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Darker Than Black -Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden- 01

Sometime after the Tokyo Explosion incident, Hei had defected from the Syndicate and fought and defeated some Contractors from the Syndicate and then fled with Yin to Okinawa. Meanwhile in Okinawa they were able to pose as newlyweds on their honeymoon until Hei could find a safe way out of the country. However Hei was bothered by the way Yin had began to act on her own, which included her following him after he told her to stay in their room, also arranging dinner for him at the place they were staying at. Hei and Yin ended up not leaving by boat because of the warning about Yin getting seasick, and this led to Hei running into a woman at the hotel who looked precisely like Amber. Yin had noticed this as well, and after she sees Hei talking to the woman and later feeling distant from him, Yin made use of her observation spirit that night. Although Hei had woken up and stopped her from doing anything drastic, Yin however saw enough to be able to tell Hei that the woman was a Contractor and not Amber. Yin tries to suggest that Hei should get out of there; however Hei hugged Yin and vowed to protect and not leave her alone.

The following day, whilst Hei was checking out of the inn, Hei heard from the manager that the person who looked like Amber was actually a man. Finally Hei realised that the woman he saw was an illusion Hei ran back to the room however Yin was nowhere to be found. Hei also got attacked by even more contractors; Hei was easily able to defeat the contractors and eventually tracked Yin down to an old abandoned building. Where he got attacked again, by the contractor that looked like Amber, this contractor’s ability was to control the opponent’s actions. On the other hand Hei was saved when the contractor ended up putting the gun to his own head and shot himself Yin’s observational spirit appeared behind Hei. Hei then was easily able to kill the rest of Yin’s captors and save her, Hei told the remaining kidnapper to tell the Syndicate that he would do all in his power to cease whatever the Syndicate was conspiring to do. Unbeknown to Hei the person who looked like Amber wasn’t dead and talked to a dog about Yin’s speeded up evolution.

Darker Than Black -Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden- 02

Later Yin wakes up from a dream where she was being pulled on a glowing child-like figure , and notices that Hei’s been watching over her and Hei once again promises to protect Yin. Hei and Yin then arrive in Hong Kong, where Hei locates a man called Chen so that he can make them fake passports so that they can carry on escaping. Yet Yin speaks out because she thinks that it’s pointless and thus suggests to Hei that they should be attacking their attackers instead of running from them. Yin then proposes that they should spread a rumour about that Hei wants to sell her in order to lure their enemies towards them, she honestly believes that there is no guarantee that if they run away that not one single Doll would be watching her. With the sudden attitude changes that Yin has recently had Hei as become more and more concerned but he lets Chen set everything up. Whilst Chen was out, Hei then begins to question Yin as to why she didn’t tell him about the enemy Doll, however Yin can not remember what she had just recently said, and Yin does tell Hei that she wants to stay like this forever. Chen then runs back to Hei and Yin because he encountered a dangerous group whilst spreading the rumours, Hei remains undeterred.

On their way to the meeting place, the three are stopped by the same group – a Contractor lady and her twin Contractor brothers. The lady contractor offers a large stack of money for Yin, but then when she wants to confirm if Yin truly has a humanoid observation spirit; Yin refuses because she knows that the lady was planning on killing her and Hei. Ultimately this leads to the lady attacking with her swords and Contractor power; however Hei manages to knock out the lights and escape. Hei then uses himself as a decoy so that Chen and Yin can escape, and Hei finds himself fighting one of the brothers. Meanwhile Chen and Yin almost get discovered by the other brother; however that brother is then killed by Claude, the master of disguise who had previously looked like Amber when Hei and Yin were at the inn. As Chen and Yin attempt to run again, Hei inadvertently stumbles into a room where the Contractor lady has been waiting. She uses her gravity power to force Hei onto the ground and stabs his hand with a sword. Whilst taking off her clothes which were a part of her remuneration, she reveals that she’s heard all about Hei and Yin, but shortly thereafter, she’s hit with her own power.

This frees Hei, and he realises what’s going on, he noticed that Yin has appeared in the room. Yin was able to finish off the lady Contractor with her own power and then holds Hei’s injured hand as she gets closer to him. The lady contractor was able to say to Hei that Yin isn’t human anymore and that ultimately he should tell her to join that Yin’s side. However after saying that Yin dissolves into an observation spirit and vanishes moments later, Chan arrives with Yin by his side. Eventually Hei loses consciousness and Chen notices the wound on Hei’s hand isn’t bleeding anymore, but before they can take Hei and escape once more, the remaining brother shows up. After he saw what happened, he decides to kill Yin, but before he can he himself is killed and three different people surround Yin. A short time later, Claude calls Madame Oreille to report that Yin is the true Izanami, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to kill Yin and parts ways with Madame Oreille there and then. Meanwhile back in japan, Youko has met up with Schröder about some new weapons but immediately gets a phone call from Kobayashi. He sends Youko to Hong Kong to go after Izanami with a person he has assigned named Hazuki Mina to fill her in on the details of the mission.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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