Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise 04 – ‘Dangerous Three-Person Room ‘   Leave a comment

An overview of the Episode:

The episodes starts with the strangely misidentified newspaper title saying that there is a closure in Osaka high. further inspection and explanation reveals there is a problem with Dorm 1’s water pipes and while they are being repaired the dorm will be split among the remaining dorms. Everyone will bunk now with 3 per room instead of 3… just until the summer. The dorm is split up randomly with the use of a lucky dip type of sorting arrangement. Poor Nambasan is forced to bunk with fellow dorm head tenoji while Nakatsu sees this as his opportunity to get closer to Mizuki… under the guise of confirming that he isn’t gay.

Mizuki starts to inquire about Shin (Sano’s younger brother) and through it sort off pushes Sano to go see him. Seeking him out in Tōkyō High the greeting isn’t a nice one as Shin ends up punching Sano. There is obviously bad blood and Mizuki is there for Sano when he needs someone to talk to. After pushing away from everyone (makin Mizuki question wether she should leave for America), Nakatsu finds out that Sano has been training secretly at night. The finale of the episode has Sano challenge his younger brother to nationals.

The next event we have is the ‘Osaka High and St.Blossoms joint party’. The top 10 ranking boys in a public vote get to participate, which sends a lot of characters campaigning for votes. Seeing as there are only 10 lucky candidates there are a lot of disappointed faces, a few happy ones (like Sekime) and a few horrified faces. Sano is definitely the latter as he didn’t expect to ever show up, he isn’t impressed when Mizuki tricks him into showing up (She gets the idea into her head that Sano needs a girlfriend to inspire him to start jumping again). Well love triangles are set up and broken. You get the feeling some people belong together after that weird party.

My Opinion:

I have come to realize that I don’t understand Arikan. Umeda has at this point told her several times he doesn’t like her and her company. He has sprayed her with disinfectant and in this episode her touch actually makes him physically sick… and yet she still intrudes on him, unannounced and continues to get close to him and touch him. I find this very cruel and rude of her. However, I do agree with her assessment that the school is very weird. Kids doing very strange ‘magic trick’, cosplay dates, people randomly shouting ‘kabadi’ and trying to knock themselves out is definitely not ‘normal’ behaviour.

I loved how sweet and loyal Tennōji was with Kana… it looks like they are going to be my favourite couple of the series. As for the episode itself, well it was enjoyable. It was nice to see that Sano wasn’t this stubborn rock and that he actually is very sensitive. The dorm closure was ok and Nakatsu’s inner monologues are hilarious to watch. His rationalisations are so funny. As for the joint party, well that was like watching a very funny train wreck. I could not turn my head away, but, it definitely disturbed me.

Favourite scenes:

When the light goes off for bedtime, only to be turned on a second later and we discover how strangely Nakatsu ‘sleeps’.

Star rating : 3.5/5


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