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Isshin looks exhausted while commenting that Ichigo still hasn’t defeated his new inner Zanpakuto + hollow form. The three month deadline looks close to being spent as Ichigo has numerous wounds from his battle. The scene changes to Tatssuki and Keigo who rendezvous with Chizuru and Mizuiro and are surprised to see that they are both awake. It turns out Mizuiro is a thief, but only because it’s necessary as he has acquired numerous items to aide their cause. Chizuru, freaked out because of the situation they are in, knows that the others are hiding something since they are all acting so calm. She asks them to explain themselves however before an answer is supplied, everyone feels Aizen’s ominous reiatsu, and just as they decide a course to flee in, Aizen appears before them. Mizuiro throws a bottle at Aizen, though his reiatsu simply disintegrates it. Calmly Mizuiro decides to try something else; he releases a can of flammable gas, pulls everyone out of the way, and throws a lighter, obviously causing an explosion. Aizen walks out of the alley way like nothing has happened, and while the others flee Keigo decides to face him with Zennosuke’s Zanpakuto.

Before Keigo can do anything Zennosuke jumps on top of him and re-claims his Zanpakuto. He freaks out when he notices Aizen but activates his Shikai with the command ‘Good Morning’ and his Zanpakuto takes the form of a Chakram. He instantly attacks Aizen with a fissure attack; which causes chunks of rock to arise from the ground and slam into Aizen. Once again Aizen acts as if nothing has happened while everyone, including Zennosuke, flees. Before Aizen does anything though Gin returns. This ends the chapter with the words ‘A sense of discomfort between them…!?Personal Opinion:

Honestly this chapter was just plain boring, I mean did anyone for one second think that anything was going to injure Aizen? The opening exchanges between Keigo, Tatsuki and Mizuiro did provide a little humour, but all in all this chapter just seemed like Tite is trying to build up danger before unleashing team Ichigo and Isshin upon Aizen.

I want to believe that Gin has been working against Aizen this whole time, though I don’t really have much evidence to support this. Perhaps that will come to pass, though I doubt it will happen in the next few chapters (if it does as all). Honestly I don’t really feel much of a threat to Tatsuki and co’s lives at the moment, hopefully something changes that though. I predict some chatting between Gin and Aizen and with any luck it will change back to Ichigo and his current fight.

Rating: 2/5.


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