Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise 05 – ‘Hopeless Coast Story’   Leave a comment

An overview of the Episode:

So the episode opens with what appears to be Mizuki’s kidnap… don’t worry it was just a prank by her fellow dorm buddies. they are off to the beach and they (more like Nakatsu) wanted her to join. the place they are ‘staying’at is run my Namba’s mother Io. It’s not for free so the students take it in turn to work in the hotel. In this episode there are three different story lines. Nanba’s love triangle between his old girlfriend and Nakao, Sano is with Sekime at the summer camp for the track athletes and the mini beach competition.Nanba’s love story line doesn’t really lead anywhere as the woman he was with was engaged. Poor Nakao felt alone and abandoned… but not for long.

Sano who seemed to be a school mascot (basically very popular) is surprisingly an outcast with the track team. a feeling of betrayal was around and they got together to give Sano an ultimatum. Seeing that he hadn’t been back in training long and his progress was slow, they felt that if he could jump the qualifying height for track they would accept him. Sano needing some moral support calls Mizuki who catches the next train out to their location. She arrives to see Sano attempting his jumps.

There are ALOT of events in the Tōkyō vs Osaka high beach challenge where the event ends with a draw. The tie-breaker is a girl pick-up challenge and raised stakes for the looser. The loosing school had to as forfeit go home naked.

My Opinion:

I think the whole love story thing in this epi was more that Nanba needed to confront his feelings (which he managed to do in time to help his fellow students). I mean where was this storyline really going to go? He is a high school student and was she really going to drop her life and fiancée for him? I really felt for Nakao for the first time. Instead of being the comic relief, he was given a bit of depth as you heard how hard it is to watch the one you love knowing the feelings were never going to be mutual.

The competition was welcome comic relief, and I loved the fact that Sano wasn’t needed for the students to win. At this point I felt that it was really ridiculous that the student body and moral are so intricately connected to him. It was lovely to see that they were capable of something without him (not that he is an active participant when he in fact IS there). Plus the challenges were funny, and the ending cute (even if what expected). The fact that the track team weren’t bending over backwards for Sano made me respect them. I feel he gets things a little too easily, and watching him work for it makes me admire him for the first time.

Favourite scenes:

I have 2 favourite scenes. The first is when Sano fails to make the jump at the training camp and the second is when sweet Tennōji comes up with an old woman in tow as his contribution to the tie-breaker.

Star rating : 4/5


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