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naruto 468-1So the chapter begins with The Kage’s who are still in shock about the declaration of war by Tobi, they try to ask Tobi if he’s serious. Tobi answers with “I’m not fool enough to say a thing like this in jest. Next time we meet will be on the battleground.” With that he disappears leaving the Kage’s in awe. Eventually the Tsuchikage wonders what they are supposed to do now; the Kazekage suggests that they should form a shinobi alliance, as there isn’t any other way to oppose the power of 7 Bijuu. Mizukage then remembers that Raikage was initially against the idea, however the Raikage now feels a little different as no harm as come to his brother the Hachibi and that he won’t let the Akatsuki have there way with his brother or him any longer.

After agreeing on the shinobi alliance the focus of the discussion goes on to Danzo and Konoha, it appears that none of the Kage’s trust Danzo any more and finally agree, that with what as already happened here once the citizens and ninja of Konoha learn of what happened the chance of him being overthrown are high. Gaara then tells the Raikage that he will send this information to someone in Konoha whom he highly trusts, Raikage then asks Gaara who that person is and Gaara replies “Hatake Kakashi of the Sharingan”, the Tsuchikage says the son of the white fang. With that the Raikage has a mini flashback when he ran into Kakashi on his way to the meeting, anyway back in the present time Raikage is happy with the plan as he his more trust-worthy than Danzo.

Meanwhile, Shi tells the Raikage that they should begin preparations in locating Killer Bee, since the Akatsuki are after the Kyuubi & Hachibi therefore they must still be pursuing them with all their manpower, Raikage agrees and tells Shi to get a search party ready, and also get in touch with the village so that they can start the search as well. Shi understanding this agrees, as Darui suggests that they should inform Team Samui as they were down about finding Killer Bee.

The Mizukage states in order to cease Madara’s “Moons Eye Operation” they can not by any means allow the Akatsuki to get their hands on the Hachibi or Kyuubi. With this they should begin to locate both the Hachibi & Kyuubi, and hide them from Madara’s view. However the Tsuchikage disagrees with that interpretation as the power of the seven Bijuu’s is beyond imagining and they should use the Hachibi & Kyuubi in the war. Gaara states that approach is unthinkable, they are the most valuable things that this war needs to protect, he also suspects that the reason that Madara said that was using the seven Bijuu already in his possession is because he is weakened and with only a few of the Akatsuki remaining it’d be easier for him to use the war as a distraction to lure both the Hachibi and Kyuubi out. The Mizukage and Raikage agree with the Kazekage’s plan, the Raikage also insinuates that he should be the one to find his brother the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki as he isn’t the one known to follow any strategies they might prepare, the others agree and leave him in charge of the Hachibi’s capturing.  Gaara also concurs that he would say the same for Naruto the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki, Temari and Kankuro agree as well so the Mizukage asks if the Tsuchikage also accepts that both the Hachibi & Kyuubi are to be retrieved, restrained and protected. Eventually the Tsuchikage agrees, as the Raikage vows to share the information on Hachibi with the other villages and Raikage then puts his trust into the Kazekage to rely this knowledge onto Kakashi.

naruto 468-2

In the meantime, the Raikage decides to tell the Kazekage that he ran into Naruto on the way to the summit, so he should be somewhere in the Iron Country, and that they should begin the search there. Chojuuro then asks the Raikage that in the Hokage is there anyone called ‘Hoshigaki Kisame’, a member of the ‘Seven Swordsman’ like himself, he then goes on to explain that Kisame as chakra on the same level as a Jinchuuriki without a tail. Tsuchikage and everyone else for that matter is well aware of that, anyway Tsuchikage wonders that even if they do succeed in the capturing of the Hachibi & Kyuubi what will happen if the alliance gets wiped out won’t it be meaningless that’s why he suggests that they should send the both of them into the war at the very start. It appears that as well as the Ninja alliances the Samurai’s have also decided to take part in the war as well.

