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The zanpakutō that have been surrounded, and then Hōzukimaru as an idea that if so many of them are there why don’t they fight one-on-one. Ikkaku agrees to this as well as Yumichika but Soifon reminds them that they are only doing this to aggravate them, into attacking them. However all they have to do is secure the area and forbid them from escaping before they force them to submit to them. Kazeshini doesn’t agree with the plan stating that it’s annoying and with that he attacks, as do the other zanpakutō. It appears that Kazeshini is fighting Kira, instead of Hisagi as Kira feels that he can’t let him run wild anymore than he has done. Meanwhile, Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru, get ready to battle one another, Ikkaku states that this time no one shall interfere with them and the go off to another place to carry on. At this point Gonryōmaru makes easy work of some shinigami and then gets attacked by Soifon.

When Soifon chases after Gonryōmaru, she has to dodge a fire blast from Tenken who comes to offer Gonryōmaru some help with Soifon. While that is happening Yumichika and Ruriiro Kujaku arrive on a roof far away from the other shinigami’s, they begin with some pleasantries until Yumichika insults Ruriiro Kujaku by calling him Fuji Kujaku which makes Ruriiro Kujaku mad. Moving on, Ichigo goes over to Renji & Rukia and asks them to stay out of the way while he deals with Byakuya; however when he tries to approach Byakuya Senbonzakura stops him by declaring that he will have to defeat him to get to Byakuya. The two of them begin fighting when Senbonzakura realises that his shikai attacks have no effect on Ichigo, so Senbonzakura initiates bankai and Ichigo seeing this does the same.

The scene then switches to Yumichika & Ruriiro Kujaku once again as Ruriiro Kujaku begins by being what appears to be nice to Yumichika about his looks. Somehow Yumichika easily recognised that Ruriiro Kujaku wasn’t complimenting him but was in fact insulting him, and therefore decides that he must do the same thing to Ruriiro Kujaku. Eventually Yumichika wonders if Ruriiro Kujaku understands why he brought him to a place so far away from the other fights; Ruriiro Kujaku knows that its because he doesn’t want anyone else to see his abilities and with that Yumichika calls him Fuji Kujaku and then Ruriiro Kujaku finally vows to kill him. Meanwhile, over at the battle that is going on between Soifon and Gonryōmaru & Tenken; Soifon is easily able to dodge the attacks by Gonryōmaru and then manages to get close enough to him to kick him into the wall nearby, however Tenken then attacks which startles Soifon for a moment before she dodges his swing and is on the roof above him.

Anyway Soifon ahs been wondering whose zanpakutō Gonryōmaru is in which he states that he’s the vice-captain of the 1st squad Sasakibe Chōjirō’s zanpakutō, then Soifon says that’s why she can’t remember him as his wielder is too plain, but she is then surprised by a smoke attack. Moving on to, Kira who is leading Kazeshini away from the others so that he can fight him, it appears that Kazeshini wants to know what’s holding Kira back since alls he’s done is talk. Kazeshini considers Kira a pussy because the last time they fought he ran away then as well, with this said Kira states that he doesn’t consider running away embarrassing in fact in a battle they are supposed to assess the situation, and according to Kira fighting a losing battle is more ludicrous. Kazeshini as had enough with the idle chit-chat and declares that he is going to tear Kira apart limb by limb. Kira having heard this isn’t convinced that he’s Hisagi’s zanpakutō, he summarises that by the looks of things Hisagi as been subconsciously suppressing his negative feelings; eventually he concludes that Kazeshini is made from the stress that it created. Kazeshini considers this rambling on by Kira nonsense he isn’t Hisagi’s stress with this said Kazeshini attacks Kira, but Kira uses Kidō to block his blade, after that Kira reveals the real reason why he’s fighting Kazeshini which is because Hisagi as always helped him out so he’s going to avenge him.

Switching over to Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru who are battling with all their might they exchange a couple of blows that is until Hōzukimaru manages to punch Ikkaku into the pool nearby. However Ikkaku is able to form his zanpakutō’s shikai form, but not long after Ikkaku does that Hōzukimaru initiates his bankai which ultimately turns the tables of the battle in his favour. Ikkaku not backing down, is able to successfully shatter one of Hōzukimaru’s blades, however Ikkaku then has to face Hōzukimaru with a filled dragon gauge. In a fit of confidence Ikkaku places half of his broken spear on the ground to mark a line which during the rest of the battle he will not step behind; Ikkaku then proceeds to take the brute force of the attack head on. True to his word, Ikkaku is easily able to stand his ground, and is able to defeat Hōzukimaru, as a result of the battle Ikkaku also collapses afterwards. Meanwhile in Soul Society, Iba and Isane happen to run into each other, but before they can go and help out the others, they happen to notice Mayuri’s zanpakutō Ashisogi Jizō nearby.

Preview: One-To-One Fight! Ichigo vs. Senbonzakura

Bleach - 243 - Preview 01Bleach - 243 - Preview 02

Personal Opinion:

To sum up this episode as set up quite a few fights, but now that I have the time to think about it is tons to have going on in a concurrent manner in a 23min episode. But all that said at least it managed to end on a high with Ikkaku being able to defeat Hōzukimaru in a decent fashion might I add. Considering that the fight between Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru did end up being a brawl which resulted in Ikkaku only succeeding victory by a slim margin. Though in my opinion it felt that Hōzukimaru went a little too easy on him to be fair.

There was something that disappointed me in this episode which was that Ichigo is up against Senbonzakura, wouldn’t it be considerably better for Ichigo to go up against a bankai less Byakuya. No instead by the looks of things its going to be Renji who fights Byakuya yet another promising defeat is on the hooks for Renji. Actually the most decent fight out of the whole episode was Soifon’s battle against Gonryōmaru & Tenken, because now that I think about it we don’t actually know what sort of abilities Gonryōmaru has, I was really amused with the scene where Soifon couldn’t identify whom he belonged to.

Since I want to mention the little shinigami illustrated picture book right after the credits primarily because it involved Yumichika and Ruriiro Kujaku discussing outfits that would look extremely good on Ikkaku. To tell the truth I can actually see a resemblance between both Yumichika and Ruriiro Kujaku, in the terms of looks and how they are both obsessed by beauty. I thought that I should include this because it made me laugh so much after such a action-packed episode that it changed my view on the whole episode.

On the bright side I’m looking forward to next week’s episode mainly because it is going to première the new opening & ending, which are Anima Rossa by Porno Graffitti and Sakurabito by Sunset Swish.

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


4 responses to “Bleach 242 – Shinigami and Zanpakutō, Total Sortie

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  1. How’s everything? It’s been a while since you’ve updated anything. I miss reading your updates.

    But don’t worry, just pace yourself.

    • Everything’s good though been busy lately -_-;
      Heh sorry, my university essays took up all of my time so I wasn’t able to do any blog updates >o>. But don’t worry I’ve been managing to keep up-to-date with the animé and expect an update on all of them sometime next week as I have some free time.

      Neon Star - ネオン星
  2. felt that Hōzukimaru went a little too easy on him to be fair.

    I know right? But all in all it was a good match. I like the illustrated picture book at the end too. Yumichika and his zanpakutou are virtually copies, I laughed my butt off seeing them commenting on fashion and beauty.

    I need to watch the next epsiode! New opening and ending YAY!

    • There was no doubt in my mind that it was a decent match. Oh yeah, thats true they are mirror copies of one another, me too I was laughing so much that I ended up crying with laughter.

      Yeah I’ve just watched the new episode with the new opening and ending and to be honest I actually like them!

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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