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Opening Song: 「Blue Bird」 by 「コブクロ」 Kobukuro


Summary for episode 1:

Beginning we see Moritaka Mashiro (Abe Atushi) who is an average student who is an amazing artist drawing Miho (Hayami Saori) the girl he likes,  after school finishes on his way home he remembers that he forgot his notebook at school,  so he goes back for it where he meets a classmate Akito Takagi (Hino Satoshi) who found it and saw his sketches of Miho.  It turns out that Akito loves his drawings thus asks Moritaka to team up with him to create a best-selling manga because Akito feels that the only option left has a career for him is a mangaka as he doesn’t feel that confident with his voice so he’s ruled out acting and singing but his literary skills are what make him the top student in his year. However Moritaka refuses his proposal by giving Akito the statistics that most mangaka fail thus he refuses to become his artist, also another reason he doesn’t want to become a mangaka is because his uncle died from overworking, whilst deeply in debt. Determined Akito doesn’t take no for an answer taking his blackmail on Moritaka to another extreme he phones him telling him that he’s going to confess to Miho hearing this Moritaka takes off running to Miho’s house in a desperate attempt to stop Akito. Once Miho is outside Akito tells her of his plan to create a manga that will become an anime, which she will play the heroine. After hearing this Moritaka says that he’s Akito’s partner he’ll draw the manga and Akito will write it, Moritaka then proposes to marry Miho when both his dream has a mangaka as been fulfilled and her dream as a voice actress has also been fulfilled, they then decide not to see each other until then.

Summary for episode 2:

Starting off  we see Akito waiting for Moritaka outside his house and on their way to school Moritaka chats with Akito,  while they are talking Akito feels its right to tell Moritaka why he chose him over  other people who are probably has smart as himself, as an example he mentions Iwase Aiko (Fujimura Ayumi) who is the second best student in their year how smart people aren’t always that smart. Akito also feels that Miho has a similar sort of intelligence but she doesn’t show off and she has the ability to be appealing to others without needing to brag about it. After this discussion Moritaka tells Akito the main reason why he previously didn’t want to become a manga was because he believes that his uncle committed suicide, Akito persuades him on their way home from school to tell his parents that he wants to become a mangaka however Moritaka doesn’t think that they will allow it.  When Moritaka arrives home he tells his mother that he wants to become a mangaka but his mother says that his uncle didn’t commit suicide but opposes his decision, after the discussion with his mother Moritaka goes to his room his dad phones him after his mother told him of his decision to become a mangaka, and tells him to follow his dream. Thus Moritaka’s mother took him to see his grandfather who as well as his dad offers his full blown support to him and in return gives him a key to his uncles studio apartment.  After receiving the key Moritaka goes to the studio apartment and phones Akito on the way there to come with him and see it.

Ending Song: 「BAKUROCK~未来の輪郭線~」 BAKUROCK ~Mirai no Rinkakusen~ by 「ヤキーム」 YA-KYIM

Preview: Parents and Children

Personal Opinion:

The opening song Blue Bird by Kobukuro is amazing its my 2nd favourite opening of the season, I feel that the style of the song fits perfectly with the image of the anime itself, and that the animation for it is pretty original although there are probably more shots of Miho and Moritaka than Akito but they are the driving inspiration for the anime so its easily forgiven. The ending Bakurock ~Mirai no Rinkakusen~ by YA-KYIM isn’t really my style of music it is a rap song but in all retrospects it does finish of the anime with a different perspective and due to this I think that it was probably the best choice and animation quality for the ending isn’t has appealing as it was for the opening it just shows you one picture of a character and then Akito and Moritaka running it’s very low budget in my opinion.

I really love this anime, its completely different from Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi’s other work Death Note it is more comedic and the idea of having a manga about writing a manga is completely original to me (I’m not sure if its been in manga before) considering this the main characters do look an awful lot like Light from Death Note and Miho looks like Misa but not everything can be original designs I excepted that some of the characters may look like people from Death Note. My personal opinion of Moritaka or as he’s known by Akito as Saiko is that he was quite annoying not wanting to draw a manga because he thought his uncle had died without knowing the full truth, however during the second episode my attitude changed towards Saiko (I will be referring to Moritaka as Saiko from now on) as he began to open himself up towards Akito and I found it really hilarious when he proposed to Miho I mean what a great why to end the pilot episode I give it to the directors when they showed these faces of Akito and Saiko and how Saiko started to imagine a wedding between himself and Miho.

My favourite character of this show as got to be Akito (known as Shuujin by Saiko, Shuujin means prisoner or criminal, I will be referring to Akito as Shuujin from now on) is that he is totally over-the-top with everything he does when he blackmailed Saiko in the first episode so that he would agree to be the artist for the manga he is going to write is hilarious. Shuujin is obviously very extravagant in his actions especially when he does this made me cry with laughter, though I admit he does seem to plan a fair bit ahead with his life, I find his personality completely different to Saiko’s though I guess this is to be expected since these characters need to be developed more fully in episodes to come. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Shuujin’s past as I wonder if it will be a good one or a bad one since he tends to keep personal matters to himself rather than telling them to other people, maybe he will open upto Saiko in the future who knows.

The animation for both episodes was alright it could have been better but considering the amount of animation production the J.C. Staff are doing this season this sort of animation is to be expected, I hope that we get to see Eiji soon as he’s voiced by (Okamoto Nobuhiko) and I love his voice. I felt that they cast the right people to voice Saiko (Abe Atushi) seems to be doing a good job so far I’m not really a fan of him though he’s getting more popular this season but his portrayal of Saiko is amazing. On the other hand, they completely got the right person to voice Shuujin (Hino Satoshi) though I don’t watch much that he is cast in considering he voices the emotionless Sai in Naruto shippuden this sort of personality is at a completely different scale and he portrays this extremely well.

From the preview of the next episode I can only guess that this is where they will start writing and drawing their very first manga, maybe some new people will be introduced and the name Parents and Children seems very foreboding so you’ll probably see someone’s parents though I’m not particularly sure whose parents you’ll see its like waiting for paint to dry if you think of all the people we’ve met in the first two episodes except for Saiko’s parents of course as we’ve already met them.

Rating: 5/5


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