Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise 06 – ‘The Beginning of Stormy Love’   Leave a comment

An overview of the Episode:

Everyone is back on campus, enjoying the last of the holidays. Nakatsu is ready to move back to his room, when Mizuki asks him to stay… just a little longer. Nakatsu obviously says sure and starts to read more into it than there really is, but the true reason is that Mizuki needs a buffer. She can’t face Sano since seeing him fail to even jump the qualifying height and feels that she is to blame for Sano’s failure. Sano on the other hand is actually very determined. He doesn’t seem put off by his continual failed jumping attempts and his old jumping rival showing up… saying snide remarks.Mizuki’s parents show up for a visit, which gives her the perfect excuse to avoid Sano. She ends up sleeping over with them in the hotel and going shopping. Mizuki’s mother can tell that things are troubling her daughter, so they have a nice heart to heart. When out eating with her parents, she runs into Kamari and Nakatsu out on a date. Mizuki is obviously very happy for Nakatsu and oblivious to his true feelings, compliments Kamari on her good taste. Nakatsu on the other hand isn’t so happy. He thinks being with Kamari will help him be straight so when she asks him to be her boyfriend… he agrees.

The school becomes engrossed by a treasure hunt which has the 3 dormitories competing against each other and searching the school. Dorm 1’s treasure hunt finding method is by following dowsing rods. Dorm 3’s method is by calling  on for supernatural help, while dorm 2 uses metal detectors, research and Taiki. The hunt uncovers clues which leads the Sakura committee to be re-established.

My Opinion:

This felt alittle like the filler episodes in Bleach. It has all my favourite characters doing what i expect of them but not really progressing in anyway or getting on with anything. The episode although over all entertaining, was a bit pointless in the end as there was no real plot. Except that Sano made the jump and Nakatsu now has a girlfriend.

It was nice to see a different side to Sano and he seems to be really opening up (as much as he can i guess). I love the fact that there he isn’t getting there straight away (the Americans would have done this differently I feel), but I think that if I was Sano I would find it annoying having everyone watching me. Especially Arikan, having her poised there with a camera all the time would make me want to punch her at some point. Sekime shows himself as an adorably loyal friend as he also proved in the last episode. He was very encouraging and had Sano’s back. It kind of upsets me that no one in the school seems to remember his name. Poor Nakatsu, he really has a raw deal of it… though I don’t know if knowing that Mizuki is a girl would help him now. I think its sweet when obviously out of the loop of the Mizuki/Sano drama tries to help them patch things up by tricking them into meeting with each other. I am glad that he agreed to go out with Komari. She is a sweet girl and very pretty, plus she really likes him.

Favourite scenes:

Nakatsu’s inner monologue where he plans his and Mizuki’s future, including marriage. Also as when Nanbasan puts 3 fellow students on dog leashes (HILARIOUS).

Star rating : 3/5


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