The scene then shifts to Juugo & Suigetsu who realise that the Raikage and Kazekage have gone up above them; with this they decide that Sasuke must have followed them too. Suigetsu wonders if they should follow them, but Juugo stops him saying that the Kage’s will be on guard now; Suigetsu then suggest that if that’s the case then he has a plan. During that the scene goes over to Killer Bee who’s watching some man chanting “Enta” something and decides he might as well join in, while they two are conversing the mans pet notices something approaching them.

Meanwhile over in the Iron country Naruto is trying to enter Sannin Mode, he realises that if he keeps on doing what he’s been doing he’s never going to find Sasuke. While Naruto is doing that Yamato asks Naruto to go back inside the building already, however this is when Naruto notices some people gradually getting closer to them. Much to his amazement, its Sakura, Sai, Rock Lee & Kiba, apparently Sakura needs to tell Naruto something important. Switching back to Killer Bee, we find out that it is Kisame as finally found Killer Bee, and then states that it wasn’t easy tracking him down and how much his blade loves powerful chakra and ends with Kisame saying that he will be food for his sword ‘Samehada’ however they won’t kill him.

naruto 468-3

Personal Opinion:

Well where shall I begin, this chapter was just as interesting as the previous one even though most of it was in fact the Kage’s talking about the current development I like how they managed to incorporate Danzo and his scheme into it as well though the whole Danzo thing is really dragging on in my opinion. Anyway back to the point, there was something that bugged me tiny bit within this chapter and that was right at the very beginning involving the Kage’s still not believing that Madara will do as he says and will start the 4th Ninja World War, I mean come on he’s the ultimate bad guy so believe every damn word he says.

So in my opinion the fact that most of the chapter focused on the Kage’s and there decision making about what to do with the Hachi & Kyuubi, I agree with both sides of the argument that was presented by the Tsuchikage and Gaara. Though, I think that I personally wouldn’t have chose either option if I was in their position as none will get nowhere. Anyway the fact that the Raikage’s personality is back to normal is good for me as at least this way he will be able to make rational and reasonable decisions that hopefully won’t backfire in future chapters. Why must everything that happens during this meeting be resulting in the worst consequences sometimes it makes me wonder how long will Naruto last. Ah, enough rambling back to my point, in my opinion I feel that the approach the Mizukage gave was actually probably the one I would have gave considering all the possible outcomes of the war, another twist was that in my book Gaara was finally recognised as a Kage even though he’s young, as he was entrusted with passing all the recent activities of the summit to Kakashi in order to get Danzo relinquinshed as Hokage. The Raikage’s idea that he should be the one to get the Hachibi aka. Killer Bee was good at least he knows that he should listen to him, and that Gaara is the one to get the Kyuubi is icing on the cake.

Eventually, at least now we know that Suigetsu and Juugo aren’t dead and they have just been using the time to recover from the injuries they sustained whilst fighting the Raikage and Darui, though the fact that Suigetsu as a plan to escape from there as me wondering what it is. Maybe, it’ll be explained in dew time. Killer Bee is back hooray thank you so much Kishimoto-sensei, he is my second favourite Jinchuuriki Naruto being the first obviously. However, maybe this time we will get to see his full potential as he is facing off against Kisame, (rather than the power obsessed Sasuke) this should be an interesting battle to read, also maybe more of Kisame’s abilities will come to light. Before I forget at least Kisame got some sort of power reference made by Chojuuro stating that his power matches the power of a Jinchuuriki without any tails is interesting. But I’m more than certain that we were already told this before earlier on in Part II.

Wrapping up, I think I should mention that the little bit of dialogue between Naruto and Sakura near the end of the chapter was interesting even though it revealed hardly anything, (though we already know what she is going to tell him). The fact remains, that both Naruto’s reaction to the news and also his reaction to the 4th Ninja World War will be eye-catching and will definitely be worth blogging in my book.

