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Beginning with Kakashi realising that something was wrong with Sakura’s confession, and Yamato asks Sai what’s wrong. So he explains to Naruto that Sakura didn’t actually come here to confess her feelings to him but in fact, she actually went there to tell him what her and his friends have decided to do. Naruto having heard what Sai said realised that Sakura was hiding something from him and tells Sai to continue. Though Sai knows now why Sakura couldn’t tell him, anyway Sai then informs Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato that all Naruto’s friends are planning on getting rid of Sasuke. Naruto typically being him begins shouting at Sai and asks him if Sakura knows what do that entails, so Sai continues and then tells Naruto that Sasuke is darkness and he is helping it take over the world, so if he continues to live on it will spark an international war. Sai then goes on to say that Sasuke is a criminal and after the Akatsuki attacked Konoha, the rest of his friends couldn’t stand by and watch Sasuke do the same, he then says that Sakura’s not stupid and she notices other people’s circumstances.

However, Naruto can’t fathom why she didn’t tell him in the first place, and Kakashi informs him that it probably wasn’t easy, and then Sai continues by saying that Sakura thought by confessing her feelings to Naruto would lessen the burden but it didn’t work and Naruto still wants to save Sasuke. Yamato concludes that if Sakura knew what Naruto’s reaction would be then she never actually intended to tell Naruto the truth he then asks Sai what she’s planning, Sai says its only a guess but he thinks and then he’s interrupted by Kakashi who says that she’s planning on killing Sasuke herself. Naruto can’t understand this and doesn’t believe Sakura would do something like that to Sasuke because she loves him; however Sai then says it’s because she loves him that she’s doing this. Finally Sai concludes that Sakura’s relied too much on Naruto and that’s why she’s doing this by herself. Naruto then wonders why Sai is telling him this, Sai says that it was partly his fault that Sakura decided to do this so he felt it was his right to inform Naruto and that he is a member of Team 7 as well.

After that Gaara, Temari and Kankuro come and tell Naruto that they have something to discuss with them regarding the events that happened at the Kage’s meeting. Then the scene swiftly changes to Danzo who has encountered Madara who says its’ been a long time since they saw each other. Anyway back to Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato, who after hearing the absurd events that occurred at the meeting, Yamato can’t believe that the summit would have turned into such a battleground but Danzo. However Kakashi wasn’t too enthralled on the whole Hokage idea but now he hasn’t really got a choice and as to go back to Konoha to see what they think. Temari states there is not time for that and Yamato thinks everyone would agree so they continue the talk regarding Kakashi as Konoha’s new Hokage.

Just as Kakashi is about to say something regarding Sasuke; Gaara decides its time to tell Naruto that in order to guard the Kyuubi and Hachibi, that he will protect him with his life; Gaara gives Naruto some valuable advice and states that Sasuke know only seek darkness and that if Naruto wants to become Hokage he must do what feels right if Sasuke is his friend. Back to Madara who is now getting attacked by Danzo and then Danzo informs Fu and Torune to cover him as he’s going to release the seal on his right arm.

Personal opinion:

Wow, this chapter certainly in my eyes moved the story forward. Yes the action was severely disregarded in this chapter (sorry true shounen fanatics) but in my opinion that made the chapter considerably better, even though I am a dedicated shounen fan I do sometimes get fed up with the constant battles after battles which is a common shounen thing. Sometimes slowing things down will benefit the initial story outcome for the better right? Sorry for the little outburst there now back on topic.

