Bleach 380 & 381 – Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil & Words Just Don’t Like You   Leave a comment

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do so sorry, also there won’t be a personal opinion this week as I’m really far behind but do feel free to share your opinions on the chapter with me =^0^=.


Summary for 380:

Starting off with Ichigo getting by Yammi and landing in front of Byakuya and Kenpachi who then says “Honestly, do ya get beat half to death every damn place you go?”. Anyway Kenpachi then strikes at Ichigo which then makes Ichigo scared to death. Anyway Kenpachi is then attacked by Yammi who once again is angry as what Byakuya did apparently hurt him and he’s out for blood. However, Kenpachi then throws a stone at Yammi to get his attention and then goes on to insult saying that his punch didn’t hurt and that he should put some effort behind it, Kenpachi is attacked again by Yammi and as Ichigo tries to help him Byakuya is telling him to fall back and that both him and Kenpachi can handle Yammi. Byakuya tells Ichigo that he should go back to the human world and out of his sight, Ichigo said he would if he could but he needs Urahara to open the gate for them. Its then that Mayuri appears and states that there’s no need for Ichigo to worry he has studied and successfully managed to create a gate himself and that Ichigo is his test subject for it. From the looks of it Unohana will also be accompying Ichigo through the experimental Garganta, she and Mayuri have a little discussion that if the Garganta didn’t work that Urahara would laugh at Mayuri this makes him mad. However just as Unohana is about to leave Ichigo has a few doubts and Byakuya tells him that he his Karakura Town’s shinigami and he should be there to protect it with that said Ichigo prepares to leave with Unohana.

Summary for 381:

So by the looks of things Ichigo appears to have understood Mayuri and uses psychology on him, and says that if Mayuri is the second head of the Research Facility he must have studied under Urahara because they are much alike, this angers Mayuri and then Ichigo heads into Garganta, however whatever Ichigo told Mayuri he ends up understanding and thinks that he’s an interesting guy. Anyway once inside the Garganta Unohana and Ichigo have a little talk, and she realises that Ichigo faced Aizen at top of the Sokyoku Hill, she asks him what it was like in which Ichigo says that he was ridiculously strong and the main thing was he wasn’t even using his shikai. Unohana says that Ichigo is very lucky that he was much stronger, and she wishes to tell him one thing that in all of Soul Society and Hueco Mundo he is the only one who can defeat Aizen. She also infroms Ichigo about Kyuoka Suigetsu’s powers and that since he hasn’t witnessed them he is far more likely to win. Shifting back to Yammi and Kenpachi who are still fighting and Kenpachi is having fun doing so, whilst Byakuya stands by watching, and then wonders why Mayuri is staying there in which Mayuri says its cause he wants to be able to research and dissect the Arrancars to dissect them.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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