Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin 03 – Mikaze Blows Through   Leave a comment


A large bird-like creature, with bright red eyes, swoops from a roof and grabs a woman before flying away with her; leaving only a sandal. The scene shifts to a class room within Occult Academy where students are discussing the recent disappearances occurring around the town. Kouze talks of a rumour involving a Tengu (‘Heavenly Dogs’ a supernatural creature originally thought to take the form of a bird of prey) believed to be behind the incidents. Maya soon enters and having overheard scoffs at the idea of a Tengu. Abe/Uchida (Uchida Fumiaki is his real name however he uses the guise of Abe Minourus as a teacher of Occult Academy) enters to begin his class while Maya ponders the rumours she has heard involving Tengu.

After the class Maya consults with Uchida about the recent rumours and asks him to help investigate, as this could offer leads to his task of saving the future, and of the murder of her father. Upon returning to his apartment, Uchida begins to reflect on his past as he watches a TV program he is currently on (seeing as he is from the future). He then leaves his apartment and decides to call his mother, although he hangs up before saying anything. Turning around Uchida can see a restaurant still open and decides to enter and order some curry, his favourite dish.

After waiting an hour Mikaze presents Uchida his meal, instantly quelling his anger at the long wait. Day after day Uchida returns to eat the same meal and eventually they arrange a date, Mikaze offering to show him the town. The next day they meet at the train station, however Mikaze arrives in her car which has been modified for racing. Mikaze drives Uchida around the town, speeding and drifting, while he fears for his safety. While this is happening Maya is researching the disappearances and believes that the Tengu must be hiding within the Zouzan Bunker.

Mikaze and Uchida arrive at said bunker and take a tour through it. As they advance further a section of fencing has been cut open, though neither notices it. Maya is the one behind this, and although she observes Uchida walking by, she continues further on without contacting him. Mikaze and Uchida soon leave the bunker while Maya is attacked by the odd creature seen at the start of the episode. Maya fires a crossbow bolt which floors the creature, yet as she lowers her guard something attacks her from above, she screams as her helmet and crossbow fall to the ground.

Preview: The Collapse of Bunmei

Personal Opinion:

The first episode of the season was a little odd, and although it was funny, I was unsure if the series would be entertaining. However after watching the second and third episode, my opinion has drastically changed. It’s not really Occult Academy’s blaring differences which set it apart, it’s the little things it changes that make it great. The addition of a camera phone which takes a picture of the past and shows the result within the year of 2012 is rather intuitive and provides plot advances as well as comedy.

The animation is simply amazing; there is a high attention to detail, especially in the background, which other notable anime could take lessons from. The story is slowly being advanced, and although it seems rather simplistic, the few subtle hints that have been presented provide me with high expectations that this is not the case. Hopefully we will learn more of Uchida’s and earth’s past in the next episode.

Rating 5/5.

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