D.Gray-Man 191 & 192 – Ai’s Memories & The Apostle Revealed   8 comments

Note: There won’t  be a personal opinion as I’m 2 months behind in the manga so chapters 193&194 will be a double post as well, but do feel free to share your opinions on these chapters with me =^0^=.


Summary for 191:

Well to begin we are still in Kanda’s memories, he is in a dream and looks up to find the sky a vibrant shade of blue stretching endlessly from what he can remember and then he apologises to Alma, and carries on thinking that even though the sky is so beautiful it almost hurts and for some reason he had known this all along.  Going deeper into his memories he wonders whose hand it is that is in the way of seeing the woman’s face and immediately after he wakes up, Alma informs Kanda that he was thrashing in his sleep again, Kanda apologises for waking him up however Alma just tells him not to worry its almost time to wake up anyway and asks him if he wants to head out, when they both leave Kanda says its cold and Alma informs him its winter and that’s why it is cold, Kanda asks Alma who is winter, Alma goes on to say that there’s a guy on the outside that freezes everything Kanda says that winter is a pain. However Alma states that he’s not going to lose to him and runs off ahead and says good morning to everyone in the womb room its a routine for them, they call each name and Alma begins to talk to the ones that haven’t awakened about anything that pops into his head, whilst Kanda wonders how he can remember everyone’s name when he doesn’t even try to remember them, and is wondering why he even bothers watching Alma do that and that even though he’s talking to people it actually looks like he’s talking to himself which Kanda thinks is pretty creepy.

Kanda hears a couple of words ‘Before the petals fall‘ and then looks around to see a woman and he asks her what she wants with him and then begins shouting at her and Alma wonders what Yu is doing, he begins running towards him, the scene changes to Kanda who wakes up to see a bunch of scientists staring and asking him how long he’s been seeing the illusions for. One of the scientists called Lenny gets shouted at as he is supposed to be Kanda’s monitor, anyway they explain that the curse obstructing the regenerating system as become attached to Kanda’s limbs, and its too late for them to do anything about it, then someone asks Edgar what Yu has seen, Edgar just replies with he’s been seeing unfamiliar places and faces he also states that Yu’s been seeing them in his dreams as well. Outside of the room where the scientists have decided that they should begin the freezing and disposing of the test project called ‘Yu’ Alma hears their plans, then Alma goes to the cafeteria and asks if he can have some medicine, the chef wonders why Alma is alone today and Alma informs him that Kanda’s been quarantined and the chef tells Alma that the doctors will make Kanda better so there’s no need to worry, going back to the scientists who are with Kanda who has fallen back to sleep again, they say that his consciousness is becoming unstable.

Alma breaks into the room where Kanda is and knocks out the scientists before escaping with Kanda on his back, and he apologises to the others in the womb room telling them he’s not abandoning them, it was just that he had finally become friends with Kanda and he didn’t want him to be disposed of like the other ones before him. Kanda is barely consciousness but he thinks that Alma is an idiot they only talk more than they used to do. Alma and Kanda then get attacked by ‘Crows’ they tell the apostle to return with them as Kanda watches in horror Alma kicks him out of the binding spell and tells Kanda that if he’s lucky he’ll be able to escape, Kanda replies in utter rage if I’m lucky Alma smiles and tells him to run, Kanda then shouts that Alma really is an idiot. The ‘Crows’ realise that one of the apostles has fallen into the sewer and they also say that he has also began to regain his original memories and he mustn’t fall into the ends of an exorcist and then two of the Crow tell the other two that they will go after Kanda and they should take Alma back. The scene goes to Asian Headquarters – North, where Marie recognises a voice and it turns out to be Chief Bak who was informed that the entire team was taken down but he can’t say when the next mission will be and tells Marie to rest, Marie says to him that he can still play even though he is blind and he has a feeling that his song will reach his comrades in heaven if he plays it with the innocence, he then thinks that he will be the next one to die. Bak then begins to ask him if he detests them for relying on apostles and he says he doesn’t seeing as he can no longer see.

Eventually Kanda emerges from the sewer swearing at Alma saying that he nearly died correction he did die, and he didn’t even make it outside, he then collapses on the ground and asks one of the two people to pull out the thing out of his shoulder, Bak says he’ll get a doctor, Kanda says no need for a doctor if they can pull it out it’ll heal it has an hex on it and is causing him problems, Marie then pulls it out of Kanda’s shoulder. Marie asks if that is alright and asks him what’s wrong Kanda asks if he knows him, before falling asleep Bak wonders who he is and a Crow member asks them to hand Kanda over which they do. Kanda dreams that someone is asking if he knows what flower this is and that it reaches for the sky, the woman in Kanda’s dream mentions that its a lotus flower which grows from the mud and towards the sky and makes the world a fragrant place. The person vanishes and he says he loves them forever, before an Akuma initiates a final blow on him and Kanda forcefully wakes up saying ‘I love you’ crying.

