Bleach 378 & 379 – Eyes of the Victor & No True Answer   Leave a comment

Note: There won’t be a proper summary like the ones I normally do but just a brief one sorry, also there won’t be a personal opinion this week as I’m so far behind but do feel free to share your opinions on the chapter with me =^0^=.


Summary for 378:

So to begin everyone beneath the dome as been seemingly defeated by Yammi, and lucky for Rukia that Ichigo arrives just in time to save her from Yammi. Rukia then wonders why Ichigo is there wasn’t he in the process of rescuing Orihime, Ichigo states he has and she’s up there tending to Uryu’s wounds. Yammi apparently has other ideas and attempts to attack Ichigo whilst he’s distracted but Ichigo is able to block him without looking. However, Rukia is able to notice that something is subtly different with Ichigo, so Ichigo decided to lead Yammi away from his fellow comrades, that way he is able to fully fight Yammi at his potential without endangering his comrades. Yammi, is now far enough away from the other shinigami’s and now it’s time for Ichigo to unleash his full powers it ends with Ichigo using a new Vizard mask.

Summary for 379:

Beginning Rukia thought she saw another Vizard mask on Ichigo, she then thinks that there have been slight changes to Ichigo’s mask in the past couple of months but the mask she just got a glimpse of was completely different, she wonders what’s going on with Ichigo. Apparently Rukia isn’t the only one to notice the difference in Ichigo he does as well and he comments on how it gave him a weird feeling when he used the mask, to him it felt rather heavy, so he concludes that it must have been due to his hollowfication above the dome. However Yammi comes back up and is completely furious at Ichigo for cutting him. Although Ichigo seems astonished that he only cut him it felt like he had made a decent cut, anyway Yammi and Ichigo discuss how Yammi doesn’t even care about his fallen comrades. Shortly after the talk Yammi attacks Ichigo and when Ichigo tries to use his vizard mask again it doesn’t work however Yammi notices and grabs him attempting to crush him, only to be stopped by Byakuya and Kenpachi.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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