Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise 01 – ‘Getting into the Forbidden Boys’ Dormitory’   Leave a comment

An overview of the Episode:

Mizuki turns up to her new school to find girls screaming at the gates. They are female fans waiting for the good looking boys of Osaka High to go to class. We are also introduced to the fact that there are many sister schools, including the neighbouring St.Blossoms girl school that look out for their brother school. In the class the guys are talking about girls when the big news is announced ‘We have a transfer student from America’. The guys get very excited about the prospect until Mizuki walks through the door.

Once everyone finds out that Mizuki is a fast runner she gets chased down by the student body and it is only until Sekime explains to her that the school is split into 3 dorms and they compete with each other in tasks does this behaviour start to make sense. The upcoming task is a marathon, and the prize is weekend night off-campus passes for the winning dorm which explains everyone is desperation in trying to recruit a runner.

Mizukis first encounter with Sano is less than encouraging and his further ill manners makes her unsure of this plan of impersonating a boy. She is having difficulty on all fronts and is finding being a boy hard like having to go to the toilet and showering (the guys brake into your shower to steal your shampoo). While she is moving into the room she now shares with Sano she manages to make a pact with Sano that he would start jumping again if she should win the race, but this doesn’t happen. Mizuki never completes the race as she is sabotaged by dorm 1.

My Opinion:

I liked this episode, the plot was set very well and I got intrigued to learn why Mizuki had gone through all this trouble to be close to Sano. I also got quite envious of this fictional school with projectors popping out everywhere, and an obviously strong kinship among its students. I don’t understand personally how the third dorm considers itself intelligent, but I forgive them because of their great comic relief. the strains and stresses Sano experiences showed and all in all I felt very close to otherwise a very cold and closed off character. Nakatsu’s turmoil made me sad but all these sad scenes just cemented the strong friendships felt by the dorm.

Plus who runs a marathong in a Martial arts suit?

Favourite scene:

Mizuki getting the grand tour of Dorm 2 and getting freaked out by Taiki, thinking that he must be a ghost.

Rating : 3.5/5


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