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Inheritance Ceremony Arc Re-cap:

The Vongola Tenth’s Family arrive at the ceremony and reunites with Naito Longchamp, Dino and the Varia except for Xanxus. The Shimon Famiglia are also present, and are relatively surprised to see Yamamoto there and looking well.

Admist the passing of the Vongola Sin, the Shimon intervine which in turn caused the Ninth to drop the Sin, however the Ninth informs Tsuna that it is merely a fake, and the real one is locked up in a foolproof safe. Much to everyone’s surprise Enma informs them that he has managed to break into the safe and get ahold of the real Sin. Enma preceeds to drip it onto his hand, which transforms into a gauntlet, he then reveals the story between Giotto and Cozart Shimon, and thus declares that he will bring the Shimon Famiglia back to its former glory, the other members of Shimon get the Sin on their hands and reveal their hidden power which is said to rival the Vongola’s Seven Sky Flames – The Seven Earth Flames.

Afterwards, Tsuna enters Hyper Dying Will Mode, but before he gets a chance to do anything, Enma uses his powers to crush Hibari, Gokudera, Chrome and Ryōhei with ease, also revealing Yamamoto to be an illusion. Enma then proceeds to announce he only hasn’t attacked Tsuna to make him experience the pain of Shimon, and breaks the Vongola Rings of Sun, Cloud, Mist and Storm. Tsuna then attacks Enma, causing a reaction on their respective Rings, but he is overpowered. Adelheid then announces that Enma’s powers will take 7 days to reach full power, thus he is only using a seventh of it, to the shock of both Reborn and Tsuna. After overwhelming Dino and the Varia, and finally breaking the Vongola Ring of Sky, the Shimon take their leave.


After the humiliating defeat against Enma the reinforcements arrive for the Tenth’s family most of which are severely injured, Dino goes over to ask how Kyōya he says he’s fine except for his pride. The rest of the reinforcements go and ask how Ryōhei is in which he replies that this is nothing, then someone asks Gokudera the same question in which he states don’t worry about him worry about the tenth, Reborn asks Tsuna if he’s fine and Tsuna says he’s okay.

Tsuna goes on to say that he couldn’t even manage to get a decent hit on Enma and the other Guardians say that they never would have thought that the Shimon was planning on doing this to them, Tsuna informs them that Chrome’s been kidnapped. The Ninth tells them not to worry and that his Guardians are currently tracking Shimon, he tells them to focus on making their injuries heal, someone comes into inform the Ninth that Coyote Nougat who was following the Shimon was discovered by them and attacked. Sqaulo states to the Ninth that the Varia can take care of the Shimon from here on as long as they have his consent, the Ninth doesn’t give it to them as he doesn’t want to produce anymore casualties than what they already have.

According to the Ninth the Shimon Famiglia’s power lies within a ring in which they know nothing about, Reborn adds that also the Vongola’s most powerful asset that reigns over the seven elements of the sky have been broken their only hope of winning as been diminished. The Ninth blames himself saying that if only he researched Shimon more thoroughly this would have never happened and if he discovered what the ‘Sin’ was then this would have never happened to their precious assets that their ancestors left for them. Just when all hope seems to have gone a mysterious man by the name of Talbot appears who happens to know the Ninth; Reborn informs the Guardians that he is the Vongola’s metal craftsman.

Talbot asks them to show him the rings he could tell that the Vongola’s opponent was the Shimon ring aided by the Sin, Talbot informs the Ninth and the Tenth’s family that the rings are waiting to be reborn and that only their shell has been destroyed he tells Tsuna that he’s exactly how the rings described him, and precedes to tell them that with powerful rings dwell spirits and with these spirits they are able to feel and he mentions that the rings are telling him of new possibilities. However he tells them that if they are remade to be exactly the same they would meet the same fate so they need to be upgraded, and to do this upgrade Talbot needs the animal rings spirits as well but he will also need the blood of Vongola Primo ‘Penalty’. Now that everything’s in place Talbot informs them that if all goes well they’ll have an unbelievable amount of power, if they fail the rings will lose their spirits and it’s up to Tsuna to decide what he should do, all his Guardians say that they will obey with what Tsuna wants to do and with this Tsuna tells Talbot to upgrade the rings.

Personal Opinion:

Well in my opinion this chapter didn’t really consist of much more than people talking and the main characters prospects of getting a power up. I pretty much enjoyed this chapter even though there wasn’t much action the plot is advancing and hopefully in the future we won’t see that much of a power difference between Vongola and Shimon.

I must admit that seeing the ‘all powerful’ Vongola ring in pieces had me wondering where the story would be progressing from here on, however with the added addition of a new character ‘Talbot’ made me think that at least this manga isn’t as disappointing as certain other shounen series. Even, though there wasn’t as much Gokudera or Hibari in this chapter and it focused more on the Ninth, Talbot and Tsuna (who even though he’s the main character I really detest him as bad as Allen from D.Gray-man). Even though Chrome got kidnapped by the Shimon Famiglia somehow I’m expecting some sort of help from Mukuro (hurry up and show yourself Mukuro you aren’t one of my favourite characters for nothing.)

Personally even though this chapter was text orientated finding out that the Vongola rings had spirits dwelling inside them, I had to wonder what the spirits would be thinking after seeing the humiliating defeat against the Shimon Famiglia if I were them I’d hang my head in shame. However no matter how much I hate Tsuna I had to smile at how much his character has developed in recent powers he doesn’t seem quite annoying now, then again most of the other characters have undergone some sort of character development like in regular shounen series when the good side has lost a battle they now need to upgrade their weaponry so that they can win. I applaud you Amano-sensei so far I don’t know what’s going to happen in upcoming chapters the only thing that is definite is the fact that the rings are going to get upgraded.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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