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Eiji admits to his editor, Yujiro, that PCP will definitely beat his Manga, Crow, at this rate as he notices that Mashiro has changed his drawing style. While explaining this, his door bell rings and Akina shows up (author of +Natural series that Eiji is illustrating). Yujiro speculates that something is going on between the two, since Akina came without her editor, however he leaves as instructed.

The scene changes to Takagi announcing to Mashiro that PCP has only just lost out to +Natural in 4th spot by 6 votes, and 40 votes to Crow, in 3rd this week. Confidently they believe that their next chapter will pass +Natural in the rankings. The scene shifts back to Eiji’s apartment, where Akina asks him if he believes her series will be okay and Eiji admits that it will probably lose out in the early votes, however since +Natural’s Anime will begin tomorrow; it will claim more and take out the final rankings.

Later on in the week, Yujiro is over at Eiji’s again, this time collecting his manuscript. Once more Akina visits, and Yujiro, having been told that she is visiting every night, asks Eiji to take it easy, though Eiji has no idea what he is talking about. Yujiro then returns to the Jump office and informs Miura (Akina’s editor) about the situation. They both return to the apartment and Akina asks Eiji if he has spoken of what she is planning. The same night Hattori (Mashiro and Takagi’s editor) shows them Eiji’s style change in the next jump issue to match them. He has created a chapter detailing the story completely with images and no text what-so-ever. Shocked at this Mashiro takes this as a personal challenge and begins to practice and study more drawing techniques.

True to Eiji’s prediction +Natural just clinches 4th spot in the rankings, with PCP still just behind in 5th. A week later Hattori informs Mashiro and Takagi that they must strike in two weeks time, as they have the cover and coloured pages within Jump that week. He also discloses that Akina is rumoured to be trying to seduce Eiji (having overheard their editors talking). The scene shifts to the Jump office where Yujiro and Miura are speaking to Sasaki, the editor-in-chief of Jump. They say that Eiji and Akina both agreed and Sasaki gives his blessing. On the week of Mashiro and Takagi’s cover and coloured issue Hattori rushes to their studio, announcing that ‘they got us’. He goes on saying that Akina wasn’t trying to seduce Eiji and shows them that +Natural has seemingly merged with Crow into one series.

Personal Opinion:

True to Ohba and Obata style, Bakuman is an extremely text based Manga. A positive to this is that they can make a lot happen within each chapter, and this one especially was great. For weeks they have been playing the Akina seduction card, perhaps for this moment, because the ending bombshell of a possible +Natural and Crow merger completely threw me. I can’t wait to see how Ashirogi Muto (Mashiro and Takagi) will combat this new challenge, because I for one have no idea what they’ll do.

Person Enjoyment:  5/5.


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