Kobato. 04 & 05- Pulsing Leaves… & Firefly Promise…   Leave a comment

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do but just a brief one sorry also there won’t be a personal opinion this week as I’m so far behind but do feel free to share your opinions on the episode with me =^o^=.

04 screenshots

05 screenshots


One morning Kobato witnesses a girl crying in front of a church, so she enquires why that girl is crying to which the girl says its because the leaves are pretty. Eventually Kobato introduces herself and then the girl introduces herself as Kohaku which triggers Ioryogi’s memory and he feels its okay to talk in front of her. Not long after Kobato arrives at the nursery, she winds up spending the whole day looking at the trees to try to figure out why Kohaku was crying, but soon gives up and goes to visit her the next day. Ioryogi concludes that what making Kohaku cry is love and that her and Shuuchirou don’t spend enough quality time together, thus Kobato concludes it would be wise if she got Kohaku and Shuuchirou tickets to the amusement park but this is harder than she anticipated. Kobato eventually gets the amusement park tickets from Fujimoto after helping him with his newspaper delivery job, and she gives the tickets to Shuuchirou so that he and Kohaku can spend the day together, however during that a flying rabbit appears and tells Kobato that she only as to fill the bottle in four season’s time to be granted her wish. Soon aster Kobato notices that she didn’t heal Kohaku’s heart but remains determined to heal the next person’s heart.


At the nursery Kobato is trying to read a picture book to the children, but fails, meanwhile Ioryogi overhears Sayaka on the phone to someone. Completely unaware of Sayaka’s troubles Kobato spends the entire day honing her reading abilities in the park, she is then approached by a man who tells her to stop reading the book about fireflies. When the guy leaves Kobato wonders what his problem was and stumbles across him and tries again to ask him what was wrong but he leaves. Next day at the nursery, she sees three thugs demanding that Sayaka pay back the loan that she owes, one of the thugs steps in and begins to assault Kobato when Fujimoto steps in and Sayaka tries to get the guys to leave the nursery. Eventually they leave and Kobato wants to help Sayaka with her money problem but seeing as she can’t do anything since she hasn’t got any money either. Kobato learns from Fujimoto that the guy is actually the author of the Firefly book called Mori Soutarou. Kobato decides to learn more about fireflies and then invites Mori to see the fireflies with her at night he agrees. This is where he explains that his lover was the illustrator of the book, and she had asked him to see the fireflies as well but he was too busy. When he did have the time he learned that she had been in a terrible accident, once he finishes the story he gets up to leave and Kobato tries to stop him. However she falls and he cathces her and he finally sees what his lover had wanted to show him, later on Kobato realises that she’s gained a Konpeitou.

Preview: …Little Hide and Seek

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


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