Summary for 192:

The memory that Kanda is experiencing is somehow connected to a memory of an exorcist, as Kanda begins to wake up and he realises something as the machine and IV are removed. One of the scientists is one the phone telling another person to leave the persuading to uncle and to keep this area blocked from the main branch and don’t let Bak in, the person on the other end of the phone is called Fo and Kanda remembers Alma talking about a fairy called Fo who helped him out because the synchro tests were extremely painful. Kanda then begins to laugh hysterically, the scientist then says she’s going to do something to Kanda and before she does Kanda says that they lied to him, the second exorcist project, artificial apostle was all a lie, the dreams he’s been having are memories from his precious life as an exorcist who was killed by an Akuma, he begins to ask her a question how many years as passed since then and what did they do to him and everyone else, he also thinks about that innocence that they were synchro testing. However the chairman tells Chang to proceed with the sealing away of memories Kanda asks them one last question aren’t they supposed to be their allies, but the guy in charge says only the innocence matters.

Allen who was also sent into Kanda’s memories as well begins to hear something, and he is told to pull himself together by Road otherwise he’ll be consumed by Kanda’s emotions, as Road tells Allen to stop getting lost she tells him that this isn’t reality it is just apart of Kanda’s memories and they happened in the past, Allen wonders why it suddenly got dark, before Alma appears before him scaring Allen half to death. The guards that were assigned to keep watch on Alma lost him because they didn’t think he’d rip apart his body to be free from the shackles. Allen asks if they’re in a lab, Road tells him that these are Alma’s memories that have been influenced by Kanda’s memories and she says that Wisely shows it to them too, and its proof that the memories are starting to awaken, Allen asks road if that is their goal but she doesn’t respond. Alma says he won’t let them get rid of Yu, Alma slips and just as he slips he grabs a hold of something and Edgar sees Alma, he tells him to get back there and he knows that Yu is precious to him, but Alma rudely interrupts saying how can they understand, he says once again that he’s going to save Yu they can fight as long as they have innocence just as he says that Alma slips and Edgar tells him not to go.

Alma apparently as landed in the innocence shrine just as he landed Alma gets attacked by the Crows, they wonder if they have managed to get him because he as been a nuisance Alma manages to say innocence, and the Crows are shocked that he can still move in that state and a golem tells them not to harm the child as he is an apostle. The Crows continue attacking Alma, but all Alma says is to give Yu back and the Crows blast him with an attack called ‘Fire Wings’ Allen begins shouting stop and then Alma grows something thanks to the innocence he says that he will save Yu once again before killing everyone. Road calls Alma a poor child and says that he must have seen it here, Allen asks what road means by that she says the real bodies the real identities of the second apostles. Road begins explaining that because of the Holy War the Order had to preserve the incompatible experimental bodies and began creating artificial bodies, they transplanted the brains of the subjects that were no longer fit for battle they were experimenting whether or not the innocence would transfer properly, and that is the true identity of the second exorcist project.

The scene changes to that of the past, this exorcist took a fatal blow to the head whilst in a battle with an Akuma and had been in a critical condition for an hour, he’s had no virus response a command from chief Leverrier and he became a test subject for the second exorcist project they proceeded to take him to the 6th laboratory. The name of the exorcist was Noise Marie and they are asking for authorization to bring him into the laboratory. I’m assuming Kanda is saying that to be ‘like a lotus flower from the depths of the mud, it shed light upon the world that way of life will wither in the end, won’t it?’ It will wither and drown into the mud.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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  1. Is there anything I could do, to help you with the blog? Though being a full time uni student + working, i’m not sure how much I could help out with.

    • Hmm, the only thing I need help with is writing the reviews since I don’t have the time to write them the pictures are already on my laptop I just need to do the episodes/chapters reviews… That’s the main thing I need help with everything else is great… If you can help with that I’d be happy

      Neon Star - ネオン星
      • Any chance you could email me a list of the series, rules, etc, that you might like me to cover/view?


      • Yeah sure I’ll do that as soon as I can… Do you read manga as well so I can give you a list of those as well? Thanks for helping me in advance =]

        Neon Star - ネオン星
      • That’s alright I’m happy to help, and yeah i read manga as well, I’ll email you a list of them since it’s a rather long list 😛

      • I see, okay I’ll email you sometime today after I’ve finished watching Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

        Here’s my email address little_miss_forgetable@hotmail.co.uk

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  2. Woah, there seem to have been a few changes since i was last here. Sorry about that, uni’s been pretty full on for the last couple of months. Must say the new look is pretty awesome, though might i ask why the change?

    • Yeah quite a few changes to be fair. No need to apologise I understand that Uni is busy since I’m a uni student myself..

      Well I thought a change would be good for the start of the new Anime season plus I got bored with the old one but everything is so far behind I need some help think I’m going to ask if anyone would like to help me on here since I’m like 2 episodes behind in the anime I’m currently wanting to blog, plus I’ve started working so I don’t have a lot of free time to write much. But I am still doing the blog just extremely slow at the moment.

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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