Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise 02 – ‘Wrong Kiss’   Leave a comment

An overview of the Episode:

The episode starts off with Mizuki getting confronted by the school doctor, who doesn’t seem happy about there being a girl in the school. She gets saved by Yuujiro the dog who runs then obediently to Sano’s side. Mizuki follows it to run into him. She tries to thank him for his help and for carrying her to the doctor’s. She doesn’t get the reaction she expects so she sort of shouts at him and says a few truths about his behavior, only to immediately regret it. the dorm head Tennōji has heard about the cheating going on and being the honourable man he is makes an official apology to dorm 2 and says he will remove himself as the winner of the marathon. The director bursts in at that moment screaming ‘Marvelous’ that the dorms are so responsible and the next event will be… ‘The Mr. Osaka Contest’. Sekime starts to explain that it’s a sort of pageant where 10 members of St.Blossoms and 10 members of the Osaka hotties compete for the title of king and queen.

A few love connections are made, the first is when Nakatsu tries to have a private conversation with Mizuki, he has a strange reaction and reallises that his heart races when he is around her. Poor boy is doomed to strange feelings of conflict and confusion over his sexuality. Komari gets a crush on Nakatsu when the Hibari 4 comes to inspect the progress of the stage props.

We also get to learn that Sano easily gets drunk, and while inhibriated he becomes a kissing monster and has kissed the whole dorm. On a more serious note he goes to the doctor’s office to hand in a withdrawal form for the track team. The episode continues with Sano getting pressured/pushed to jump from Mizuki, the school doctor (indirectly) and his old opponent Kagurazaka.Nakatsu trying to deny his feelings while at the same time trying to get closer to Mizuki and all the dorms wanting to win the LCD tvs by getting wrapped up with the Mr.Osaka contest (which had its own fill of dramas).

My Opinion:

This episode is definitely interesting. It had good enough storylines and really set some characters up. I will go on being a Nakatsu fan I guess. I feel he has a sore deal in all of this and even though this is all done as comic relief, the poor boy is going through something that is quite serious. The doctor although being first viewed as what I can only describe as cold, actually cares a lot for his students and sees the value of Mizuki’s friendship for Sano especially when at the end of the episode Sano rips up his withdrawal form. I think that I will enjoy his future scenes too. I personally loved Nakatsu’s and Tennōji talent show performances. I felt they were very good and worthy of wining personally.

Favourite scenes:

When Tennōji tells his dorm that they have a chance to leave the dorm if they are unhappy with him. The whole dorm make a mad dash for the door only to find it locked. He truly is am evil genius.

Star rating : 4/5


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