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Starting off after Shitt. P is taken to the Vindice Prison Enma decides that it is now that he should fight Tsuna much to the displeasure of Adheild due to losing  his friends Rauji and Koyo says that he can not forgive Tsuna or the Vongola for hurting his precious friends. Enma is not the only one who is willing to fight Tsuna is thinking of Yamamoto, Ryōhei and Chrome unleashes his flames out of anger and tells Enma that he is doing the exact same thing whilst Gokudera, Lambo and Reborn watch the battle from a safe distance.

After a few seconds Enma’s anger reaches boiling point Enma then tries to crush Tsuna the same way he did during the Inheritance ceremony, only this time it failed has Tsuna revealed his brand new Vongola Sky Gear Version X and it ultimately stops Enma’s attack. The two clash and they share a couple of punches it seems they are an even match with neither one of them getting an advantage.

During there exchange in blows, Enma tells Tsuna that his strength is cold and heartless and exactly like Primo’s and he is the true heir to succeed the title of Vongola, Tsuna explains to Enma that Primo is not who he thinks he is and that he’s seen the memories of the past and that he does not intend to take over the Vongola. However Enma says that what Tsuna is doing is unfair, the crest on his gloves his proof enough that he is the boss of the Vongola, he is the one who will benefit the most by getting his friends hurt for the sake of the Famiglia and that he is hoping too much. After listening to Enma explain what it means to be the Vongola boss, Tsuna steps up and mentions that it was not his intention to bring harm on others, and that he only excepted to be the Vongola boss to give him the power to protect his friends and that’s how it will always be.

Enma refuses to believe any of what Tsuna as told him and calls him a fraud and a liar just like Primo was, Enma goes on to say that not only is the Vongola’s blood is cursed that he is not the only one that has betrayed the 1st Shimon he is the son of Sawada Iemitsu and he was the one who killed his parents and sister, he says that his entire family was killed by the External Vongola Advisers on Iemitsu’s orders, after hearing this Tsuna begins to doubt himself and his dying will flame distinguishes and Enma finally says that he will not forgive him until Tsuna is dead, Enma goes for the final blow.

Personal Opinion:

Wow, what can I say I found this chapter really exciting considering it was around the characters I’m not particularly fond of, but the action, drama between them was perfectly executed in my eyes, I’m even wondering what will happen with Tsuna’s turmoil now that he has found out about his father killing Enma’s family. I know I am not a huge fan of Tsuna but having heard that news from someone would make anyone doubt themselves right? Though in my opinion I don’t think that Iemitsu killed Enma’s parents and sister, somehow I think that it is all part of Julie’s plan to eliminate both the Vongola and Shimon families, he is seriously creepy even creepier than Mukuro maybe Julie’s the bad guy in the Vongola vs. Shimon Arc. Who knows?

If I’m being honest there wasn’t anything bad about this chapter in general their was an even amount of dialogue and action and it kept me wondering just what happened during Enma’s past and Cozato’s past for them to be on such bad terms with the Vongola family. Somehow I’m left wondering what is going to happen to Tsuna? Since it ended on a cliff hangers how I hate cliff hangers but I won’t have to wait long to find out the outcome of this battle. I am wondering where the hell Enma got all this information regarding Giotto and Iemitsu from and what it means to be the true successor of such a blood thirsty man in the eyes of Enma, somehow I’m referring back to Julie here as he seems to know something that the other Shimon members do now seriously something needs to be explained here. Who will win? Who will get taken to Vindice?

Finally I’ll give my personal opinion on the chapters I mentioned below, 314, 315, 316 I was so excited to see that it was Gokkyun’s fight after Lambo’s and what surprised me was that his Buckle of the Storm upgraded his weapon from dynamite, to a bow and then back to dynamite I got a little dizzy whilst working that one out. However the fight lasted a whole two chapters and Shitt.P had done some thorough research (cough cough stalking) to find out some of Tsuna’s not good traits, she mentions about his very poor academic abilities and how he is a pervert and a stalker and explaining this all to Gokkyun. Who might I add had a look which said “do I give a damn”.

I must say that this series is getting more and more progressive compared to the likes of Naruto and Bleach, the fact that got me was that Gokkyun already knew all of those traits of Tsuna but that’s not the only reason he was following him, as he secretly admires G (I’m a massive fangirl of the 1st Storm Guardian as well) he feels that he is not yet at a capable level to be able to compare himself with G and at that being the right-hand man. I like the fact that he trains himself in order to become the same as G or maybe even better, the addition of some new bombs in his upgraded gear was a twist but it was to be expected I like the Uri bomb the best and that she uses her own flames to blow up Shitt.P’s remaining balloons (though Uri could be a lot nicer to Gokkyun and not ruin his nice bishie face.)

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5.

P.S: Gokudera vs. Shitt.P Fight Overview


Even though I’m a dedicated fan of Gokudera, and I really wanted to blog his fight against Shitt.P I couldn’t so I’ll insert a little something about the previous two chapters here, Gokudera’s (I’ll refer to him in my opinions as Gokkyun from now on) new Storm Belt Version X upgrade his box animal Uri with armour on her legs and a pair of sunglasses and gives her the power to directly combine with Gokkyun giving him a whole lot of dynamite, sunglasses and a pipe shaped igniter to light his dynamite. During his fight with Shitt.P Gokkyun uses a new updated version X of his Rocket Bombs which now come equipped with homing capabilities and a significant increase in speed. Apparently Shitt.P’s flame is the Swamp flame so she is able to ferment any inorganic substances to form bottomless pits, Gokkyun starts to sink but then uses one of his new bombs his Air bomb to pr0pel him into the air and out of the swamp. Shitt.P explains to Gokkyun why Tsuna isn’t capable of being the Vongola boss however Gokkyun already knows all of his flaws and basically tells her that is not why he is following Tsuna. Later on he explains why he is not capable of becoming Tsuna’s right hand man yet as he needs to train himself more and is inspired by G. who was Giotto’s right hand man. One of Shitt.P’s balloons pop and she is shocked at how he managed to do that, as the final part of the battle ensues Gokkyun brings out a new dynamite in order to attack again this time it’s a ploy to lure Uri with catnip, so she can use the dynamite that is with herself to blow up Shitt.P’s remaining balloons thus the fight is won, though Shitt.P left saying that he was an UMA (unidentified mysterious animal).

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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