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The chapter begins immediately where the last one finished with both Komamura and Hisagi in shock after knowing that Tousen as now acquired the powers of a Vizard thanks to Aizen. However it seems that Komamura can’t believe that Tousen has fallen that far and Hisagi is doing the exact same thing. Hisagi then proceeds to ask if what Tousen as undergone is what they call a hollowfication and Tousen says it is, as Hisagi asks Tousen why he is attacked and Komamura then goes to attack Tousen who attacks him as well. Komamura wonders what exactly was the power that Tousen just used itwas something different than his usual attacks.

Tousen then begins to wonder why Ichigo who has the same hollowfication powers as him and yet those powers are despised within him. Komamura than informs Tousen that Ichigo didn’t ask for those powers while on the other hand, he did and Tousen had more than enough power as a shinigami and he was the one who chose to walk down a path of violation, Komamura then states to Tousen that he has fallen. However Tousen can’t accept that logic and Tousen suggests that fits if you have a black and white view of the entire world; Komamura tells Tousen that he was the one who betrayed everyone all for the sake of achieving more power. Just as Tousen is about to answer he is taken down by Hisagi and Tousen suggests that he rushed in too soon, Hisagi dismisses that comment and simply says that he kept his sword out so he could reflexively sidestep at any moment.

Hisagi then begins to tell Tousen how he taught him that being afraid of your sword is a good thing and that is what makes you strong, however Hisagi can’t seem to fathom why Tousen would tell him those things if he threw them all away for the sake of more power. Hisagi then asks Tousen what is it that he fears now. Shortly after asking that question Tousen stabs Hisagi straight through the stomach and he goes falling to the ground, then Tousen answers saying that he was afraid he’d die a shinigami like them, however Komamura can’t sit back and watch has Tousen falls deeper into the darkness and initiates bankai.

Personal Opinion:

Wow, even though Tousen having a Vizard mask was predictable if you ask me, this entire chapter is a definite must read. I was really enthralled by the amount of explanations and the entire history of Tousen and Hisagi. Well to be honest one of the mean reasons I enjoyed this chapter so was because of Hisagi, being as he’s one of my favourite characters in the series.

So what can I mention about Komamura and Tousen’s relationship or should I say friendship was really interesting especially when Tousen brought Ichigo up in the conversation that the hollowfication he underwent is wrong yet Ichigo can use both and it doesn’t affect him. I was thinking that’s obvious why it doesn’t affect Ichigo as it affects you, since Tousen was already strong and gaining hollow powers just to enhance ones already exceedingly strong powers is going to result in some sort of in balance in the soul right? Yes Ichigo has both powers of shinigami and a hollow but he didn’t ask for the powers of a hollow it just happened without him going out to seek it. When Komamura pointed that out I was thinking you tell that stupidly deranged follower of Aizen the true meaning of power. To be honest I actually want Tousen to lose either Komamura or Kensei has he deserves punishment from both of them if they teamed up to defeat him I’d be happy as my dream would come true well one of them anyway.

Finally I guess the last thing that I can actually state my opinion is Hisagi and Tousen’s past. At least some of the less important characters past were involved in the chapter, which had a rather decent outcome. I actually never imagined that Hisagi would ever want to quit being a ranked officer just cause of one incident that everyone can do. He may have been inexperienced but you learn from your mistakes and build from them so that you don’t repeat them in the future, Hisagi apparently managed to not fully overcome the fear of his sword but is able to use it in order to protect those who are really special to him so they won’t get hurt.  I also never knew that he was blind in his right eye there you go I’ve learned something new today and in my book I think that is good. Sorry went off topic there.

To round everything up I’ve browsed on some forums regarding the fact that Tousen as now gained the powers of a hollow through Aizen, I have a question that if Tousen as the powers of a Vizard does that mean that Gin and Aizen have hollow powers? If they happen to have them I wonder what there masks would look like? Before I forget the title of the chapter is pretty relevant to the whole entire chapter as the lesson that Tousen taught Hisagi was that if you don’t fear your own power/sword you won’t be strong (something along the lines of that, if you want the actual thing watch episode 219 its in there), also one more thing it looks like Tousen’s mask is pure white with no marks or slits to see could this be a reflection of his soul and the fact that he’s blind, hmm I’m not sure I would greatly appreciate your opinions on it.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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