Naruto Shippūden 135 & 136 & 137 – The Longest Moment & The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan & Amaterasu   2 comments

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do but just a brief one sorry also there won’t be a personal opinion this week as I’m so far behind but do feel free to share your opinions on the episode with me =^o^=.

135-136 screenshots

137 screenshots


Beginning with Sasuke approaching the Uchiha hideout, Itachi recalls his past, with his family and brother also the assassination that occurred shortly after he joined the Anbu Black Ops, and about how closely he was watched by the Uchiha’s. Sasuke eventually makes it to the Uchiha hideout and that is where he tells Itachi that he has seen his death and the fated battle between the brothers begins. At the beginning of the fight it appears that Itachi’s illusions have managed to decieve Sasuke, however all is not as it appears to be as Sasuke has seen through Itachi’s illusions and demands an answer as to why he killed everyone in the clan and that no matter how good Itachi was he couldn’t take out all the members of Konoha’s Police Force by himself. Itachi finally tells Sasuke that his theory was correct he couldn’t kill everyone by himself that’s why he conspired with Madara Uchiha the founder of the Uchiha’s and one of the founders of Konoha, also the first person to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan.

So carrying on from the last episodes end as Zetsu watches on, Itachi once again explains the secret behind the Mangekyo Sharingan also the history of the Uchiha Clan particularly Madara and his brother who both awakened the Sharingan and the Mangekyo Sharingan at the same time, this made them conquer the clan and became its leaders, also he was the one who tamed the Nine-tails and ordered it to attack Konoha but that plan was foiled by the Fourth Hokage. However Madara had relied to much on the Mangekyo Sharingan’s powers and this resulted in him going blind and eventually he took his brothers eyes and transplanted them into his evolving his Mangekyo Sharingan into a new one and he was granted a new light. Back to the present Itachi then says the reason he kept Sasuke alive was that his eyes were his spies as he wants to overthrow Madara to become stronger than him. Sasuke tries to retaliate against Itachi’s attacks but he is eventually pinned to the wall while Itachi asks Sasuke to forgive him, as he plucks out what appears to be one of Sasuke’s eyes.


Itachi goes to takes out Sasuke’s remaining eye, but is stopped has Sasuke as managed to successfully break out of the Tsukiyomi he was placed under. So now that genjutsu is out of the battle the two brothers switch to ninjutsu, thus Itachi decides he should use Amaterasu and has he is preparing the hand-signs for it Sasuke throws two giant shuriken at him. However Sasuke is gaining the upper hand in the battle which Zetsu stated but only because Itachi is now suffering the side-effects of the Tsukiyomi. Sasuke then uses the Grand Fireball technique on Itachi which moves the battle onto the roof. As Sasuke shoots another Grand Fireball at Itachi he in turn does the same jutsu, by the looks of it Sasuke is pushing Itachi’s flame back, but Itachi then uses his Amaterasu to stop the fire from getting him. From what it looks like Itachi has managed to get Sasuke with Amaterasu’s flames but Sasuke used a substitution jutsu to escape from the flames. Itachi then berates Sasuke claiming that Sasuke can lie all he wants but the Sharingan can see chakra and he’s almost run out, however Sasuke states that he came here with a plan and that this would be his final Jutsu and would make Itachi’s death reality.

Preview: Demise

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


2 responses to “Naruto Shippūden 135 & 136 & 137 – The Longest Moment & The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan & Amaterasu

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  1. Oh god I enjoyed watching this SO much… I remember reading the manga and just wanting to see it in the anime and now it’s here! *laughs*

    • Yeah, me too reading the Itachi and Sasuke Arc in the manga the most out of all the arcs that have occurred in Naruto so far as I’m concerned since we get to see a lot of Itachi’s past have to mention Sasuke’s past as well. But I was ecstatic when the anime finally caught up to this arc I’m kinda not looking forward to next weeks episode for one reason which, since you read the manga you know about. Though in my heart long live Itachi. Finally we now know that Madara is alive and kicking. (even though we’ve known for a long time lol =^0^=).

      There was something that I particularly liked in episode 136 which kind of made me laugh a little when apparently Itachi turned into a true criminal with his insane laugh and wanting to overthrow Madara. But that aside I enjoyed the episodes as well and personally I really wanted to do a personal opinion but since I didn’t have the time left it out =[.

      Just a little update while I’m here commenting I’m in the process of blogging the latest Naruto and Bleach chapters, sorry for the extremely long delay, also Bleach 246 & 247 should be up tomorrow sometime, same with Kobato 06 & 07. Which means that the latest episode of, Bleach, Naruto Shippuden and Darker Than Black: Ryusei no Gemini should be back on schedule this week.

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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