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Arc Re-Cap:

Before beginning, since this is the first Fairy Tail post, I guess a little background information on the current arc is necessary. It turns out that there are two different worlds that exist parallel, one being Earth, the other Edoras. The two are the same yet different; for within Earth, magic is infinite however in Edoras magic is finite and running out. Edoras also is home to the Exceed, a race which Happy and Charle are apart of. Everyone looks exactly the same as people from Earth though with key differences to distinguish themselves; Edo-Wendy has fully matured while Earth Wendy still looks very much like a chibi, the differences aren’t always physical – some are personality traits instead. Since Edoras has finite magic, a magic ban has been created by the King, Faust, however magic is still used but it is bound to weapons rather than from people. To try and obtain more magic for their world, a magical machine called Anima was created and is used on Fairy Tail on Earth. Anima traps all with magic power into lacrima crystals and transports them to Edoras. Dragon slayers are not affected by this and so it is up to Natsu, Wendy and Gazille to save Fairy Tail.

*Note that unless names are prefixed with ‘Edo’ you can assume I am talking about people from Earth*


As the king is trying to destroy the Exceed, his army, almost victorious, is confronted by Edo-Fairy Tail. Gray and Lucy, saved by them, are helped away from the battle by their respective counter parts. After a few laughs from the different personalities we’ve come to know, the battle changes to Erza Scarlet against Erza Knightwalker.

Fighting on a small floating Island, belonging to an Exceed, their attacks slowly break it apart. Edo-Erza changes her weapon into its ultimate form ‘The Holy Spear Ravelt’, and to match this Erza changes her amour into her best ‘Armadura Fairy’. The two clash once more and a huge explosion results, destroying the Island into debris. Edo-Erza’s spear and Erza’s armour have both been shattered, much to the disbelief of the two.

As they both fall towards the ground, on a small chunk of debris, they continue their fight despite having no magic power left. Throwing punches and kicks both their ideals collide just as they do. Edo-Erza: for the sake of eternal magic, anything is necessary as magic is needed to heal the world. Erza however says that this is wrong, that humans should love others, not steal and murder, she asks Edo-Erza if she can hear the screams of this world, of all living things. Knightwalker responds that they are dying from lack of magic and that Earth-Landers would never understand that fear, that without magic nothing will survive in this world. Erza replies ‘we are alive aren’t we, even though we don’t have any magic left’, and continues saying that they are the same, so she must have a heart capable of love, and asks Knightwalker to listen to the voice of all living things, while Edo-Erza is stunned into silence contemplating what she is hearing.

Tears begin to form floating upwards from Edo-Erza just before they crash into the ground. As they both lay on the ground Knightwalker acknowledges her defeat while Erza simply states that they are the same, so there’s no such thing as winning or losing. Finally the scene shifts towards Edo-Jellal as he explains to Pantherlily that he will reverse activate Anima and annihilate all of Edoras’ magical power.

Personal Opinion:

Honestly I was disappointed with this chapter. There was a lot of build up to the Erza vs. Erza fight, and yet it was ended rather quickly. Granted they were both rather worn out, from their previous fight with each other, but since it was not seen I thought Mashima would have it sprawl a few chapters. It was rather humorous to see Gray and Edo-Gray meet, plus the other Edo-Fairy Tail members, and the ending bombshell from Edo-Jellal (he’ll always be Mystogan to me) saved this chapter.

Personal Enjoyment: 3.5/5.


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