Naruto Shippūden 131& 132 – Activate! Sage Mode & Meeting The Six Paths of Pain   Leave a comment

Note: This is not a hour episode, actually I was busy last week and couldn’t post 131 so I decided to do a single post which consisted of the two episodes. Thanks for understanding.

131 Screenshots

Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 01Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 02Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 03Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 04Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 05Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 06Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 07Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 08Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 09Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 10Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 11Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 12Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 13Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 14Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 15Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 16Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 17Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 18Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 19Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large 20

132 Screenshots

Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 01Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 02Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 03Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 04Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 05Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 06Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 07Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 08Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 09Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 10Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 11Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 12Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 13Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 14Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 15Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 16Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 17Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 18Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 19Naruto Shippūden - 132 - Large 20

Summary for 131 & 132:

Jiraiya states that he’s going at Pein with full force, with this said Jiraiya prepares to go into Sage Mode. Jiraiya then tells Gamaken that during this time his hands can not be separated. Seeing this Pein decides that he should hide inside the mouth of the summoned creature and uses camouflage, Pein then uses this as a chance to summon a chameleon to try and defeat Jiraiya. However Jiraiya realises that since Pein as disappeared he has no other choice left but to use a barrier jutsu so that he can detect where Pein’s attacks will be coming from. Pein realises what type of barrier Jiraiya used and summons a three-headed dog which is easily taken care of by Gamaken; Jiraiya compliments Gamaken saying that he is in fact quite skilled, as the two are talking the three-headed dog splits up into three dogs so that the battle can resume once again. During the ambush from the summoned dogs Gamaken gets injured.

So while the fight is going on Pein is analysing the battle from inside the chameleon summon and then he comes to the conclusion that Jiraiya must not part his hands in order for this jutsu he’s using to work. Eventually, Pein uses a flying summon and this forces Jiraiya into running from him whilst Jiraiya is trying to escape the creature he has a flashback of the young Nagato, and how the Rinnegan can mimic any jutsu its master learns, eventually Jiraiya ends up coming to the exit of the pipe that he ran into to divert the attention of Pein. Pein then realises that all this is a trap to lure him out, thus he summons a giant rhino to attack Jiraiya which it manages to do successfully causing Jiraiya to crash through a wall behind him. When Jiraiya emerges from the hole in the wall there are two frogs upon his shoulders; the two elder frogs assume that this person must have been one of Jiraiya’s pupils and thus are easy to figure out that this could be the child of prophecy, however this is a battle to the end and with this the toad on his left shoulder known as Ma easily finds where Pein is hiding and then destroys the chameleon summon with little effort. Pein then decides to summon two more of his bodies with this the true fight can begin.

With the newly summoned ‘Peins’ Jiraiya is in shock that there are 3 Rinnegan users in front of him, however one of the new Pein’s tries to attack him which Jiraiya is easy to counter against and winds-up blinding him. After that Jiraiya, Ma & Pa use a jutsu to try and stop pain but its unsuccessful as the other of Pein’s summoned bodies appears to absorb the attack, so Jiraiya ends up using close combat to test out the theory and creates a giant Rasengan but as he thought the other Pein absorbed the attack and then he goes to the other Pein whom is standing on watching what’s happening but that Pein is easily able to defend himself from the upcoming attack from Jiraiya without even turning around. Jiraiya is stunned by this and is able to come to a conclusion that all three are communicating through the Rinnegan that’s the only way that they can block every one of his attacks and then decides that he should retreat for now to form a plan.

Pein already knows that Jiraiya has escaped into the pipes, with this noted Pa explains that all three of them may appear to be different but they all have one thing in common the Rinnegan, Jiraiya doesn’t seem to understand that even if one of them happened to be Nagato, how there could be that many Rinnegan users about. Jiraiya then ponders who the real Pein is, that isn’t the hard part of the battle the real problem is how do they manage to separate them so that Jiraiya can destroy each one. Jiraiya wonders what and who Pein is but Pa informs him that they can make a small deduction that they can link the images one of them sees to the others. So Jiraiya and the two Sage toads begin to form the ideal counter-attack to separate Pein, Jiraiya then states that Taijutsu is out of the question same as Ninjutsu. Then Pa  suggests Genjutsu but Jiraiya replies that he isn’t good with that but then remembers they are and Pein wouldn’t expect him to use Genjutsu since he isn’t talented for it. With this said Ma & Pa begin to cast there Genjutsu which Pein immediately hears and then goes to the location of where its coming from, but to Pein’s surprise he is caught in the Genjutsu and then all three of the Pein’s looked to be killed by Jiraiya. As Jiraiya leaves the scene he notices that there is another Pein behind him, and since he hasn’t got enough time to dodge winds-up getting his left arm chopped off, and is sent flying through the wall and landing on the water underneath. Then the rest of the Pein’s appear and there happens to be six of them, Jiraiya then asks Pein what he is and then Pein replies that he is ‘God’; Jiraiya then recognises that one of them could be another of his students…

Preview: The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya

Naruto Shippūden - 133 - Preview 01Naruto Shippūden - 133 - Preview 02

Personal Opinion:

Well it isn’t going to be a long personal opinion section since I’m so far behind in my blogging. Anyway lets begin, initially I enjoyed both episodes as they had a lot of development and battle scenes in 132, but since I read the manga I already know the outcome of the battle, but I won’t mention it until episode 133 to not spoil it for people who opt not to read the manga.

So my opinion of 131 is that I really enjoyed the high quality animation of the battle that the episode primarily focused on, even though it’s the usual high budget that Naruto usually has there are some differences which I would like to point out, the way the smoke hangs in the air was really amazing and also the way the entire episode was focused on the summons of Pein’s especially the dog that can apparently split into countless dogs was amazing. Even though I thought this episode was good the way that both Pein and Jiraiya was represented was good as well, there were some things that bothered me though they are only minor, the plot would be rather bland if you ask me without the high quality of the animation. Basically the episode was rather simple, just consisting of two things which are Jiraiya fighting Pein’s summons and then transforming into Sage Mode. But I think that the whole direction of the episode made it a worth while watching experience for me an avid fan of Naruto. There is something that I would like to mention I really like the face that is shown here it’s priceless had me laughing.

Now onto 132, this episode was considerably better in my opinion than the previous one as it didn’t only just have summoning throughout it actually had some pretty amazing fighting from Jiraiya and Pein for that matter. Even though here was a subtle drop in the animation quality in the episode I thought that I wouldn’t like it as much but I was wrong this is a favourite episode of mine, mainly because the script goes from funny to serious in a mere of seconds. The animation did have some new scenes that caught my attention for example the genjutsu that was cast on the three Pein’s was super awesome and colourful to boot. However Ma & Pa’s conversation at the beginning had me laughing for a while as its obvious that they don’t get along with each other, the fights between the Pein’s was also interesting and the way Jiraiya uncovered the secrets about Pein was well perceived. The fight itself was rather slow in the terms of fights that normally are portrayed in Naruto instead this fight primarily focused on how to use intelligence whilst in a battle to the death. A very important fact that I should mention about this whole Arc is that it did fantastically well in portraying the weird/bad feelings that Pein created in the manga which is sometimes hard to do so well in an animé adaptation, so to end my opinion section I should note that it ended on a cliffhanger, personally I’m not a whole big of a fan of the dreaded cliffhanger but I felt that it was relevant for the cause in this episode.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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