Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise 03 – ‘Bizarre Big Brother’   Leave a comment

An overview of the Episode:

In this episode Mizuki’s brother (Shizuki) comes to Osaka Hiah to bring her back to America. He doesn’t agree with her actions of disguising herself and enrolling in an all boy’s school. During his visit we learn why Mizuki has gone through all the trouble of getting into this school and getting close to Sano. She blames herself for the attack that injured Sano enough for him to stop jumping. During the episode she pleads with Shizuki to let her stay till she makes it up to Sano and motivates him enough to start jumping again. Shizuki talks to the school doctor and Sano and in the end concedes to Mizuki and ends up leaving Japan without Mizuki.

Sano has a few revelations himself in this episode. The first comes when he reads a magazine article to find that his brother has won a high jump competition and the second comes when over hearing one of the Ashiya sibling conversations and realises that Mizuki is actually a girl, but decides to keep this information to himself. Sano also confides in Shizuki about his reasons to stop high jumping in this episode.

Meanwhile Nakatsu is very confused with his feelings towards Mizuki. He thinks he likes her but because he doesn’t know that she’s a girl, these feeling lead him to question his sexuality. When he later walks upon women’s underwear he realizes that he indeed is interested in women and he happily goes around singing that he isn’t gay.

In the meantime the 3 dorms are on high alert when the sister school has a case of missing underwear. All the students start on the quest of trying to find the ‘Panty Thief’ and Mizuki gets wrongly implicated when one of the room searches uncovers a bra of hers. However, it quickly comes to light who the real thief is as Sano uncovers the truth to the disappearing underwear.

My Opinion:

I loved this episode, and mainly all because of Nakatsu. I could understand that the poor boy is confused and trying to work through his feelings, but I have to say I could not stop laughing when he found the underwear set on the floor, put them on his head and started dancing and singing. It was also interesting to find out the motivations of some characters like Mizuki and Sano. The reunion between Mizuki and her brother was very heart warming and it was lovely to see that he wasn’t made into an ogre like character (which he could never be as have you ever known an ogre who skips?). There were a few parts that dragged and those unfortunately mainly revolved around Sano, but they were important informative scenes so I will forgive.

Favourite scenes:

Any of the scenes involving the lie detector 😀

Rating : 4/5


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