Kaichō wa Maid-Sama! 01 – Misaki is a Maid!   3 comments

Opening Theme: 「My Secret」 By 「水野鎖彩」 Mizuno Saaya


Ayuzawa Misaki Seika high’s student council president is waiting by the school gates for any one to come to school in a form of dress not suitable, she then notices three guys by the names of Shirokawa, Sarashina & Kurosaki and immediately sends them back home after telling them the appropriate form of dress they should attend school in. After that Misaki comments on how the sloppy the people of the school are and asks for some documents from a fellow student council member called Yukimura; the documents are School Guidelines that Misaki herself has made for the rest of the student population to abide by. However Misaki states that Seika High used to be an all boys school and has just recently become a co-ed school and she is the first female student council president. Misaki then remembers how much work being the student council president has been since the first day of school, whilst walking down the halls she sees the same guys from this morning hassling a girl and she stops them by ripping out Shirokawa’s piercings and he and his friends run off, meanwhile Misaki overhears someone confessing Usui Takumi and he rejects her with harsh words which made the girl cry and Misaki repeats that he shouldn’t use those types of words and walks off. Takumi stands there wondering how many times she has repeated that to him.

Eventually it’s the end of the school day and Misaki returns home to talk to her mum before she got a call from her boss to go to work. When Misaki gets to work and is taking out the trash she sees Takumi outside the place and goes into shock, after her shift at the maid café is over she exits and Takumi is still their waiting for Misaki as he wants to her why she is working at the maid café. Misaki and Takumi end up in a park she tells him that the only reason she is working at the café is because her father left her and her family with a huge amount of debt and because of that she hates men. After he heard her story Takumi offers his condolences and this ultimately leaves Misaki at a los as to what he is thinking.

The following day Misaki keeps on over reacting to every single mention of the word ‘maid’ but it appears that no rumours have been spread round after a couple of days nothing has happened and its confusing her even more. Moreover, Takumi winds up visiting the maid café more often for the next several days just staring at her, the whole time he was there. It turns out that to add fuel to the fire Takumi has taken the top spot from Misaki in the mid-term exams thus causing her to overwork herself with her job and her student council responsibilities, thus she reviews every single magazine that students bring in and correcting the treasurer’s mistake. Takumi however notices this and tries to approach her he wonders if she is a masochist, and that causes her to collapse. At work the three boys that are always hassling Misaki spot her in a maid costume, however Takumi spots this and stops the hassling by telling the boys that they can’t pick on her because she’s cute. Misaki passes out and Takumi takes her home so she rests for a day and goes to school when she’s better, Takumi mentions to Misaki that he has made sure that they won’t mention anything about her job, but she has to promise to be his maid for a day.

Ending Theme: 「予感」 (Yokan) By heidi

Preview: A Maid Even in the School Festival!

Personal Opinion:

Well that’s quite a lot to say about this first episode of Kaichō wa Maid-sama first of all would be the fact that it’s a romance Shoujo anime, it’s not really my type of anime but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of light humour centred within the plot. To be honest the first episode held me throughout that I didn’t want it to end, and that is something that most anime’s fail to do I’ll name on now Vampire Knight, which coincidently is made by the same company that is producing Maid-sama! This anime adaption is following the manga exactly so far even though it’s only the 1st episode it looks like the anime will be amazing.

The main female character Ayuzawa Misaki is played by Fujimura Ayumi who is the main protagonist of the series, she has worked her hardest and has achieved the title of Student Council President of Seika High which was a all boys school, she is a tsundere character, she hates men because of what her father did to their family, thus she is very hard-headed I think that most people will like her character since she always sticks to what she thinks is right. However this is also a problem but hopefully it’ll be resolved throughout the series, though it is evident that she may think of Takumi as something more but can’t even manage to think of the possibility of being in a relationship yet.

The main male character Usui Takumi is played by Okamoto Nobuhiko he is a very cool, calm character who is the first to find out that Misaki works as a maid in the city over, I actually like the guy since he seems that he’s looking out for Misaki without her knowing that he’s doing that, hopefully he will eventually realise that he has taken an interest in her but I feel that won’t be made clear until a few more episodes. I particularly like the way his stalker like attitude once he found out about Misaki’s job was hilarious to watch especially when he realises that Misaki was pushing herself too much with everything at school and her job at the maid café.

So far I must applaud J.C.Staff as they are making this series particularly well, I really enjoyed the way the characters extremely stupid/goofy faces and also the super deformed characters which make the comedic parts in the anime even more funny. So plot wise, I feel that they have produced a very well and have made me realise where the direction of this anime will be heading in the future especially the potential relationship between Takumi and Misaki’s contrasting personalities will make them a really good couple, there’s a saying which I will place here ‘opposites attract’. I am not a massive fan of maid style anime’s but I really love the off-shoulder maid outfit that Misaki wears I think that it makes her look even more cute.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


3 responses to “Kaichō wa Maid-Sama! 01 – Misaki is a Maid!

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  1. love this anime!!!

  2. This looks like a pretty hilarious anime… LOL I want to watch it!

    • It is a very hilarious anime, it just keeps getting better with each episode though I’m not sure how many episodes there are going to be yet.

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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