Well mainly this chapter focussed on Naruto being told about Sasuke’s current situation back in Konoha and why Sakura lied to him when she confessed her feelings to him. Right, somehow I highly doubt that Sakura will be able to do any sort of lasting damage to Sasuke I mean Sasuke well successfully managed to capture the Hachibi if it was only a fake body, and he was even able to defeat Itachi (that can be debated since Itachi was in fact already dying when they fought each other). How can Sakura defeat Sasuke who now possesses the Mangekyo Sharingan that even two of the Kage’s couldn’t defeats me, I may like Sakura a little more in Shippūden but personally I feel she’s signing her own death note (reference to Death Note felt it was necessary to back my point up). In the end I think the only person who will either talk sense into Sasuke will be Naruto the main character (that always happens in shounen series anyway) maybe the one who kills him. Something that really made me mad was how Sai thought it was his fault that he personally made Sakura think like that in the end he didn’t know how she was going to act. Though at least in this chapter Sai got a little more character development which is necessary as he his able to show more human emotions and is able to read people better which should be useful in following chapters. Naruto’s reaction to this was typical in my eyes going straight for the common shouting at someone who is just telling him out of generosity though now after a couple of chapters seeing Naruto acting rather like an adult, it was good to see him act like a bratty teenager which he is. However, with him now knowing what Konoha is going to do with Sasuke it is a time for him to forge his own plan and stop Sasuke before his friends and Konoha do more character development in store for Naruto I assume.

So there was a few little bits throughout the chapter that didn’t involve Naruto and the others but involved the two of the three people I hate the most in Naruto which are Danzo and Madara, it seems from what I can gather that Danzo knew that Madara helped kill the Uchiha Clan with Itachi. From what he says “Long time no see Danzo… Since the Uchiha Incident, isn’t it?” although from the little bits they were included in suggests that they are going to be the main focus to next weeks chapter possibly. Oh before I forget we might finally be able to see what sort of Madara’s powers he has left since he’s a shell of his former self, also we now know that Danzo is hiding something up his sleeve. As if that wasn’t plain obvious every bad guy always as something planned for in case their first plan doesn’t succeed. I’m pretty sure that the battle between Madara and Danzo will be decent but I wonder who’ll be victorious or even if anyone of them will win.

Gaara and co eventually found there way to Naruto and co. This part of the chapter interested me the most for the following reasons:

  1. Gaara gave some amazing advice to Naruto in regards to Sasuke’s newly found position in Konoha.
  2. Kakashi is now the new acting Hokage of Konoha since Danzo basically lost the title due to his own selfishness.
  3. When Gaara said he’d protect Naruto with his life.

These reasons are just a few when I read the chapter first I was like yes Kakashi is the new Hokage all is now officially right in the Naruto universe, I mean Kakashi will make a perfect Hokage he has the intelligence and skill at the required Kage level. Who wouldn’t want someone who is cool and is able to judge an outcome of a battle as their new Hokage? If you have an answer please share it with me since it has plagued me for a while now. Though there are a few personality traits to Kakashi (reading porn) that are not particularly suited for the role of a Kage but no ones perfect. Gaara’s advice to Naruto which also gave him resolve in the process, was a nice intervention for such an intense plotline so far, I especially liked it when Gaara mentioned that he became Kazekage way before Naruto as achieved his rank as Hokage was a subtle shot to help Naruto return to normal. However, even though Gaara mentioned that I laughed a little at when he said he’d protect Naruto with his life what the heck, who was the one who helped Gaara in the first place? It was Naruto right? I’m positive but maybe this is a way for Gaara to pay Naruto back for all the times he’s helped him out in the past.

Finally to sum it all up, we were left with yet another cliff-hanger a common thing Naruto is well known (hated) for? Even though this cliff-hanger basically looks its going to move onto a fight between Danzo vs. Madara, I wouldn’t mind another re-match between Gaara vs. Sasuke, since they’ve both powered up so much. Okay before I wrap this up is anyone else fed-up with people stealing other people’s body parts as a “cool” way to power themselves up, because by the looks of it Danzo’s right arm is supposed to be something he stole from an Uchiha. Isn’t this show supposed to be aimed at young males, so what happened to promoting individual’s inner strength from your own unique abilities? Seriously. I’m going to leave you with a question which you can answer if you wish, the question is which way would you rather achieve power, through inner strength or obtaining power from other peoples limbs, body parts?

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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  1. how poor sakura….:( she can’t decide what to do,between her love(sasuke) and her best friend(naruto)

    but i hope sakura and naruto end up…………….


    I’ll always there for u naruto!!!!(p.s.)


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