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From the previous episode Hisagi as come to help Komamura fight Tōsen, Hisagi managed to wrap the chain of Kazeshini around Tōsen’s Suzumushi, here he manages to share a brief dialogue with Tōsen stating how he has learned so much from him and due to all the lessons he learned he has decided to bring Tōsen back to Soul Society. However due to his injuries it seems that Tōsen is at a slightly better advantage. Mashiro as just finished smashing Fura, she then goes and kicks Wonderweiss to the ground, here Gin comments on about how Wonderweiss really liked Fura.

Switching over to Hitsugaya, Lisa and Hiyori who are about to fight Halibel, even though Hitsugaya and Hiyori seem to be bickering so Lisa takes the first strike against Halibel who thought it would have been three against one. Once Hitsugaya and Hiyori finished arguing they then went to attack Halibel creating a decent combination in which she had to counter blocking three swords at a time.

Another part of the field Stark is about to fight Love and Rose, Stark asks why they aren’t using their masks to fight him, in which Love replies that they can only wear them for three minutes since they are heroes. After their little discussion, Stark fires the Cero’s from his gun and Love and Rose manage to easily escape them, during this time Stark began talking to Lilynette telling her that if she doesn’t concentrate then he can’t fire his gun properly, both Lilynette and Stark then have a little argument in which Rose and Love are just standing there watching.

Finally over at Soi Fon’s location, Hachi has managed to go over there to help her out, since he’s seen Barragan’s powers and thus decided that his skills are needed there instead of anywhere else. Hachi begins his assault by placing a Kido barrier around Barragan but much to Hachi’s surprise it dissipates and Barragan goes on to mention that even Kido ages. Hachi then made a barrier to keep Barragan away until he was able to make a deal with Soi Fon so that he can use her bankai in order to defeat Barragan, after some more conversing Hachi has managed to enclose Barragan in a barrier in order for Soi Fon to use her bankai and destroy him. After that it shows Shinji talking to Aizen and Gin and commenting on how another one of their comrades has fallen.

Preview: Crown of Lies, Barragan’s Grudge

Personal Opinion:

Well I’m not personally sure what to think of this episode I didn’t find the manga chapter that this episode was based on that interesting myself. All that I got from it was that Soi Fon as thus grudge against Urahara and that’s why at first she refused to help Hachi until he made the promise to seal away Urahara in one of his barriers for a month (actually that bit made me laugh a little). I don’t exactly know what started the grudge maybe it was because Urahara stole Yoruichi away from her, I mean why still hold a grudge over something as small as that seriously you would have thought that Yoruichi knew what she was doing and was not forced to do anything so why can’t Soi Fon believe that.

So if I had to pick a highlight for the episode itself I would definitely pick the Mashiro kick against Wonderweiss while he was charging up a Cero she kicked him straight in the face, I must admit she is one seriously don’t-give-a-damn type of person so what if it’s a Cero it takes a while to charge up so plenty of time to kick you in the face.

Well even though I’m quite a big fan of Hisagi (since I love his seiyū Konishi Katsuyuki) I often wonder why the hell is he so serious I get it that he more than likely wants revenge against Tōsen for what he had do to him and the rest of Soul Society but considering how the other people weren’t taking it has seriously has he was made me think that he should at least relax a little more.

However there were certain things lacking and some annoying parts in this episode. The first thing that I found extremely annoying was Omaeda I mean seriously he should learn to keep his mouth shut, I liked the part when he said to Soi Fon “Who the hell is this unusually large guy?” I sat there thinking for a good minute or two have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately you’re not exactly a skinny guy yourself. Hiyori got on my nerves a little as well constantly arguing with Hitsugaya calling him a midget look at yourself you are smaller than him so you have no right to say that.

The production quality of this episode was patchy at times I mean the fights had very little animation; most of the episode was spent on close-ups of characters and the background shots were mainly of the sky how unimaginative.

Personal Enjoyment: 3/5


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