Bleach 244 & 245 – The Long Awaited…Kenpachi Appears! & Pursue Byakuya! The Confused Gotei Divisions   Leave a comment

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do but just a brief one sorry also there won’t be a personal opinion this week as I’m so far behind but do feel free to share your opinions on the episode with me =^o^=.

244 Screenshots

245 Screesnshots


Beginning Wabisuke is just about to finish off Kira when Kenpachi appears,  consequently removing his eyepatch causing a massive surge of reiatsu. Wabisuke tries to attack Kenpachi but is effortlessly killed by Kenpachi, thus leaving Kira without the use of Wabisuke. Magically Yachiru appears and informs the rest of the shinigami where the two of them have been this whole time. However not liking this possible new development  Senbonzakura immediately goes to attack Kenpachi but is easily overwhelmed by his tremendous power. Seeing the new outcome Byakiuya decides to intervene and fights Kenpachi while Senbonzakura then goes to resume his battle with Ichigo. Meanwhile, during all of the commotion elsewhere in Soul Society Yumichika is easily able to break out of Ruriiro Kujaku’s vines due to his newly refound spirit to fight back and then defeats him reclaiming him, but passes out afterwards.


Meanwhile Ichigo is continuing his fight with Senbonzakura, at the same time Kenpachi his beginning his fight with Byakuya but just as their fight his beginning Ashisogi Jizo  appears and while initiating its bankai manages to poison every in the vicinity, this helps Byakuya and Senbonzakura escape from the other Shinigami. Ashisogi Jizo is then chased by Yachiru and immediately gets caught by Kenpachi, however Mayuri turns up and blows up Ashisogi Jizo for disobeying him. Over at the battle between Soifon and Suzumebachi it seems that Soifon is having some difficulty in managing to hit her,  however its not long before Soifon is able to defeat Suzumebachi and that’s when Yoruichi appears to congratulate Soifon on her victory. At the same time Unohana arrives at the battleground, to heal the people who were poisoned by Ashisogi Jizo, just in time to save Ichigo from Mayuri’s experiment. Yoruichi then appears and informs all the other shinigami that she may have located the whereabouts of the Captain Commander. Meanwhile Byakuya is with Muramasa who shows him the location of the Yamamoto and he is in a barrier created by the three most powerful zanpakuto’s which are Sogyo no Kotowari, Katen Kyokotsu and Minazuki.

Preview: Special Mission! Rescue Captain Commander Yamamoto!

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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