Note: There will be no Naruto next week as Kishimoto-sensei is going on a break to gather more information for the chapters that will follow, I hope you understand. Remember, he is only human and thus requires time.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


4 responses to “Naruto 468 – Hachibi and Kyuubi

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  1. Ahhh, I see…. so that’s why there wasn’t any updates… I don’t blame him. As I writer I understand and the story line is getting very tense. Inspiration is hard to squeeze out sometimes… It seems that the Naruto series is most definatly reaching it’s peak.

    I’m really looking forward to the converstation between Naruto and Sakura. I really enjoyed that tense converasation that Sai provoked and Sakura’s reaction afterwards. Hearing Shika’s input on and how they all have to put a hand into the situation instead of letting Naruto do all the hard work peaked my excitement and I’m wondering what the others are planning to do. And if Sakura has some kind of plan up her sleeve. Also I’m hoping (I’m just hoping not expecting) that there would be some romantic type of scene of some sort but yeah ^_^”

    As for Sasuke, poor boy has lost his mind… he’s just swinging aimlessly at the people who’s caused him suffering. He’s very emotional I suppose… but I guess I can’t blame him… he’s Tobi’s toy at this point and I believe that Sasuke refuses to see that… he just wants to think that he’s using him to get his revenge, but it’s the other way around…

    • Yeah I think that sometimes people just thinks that he can write and write without running out of ideas. I mean come on, the storyline is just getting to more interesting parts and of course he will need a little of that time to get more ideas together. Sadly I hate to agree with you but I think you’re right about that as well.

      Yeah me too, with everything that has happened recently I’m just glad the focus is off of Sasuke (really don’t like him). Oh yeah, I forgot about that silly me, but considering that Sakura is bound to make a very strong statement, but for some reason I actually found Shikamaru’s input rather valid and to the point. Well yeah, they would want to deal with Sasuke as well, but not involving Naruto is going to be difficult as Madara as plans for him and Sasuke to meet. So can I assume that by hoping that you’re a NaruXSaku fan by any chance, if you are then I’m hoping for that as well or along the lines of that. But what happened to Hinata’s confession the time when he transformed into the 8tailed form of the Kyuubi as he just forgotten completely about that hmm….

      Sasuke never had a sane mind to begin with, (I really don’t like Sasuke) I just think that he wants the attention all to himself. I would class him as Emo but I tend not to like grouping people together as it can offend some people… Yeah I understand that point of view but, just cause life’s been a bitch to him doesn’t mean he can just take it out on one nation that’s a little childish I think. Madara’s toy I agree wholeheartedly with that point Sasuke has never had his own goal as far as Madara’s concerned but Sasuke being stubborn just does what he wants to regardless of the consequences it ensues on other people. Madara is the ultimate bad guy in the series so of course Sasuke being to focused on revenge is going to blind him into thinking that he’s using Madara when as you pointed out it’s the other way round.

      Neon Star - ネオン星
      • Sasuke never had a sane mind to begin with,

        Ahhaha, yes, I do agree, that’s why he stands out so much. Hee, and yes I’m a big Naru/Saku fan. I’m just crossing my fingers for that eventual end. *laughs*

        As for Sasuke, I used to be a really big fan of him… but now it’s just weedled down to average. Neji at this point tops my chart quickly followed by Shikamaru and Naruto. Naru’s become so admirable in Shippuden… I just love how much he’s changed in this series…

      • He stands out way too much for my liking, maybe that’s why I slate him so much in my blogs, I do apologise to the Sasuke fans out there but I’m allowed my opinion. Wohoo, another Naru/Saku fan everyone I know likes Naru/Hina but I find those two a little odd together. Well I’ll join you in hoping that Naru/Saku is a possible outcome for the series. -crosses fingers and prays long and hard-

        Well I liked him way back in the Original series but then, once he went to the snake Sannin Orochimaru I then lost all interest in him as a person. Hmm, well I’d have to say Gaara, Naruto and Neji are my favourites but for some reason Shikamaru’s making his way there I think cause I really admire his entire laid back attitude to ninja life and I can see myself in him. Agreed, I think that it would be an understatement if Naru-chan didn’t change in the series otherwise it’d be the same thing over and over again, and for me change is considerably better.

        Neon Star - ネオン星

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