Tegami Bachi REVERSE 01&02 – Promise & Underwear and Bread   Leave a comment

Opening Song: 「小さな魔法」 Chiisana Mahou by 「ステレオポ二ー」 Steropony


Summary for episode 1:

Most of this episode was spent recapping how the 1st season finished. So moving on, Lag (Sawashiro Miyuki) had made contact with Gauche (Fukuyama Jun) who know believes he’s called Noir, but this isn’t the only new thing apparently he now steals letters from the Letter Bee’s and a girl who Noir/Gauche instinctively named Roda (Hirano Aya). In terms of new revelations the one who Lag was looking for in Honey Waters “couldn’t become a spirit” is finally revealed to be Lawrence (Yusa Kouji), and he was the one who convinced the Amnesic Gauche that he’s a Marauder named Noir. However that was not too hard to figure out given the opening sequence and everything else makes it pretty obvious that Noir and Gauche are one in the same. Regardless, there was a minuscule bit of development with the episode which was when Niche (Fujimura Ayumi) thought she had failed Lag because she wasn’t able to stop him from getting hurt, I found that part really interesting and it showed just how much she had taken Roda’s words to heart and that she truly cares for Lag as his Dingo. Sylvette (Mizuki Nana) also found out that her brother was still alive from Aria (Koshimizu Ami).

Summary for episode 2:

The first part of this episode shows Zazie laughing his ass off after hearing the significance of Lag’s underwear and his bond with Niche, not long after finding that truth out, he finally finds out who is the true culprit of that horrible soup that Lag eats is actually Sylvette. Lag went in search for Niche along with Connor, but to no avail so far, the scene changes to Steak sacrificing himself to be Niche’s dinner after she ran away from Lag, however just as she was about to eat him the shop owner caught her. Though not long after she was treated to some bread by the owners wife Sandra, and we found out that Steak was only singed and not dead, Niche went on to tell Jacob and Sandra that she used to be a Letter Bee’s dingo, and how she felt she had failed him.  Shortly after the street performer Pissaro tried to walk across a rope from one building to another completely intoxicated, however Lag tried to stop him by telling him its dangerous, eventually the rope snapped and Lag ended up trying to save Pissaro though not getting very far, until Niche put on Lag’s underwear again and got them down to safety. After the reunion of Lag and Niche, they went and sat in Jacob’s shop where he gave Lag a “Letter Bullet” in high hopes that he will be able to return Gauche s memories after that Lag and Niche decided it was time to go back to their house but before Niche left she called Sandra ‘mama’.

Ending Song: 「勿忘草」 Wasurenagusa by 「ピコ」 Piko

Preview: The Hydyrangea Colored Picture-Letter

Personal Opinion:

Now on to the new opening and ending themes/sequences, I thought that Stereopony’s song was great its not one of my favourite opening songs from this season but it’s a close 2nd/3rd the song I felt it fitted into the whole image the opening provided a lot of foreshadowing of the things to watch out for in the future episodes. The ending by Piko is really good I actually preferred that rather than the opening,  (although I didn’t realise he was a boy at first) but the thing that really grabbed my attention was the actual ending sequence, all the shots of Lag, Niche, Gauche/Noir and Roda were really nice I feel as if that’s the direction the anime will take but that’s only my assumption so its free to interpret anyway you like.

There was some serious crying in this episode in particular Lag and Sylvette since they are both cry babies, but adorable ones. Ironically I only finished watching the 1st season over the summer so I didn’t have to wait long for the continuation. In hindsight I wonder if this series will catch up to the manga relatively fast I mean it ended on Lag finding Noir/Gauche which if memory serves me right is in chapter 16 and its only on chapter 43. Anyway, I am looking forward to hearing more of Jiggy Pepper (Nakai Kazuya), Zazie (Kishio Daisuke) Largo Lloyd (Konishi Katsuyuki) and Dr. Thumberland Jr. (Ishikawa Hideo). I really like the seiyū line up for the series and most of the seiyū I like are in this which added more to my overall excitement to the sequel. There really isn’t much I can say about this episode in general since it was mainly a re-cap but I really admired how the directors dedicated the entire episode to a re-cap which actually re-introduced the characters from the 1st season and how the perpetually dark world of Amberground, I really can’t wait to see how this progresses on in the episodes to follow.

I did feel like the second episode was far more heart-warming as you got a more in-depth look at Niche’s feelings and how she felt that she failed Lag by not being able to protect him from Noir, though within this episode there was a mixture I felt that you got a lot of drama and comedy which came in at the beginning of the episode courtesy of Zazie. I also like the fact that this episode was to emphasis that Lag and Niche have a strong bond and by introducing the “Letter Bullet” so early in the season the directors are going all out in this time and don’t particularly want to miss anything that could of vital importance in future episodes, though they did manage to give us a glance of the “Letter Bullet” at the end of the previous season. The art style of the episodes was fantastic I particularly like how they eerie and creepy they made the dark world of Amberground. I’m really hoping that from the preview of the 3rd episode about a picture-letter is great as so far I haven’t really been disappointed with the anime and that is a first.

Rating: 4.5/5


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