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I’m so sorry, for the lack of updates to this recently and I have valid reasons as to why there hasn’t been any updates, so to begin. First reason was because I had massive amounts of assignments to be handed in during the christmas holidays. Second reason is that I had a new game and unfortunately that took more priority then here sorry.  To make your moods a little better I shall be reviewing the 3rd Bleach Movie called Fade to Black I Call your Name, and a few other animé movies that I have recently come across or have watched over the holidays.

Darker Than Black: Ryusei no Gemini didn’t get completed but I’m doing an overall series review of that now, as for Bleach the recent arc as lost my interest so I shall resume that once it finishes at the end of this month, Naruto well I think I’ll resume that the same time as  the Bleach anime. Kobato well I don’t think I’ll continue watching that has my interest as gone. But don’t be disappointed when I wasn’t on the game over the christmas holidays I was busy watching anime, and most of the anime I’ve watched will be getting complete series reviews, if any of you want me to watch an anime series feel free to tell me. Or if you want me to recommend an anime for you I will gladly do so.

Bleach and Naruto manga will be getting summaries at the beginning of February the same time as the animé summaries are getting done it gives me time to prepare also I think I’ll be reviewing some more mangas such as D.Gray-Man, Dolls, Otomen, Switch and some more which will be added later on.

On another note seeing as I’ve decided to expand this blog a little and make it into a new and exciting blog, I’ll be putting recent Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai films on here with a review to tell you my opinions of them, also Japanese, Korean, Chinese & Thai music will also be included in this as well with reviews. As well as that there may be some random blogs on the culture of Japan once every month, I hope you will like these changes.

*Side Note* Everything on the site shall be resumed at the end/beginning of April hope you will check here then when things have began resuming as usual.


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2 responses to “Sorry for Lack of Updates

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  1. It’s good to hear from you again… I too had been absent for a while. It’s only recently that I’m getting back… Oh! Those changes sound really nice, I really look forward for those film reviews… it’ll definatly help me expand my knowlege on Asian culture.

    I really can’t wait till Bleach gets back on track. What game were you playing? I really want to get a PS3 I’m so broke I can’t afford it, I want to get my hands on FF13… I’m such a FF fan… especially FF7 I’ve been into it since the old PS1 days…

    • Yeah, I know university as been getting on my back a lot so I had to stop my blog for a while but, hey I thought that this could do with some new changes for a new year and they will be coming in March unfortunately once again I have to catch up with university work >o>. The only decent thing about my university work is that I’m doing a presentation about Bleach for my Japanese class and its going to be awesome. Film reviews I will probably do 4-5 a month once I get going and they are one way to expand knowledge of Asian culture.

      Yeah me too, I’ve heard its going to last until about April which is a real shame since April is the start of my exams =/. The game I was playing was Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World on the Wii, took me about a week and a half to complete on normal mode and then another week and a half to complete the hard mode it was a good way to spend a typical christmas in my house lol. I really want a psp even though they’ve gone down in price I still can’t afford one. I’ve heard a lot of good and bad reviews on FF13 but I can’t really give any sort of opinion since I haven’t played on the game. I know a few people that are massive fans of FF…

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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