive and he can not believe that Sasori listened to Kankurō’s words and vanished.  Kabuto realises that he was mistaken and has decided that he should bring Anko to the hideout in order to perfect the resurrection technique, he then mentions to Madara that he will remain there in the hideout controlling the dead shinobi. However Madara has a sneaky suspicion that Kabuto hopes that Madara’s army and the Shinobi alliance army will end up killing each other in the war, but Madara’s already predicting it.

Meanwhile, back on the island Naruto is training on Bee decides that it is time for Naruto to go into the final stages of training.  Bee begins explaining to Naruto that he will have to become the Kyuubi in order to complete this stage like he did when he fought Sasuke. Bee gives Naruto a demonstration by transforming into the Hachibi, Naruto then tries to do the same but he only manages to transform into a chibi version of the Kyuubi, this is because Bee forgot that Naruto and the Kyuubi aren’t exactly on speaking terms with each other. Whilst in the beast form Bee is trying is hardest to think of a way Naruto can do the ‘Tailed Beast Bomb’ only to be interrupted by the Hachibi stating to Bee that Naruto still has to learn a lot more, so now the Hachibi starts explaining things to Naruto. Hachibi explains that every time Naruto uses the Kyuubi’s chakara the Kyuubi taps into his, basically its an exchange in Chakara’s if Naruto takes to much of the Kyuubi’s Chakara the Kyuubi will absorb all of Naruto’s chakara and thus resulting in Naruto’s death.

Considering all this the Hachibi switches back to Bee and they decide to train Naruto’s own techniques whilst in Beast Chakara mode (without the full). So Bee tells Naruto to use the Rasengan,  however since he is forbidden to use clones he has to use the chakara arms to help him form the Rasengan starts to form, whilst Bee is observing he notices that the Rasengan isn’t all that different from the Tailed Beast Bomb, so he proceeds to ask who taught Naruto that move. Naruto stops forming the Rasengan and answers Bee’s question telling him it was Jiraiya who taught him but originally it was the Fourth Hokage who created it. Recognising this Bee thought that the Fourth Hokage must have gotten the idea for the Rasengan by seeing a Beast Bomb, and that it could have been on purpose so that it would be passed onto Naruto and he could use the Beast Bomb normally without the need to transform into the Kyuubi.  Besides it’s still not working yet, so Bee clarifies to Naruto that he should try and mix 8:2 of black and white chakara.

Personal Opinion:

Well, at least this as had some plot development I was beginning to get a little irritated that Naruto would always be the clueless idiot he was previously, but alas I was wrong apparently he had managed to get a tad bit smarter if only by a bit, its a vast improvement.  This chapter didn’t really have much action it was mainly here for the advancement in plot and the conclusion of the Sasori and Kankurō battle. I really admired the speech that Kankurō said to Sasori, about how its not him that will be remembered by the future generations of puppeteers but in fact his wonderful mastery of puppets that will be remembered, I felt that even though I was not that much of a Sasori fan as a member of the Akatsuki (I will forever be an Itachi fangirl through and through) I was glad that he was able to pass on not regretting his decisions and was able to pass on as a good guy rather than a bad guy, it shows that some people are willing to change in there final moments. Deidara on the other hand, wasn’t really shown much in this chapter but the little panel he was in was enough for me to actually detest him, seeing as he couldn’t believe that Sasori had listened to Kankurō, I’m hoping that he dies soon. Who will be the next to fight? Who will be the next to die?

On one hand seeing Kabuto realising he’s not as clever as he thought he was made me laugh (I was like take that you stupid idiot) I mean yes we know that he is probably not as smart as Orochimaru was but he’s getting far to clever for his own good, seriously stick to your strengths and learn from your weaknesses, though I think that Kabuto has realised his failure now that Sasori has died and is focusing on correcting the mistake he made. However since Kabuto knows where his fault is now, it’s not looking as good for the Shinobi Alliance.

Somehow we are back in a full circle to Naruto training again, I’m not angry nor disappointed I just wish that Kishimoto-sensei would stick to one arc at a time,  anyway back to Naruto’s final stage of training which I was delighted to know was changing into the Kyuubi itself, though I wondered personally if he would be able to pull it off considering that the Kyuubi hates both him and his father Minato Namikaze. Though it was really no surprise to see Naruto fail at transforming into the Kyuubi, I thought it was adorable that he only managed to do a chibi Kyuubi form. ‘The Tailed Beast Bomb’ is the technique that Bee wants Naruto to be able to use so that he can defeat Sasuke (I wish Sasuke would die soon or something but I’m hoping too much), I like the fact that the Hachibi started to explain to Naruto about the causes of relying severely on the Kyuubi’s chakara would result in his premature death (haven’t we already heard this before) considering this information the fact that they were able to concentrate on just increasing his own abilities was for me the best thing that came out of this chapter.

Oh my god, they mentioned the Fourth Hokage (insert fangirl scream and nosebleed here) I was extremely ecstatic that we finally get to see and hear about the Fourth Hokage again, I feel that it’s been ages since we last heard of him, (that’s probably just my imagination) anyway I knew that Minato was a genius but actually basing the idea of the Rasengan from watching a tailed Beast Bomb made my day in more ways than one. Even though we don’t know the actual reason has to why Minato created the Rasengan we are left to ponder on whether he wanted Naruto to use it after he’s finally mastered the Kyuubi’s power without the need to transform into the Kyuubi. Seriously it seems that there are so many possibilities as to why Minato doesn’t want Naruto to go into the Kyuubi mode (did he seriously plan all this out from the very beginning while Naruto was still in Kushina’s womb) but until Kishimoto-sensei goes into further detail we are left dumbfounded by this revelation. Why do you think Minato created the Rasengan? Why did Minato teach it to Jiraiya? Was it all in hope that Jiraiya would teach it to Naruto in the future. Anyway I hope that the next chapter will be as good as this one, there could be a little bit more action and suspense but I’m eager to see how the plot develops.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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