Bleach 243 – One-To-One Fight! Ichigo vs. Senbonzakura   4 comments

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do but just a brief one sorry also there won’t be a personal opinion this week as I’m so far behind but do feel free to share your opinions on the episode with me =^o^=.

Opening Theme 11: Anima Rossa 「アニマロッサ」 by Porno Graffitti 「ポルノグラフィティ」↴



In midst of all of this Soifon’s fight with Tengen and Gonryomaru is making progress, when suddenly her own zanpakuto Suzumebachi appears spontaneously attacks her. Meanwhile in Yumichika’s fight it appears that Ruriiro Kujaku is gaining somewhat of an advantage, thus resulting in him using its special ability on him.  Attempting to retreat from Ashisogi Jizo Iba and Isane encounter Haineko and Tobiume just as Isane and Iba are about to attack Haineko and Tobiume, Ashisogi Jizo manages to paralise Isane’s legs. However, Momo and Matsumoto then emerge once again to fight their respective zanpakuto’s. In the meantime, Kira has managed to successfully capture Kazeshini, although not long after Kira is then attacked by Wabisuke. Whilst this is happening, Byakuya has managed to successfully defeat both Zabimaru and Renji. Ichigo is stuck fighting Senbonzakura, when Kenpachi makes his appearance.

Preview: The Long Awaited…Kenpachi Appears!

Ending Theme 21: Sakurabito 「さくらびと」 by Sunset Swish 「サンセット スウィッシュ」↴

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


4 responses to “Bleach 243 – One-To-One Fight! Ichigo vs. Senbonzakura

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  1. your article was great and I would like you to write on Chapters 246 and 247

  2. Yay a post! Don’t worry about it, I’m enjoying this just as much.

    Oh, I always love the pictures you provide for your posts!

    I personally love the opening and the ending they’re so good. The song is kind of catchy too. I think they’re appealing to fangirls when they show a wet Hitsugaya! XD. But I’m a huge Byakuya fan (as you can see with my avi)

    I’m noticing that they’re really focusing on the relationship between Rukia and Byakuya which is very intersting. But what’s puzzling me is what the hell is he thinking working with Muramasa… I just feel that maybe he’s very attached to zenbonsakura and he doesn’t want to lose him and that he may be the incarnation of his pride.

    But that’s my wild educated guess. *laughs*

    Uwa, I peronally think that Wabisuke is just so freaking awesome… the way that he used his katana was so creepy in a slow-kinda way,
    scratch, scratch, scratch
    Uwa, I’m such a fan of him… I’m mad at Kenpachi right now *pouts* why did he have to throw him way like that?!

    And I’m thrilled to see Ukitake’s zanpakutou, I was looking forward to seeing them for the longest time… I know I’m going a little ahead of myself but I guess I can’t help it…

    I’m a little upset now, though, cuz I don’t have internet at the moment so I can’t see the episode this week and I’m not sure when I’m going to get around to getting it back on again…

    I wonder why, the manga didn’t come out this past week? Is Kubo-sensei taking a break too? Oh well, I don’t mind I’m soooo syced on seeing the next update though! *spazzes*

    • Wow, what a long comment thanks for commenting by the way its appreciated, oh thanks it’ll probably be short like this for the next couple of weeks as well stupid essay deadlines >o<.
      Yeah the pictures actually take up most of my time the writing I always do the day before the post and then the pictures.

      Yeah me too I like the opening and ending just as much as one another as for me I like catchy opening/ending songs to an anime, it makes me happy x] A yeah thats true I'm not a fan of hitsugaya to be honest, he gets on my nerves. Yeah Byakuya is cool though not my favourite character.

      Yeah thats a good point they are focussing on that I noticed it quite a while ago but decided not to mention it in my earlier posts to see how the writers would expand on the idea. Me too, Byakuya is a smart Captain yet working with Muramasa is just insane, he will have a plan but when it is shown is another story. Good point that could very well be the case. Your opinion is welcome anytime.

      Wabisuke rocked so much pitty he didn't last very long, I'm a fan of slow and creepy people makes life interesting. Kenpachi was probably just aching for a fight since he was practically lost from Yachiru's diractions for about 13 eps.

      Yay, Ukitakes zanpaktou is amazing if you can't tell massive Ukitake fan (even though he's not in it as much as others), yeah I was looking forward to see the two little kids.

      That's fine I'm sure that when you do have the internet again my posts should be back to normal -laughs-

      I think the manga didn't come out last week because Kubo-sensei needed to gather some information for following chapters, but on one hand I'm glad it gave me an extra week to catch up with the Bleach chapters which I'm thankful for.

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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