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So on this rainy day, Sayaka takes Kobato to her friend Chitose’s apartment building so that she has somewhere to stay; Kobato is then shown to her room, but not long after immediately rushes off to the nursery school. In the process she accidentally bumps into a girl; this girl is kind enough to clean up the dirtied Ioryogi, afterwards Kobato continues onto the nursery. It appears that the next day is a day off, so initially Kobato uses this time to collect more konpeitou, but it happened to be raining again, Kobato forgot to bring her umbrella. Fortunately for her the owner of a Bakery lends her one; Kobato thanks him and goes off in search for scarred hearts.

Unfortunately Kobato isn’t able to find anyone to heal in the convenience store, to make matters worse, when she emerges from the store the umbrella she borrowed has disappeared. Luckily for Kobato she happens to run into the girl from the day before, Kobato starts to explain her existing predicament, the girl then offers Kobato her umbrella. After the exchange of the umbrella the girl then chases after a boy who enjoys teasing her.

The following day, Kobato decides to wait at the girl’s school so that she can give her back her umbrella, Kobato finds out that the girls name is Tadokoro Mutsumi. Kobato by chance, runs into Mutsumi again later in the afternoon, when it’s raining again and Kobato manages to find the umbrella that was supposed to have vanished. While the two girls’ are together they notice the boy who teased Mutsumi, sharing his umbrella with another girl, Kobato then notices the sad look on Mutsumi’s face. Kobato automatically wants to cheer Mutsumi up, her method to do this is to try and find the boy the following day to ask him to share an umbrella with Mutsumi.

However Mutsumi overheard them and decides to interrupt their discussion, so it is left to Kobato to explain everything she eventually encourages them to share an umbrella. Mutsumi and the boy then walk off together, the boy then tells Mutsumi that he only shared his umbrella with the girl because she forgot hers and he wasn’t in a relationship with her. In the aftermath of everything Kobato realises that her bottle now as an extra konpeitou. Ioryogi tells her that is because she healed that girl’s heart, but Kobato admits she didn’t realise that girl’s pain as all she wanted to do was cheer her up; Ioryogi then offers to give her some points for today but as he is about to do so she trips over and ultimately Ioryogi gives her a zero for effort. Unbeknownst to Kobato she is sensed by someone nearby.

Preview: Pulsing Leaves…

Kobato. - 04 - Preview 01Kobato. - 04 - Preview 02

Personal Opinion:

Okay, so this episode was really nice I liked it a lot better than the previous episode. Initially I didn’t think that Kobato’s unconventional approach to Mutsumi’s relationship problem would work, but I’m surprised that it did. The scene with Mutsumi and the boy appeared to be very cute and sweet – they actually make a rather good couple (even though I personally am not a fan of the sweet and fluffy love parts of animé.) This did however manage to sway me over a little bit which is rather difficult.

To make this episode even better was that Mutsumi was voiced by Inoue Marina (who voiced in Chiri Kitsu in Sayōnara, Zetsubō Sensei, Wataru Tachibana in Hayate the Combat Butler & Yōko in Gurren Lagann.) Anyway though I expect that the entire series will be a bunch of stand alone stories focussing on Kobato collecting konpeitou, Mutsumi may not show up again.

Well I thought it was nice to recognise some familiar scenery and along with that some familiar faces in the recurring cast; namely Chitose, Chiho and Chise all from Chobits. I did however find it very odd to her Nakajima Megumi voicing Chiho & Chise, mainly because I can actually remember Tanaka Rie who voiced the original Chii. Anyway in the episode I was also surprised that we got shown Kohaku and Shuuichirou from Wish at the end of the episode maybe they could also be recurring characters, though I’m not entirely certain about that, or for that matter how they will be involved in the storyline. Well at least we should find out a little more as Kohaku was shown in the preview for next week’s episode.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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