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So in order for Kobato to fill her bottle, she goes off around the town in search for people who have been hurt so that she can help them, but this proves to be futile. Kobato winds up having to play with some kids, however by doing this she then happens to wander across some someone handing out tissues, and Kobato decides to take the entire box off the guy’s hands and she then attempts to distribute them herself.

During her time dispensing of the tissues she accidently bumps into Fujimoto who saved her previously and noticing this she tries to thank him again however that doesn’t work out and she winds up following him. Thus she ends up at the Nursery school he works at, eventually she finds out Fujimoto’s co-worker Okiura Sayaka at the school needs help, Kobato then volunteers. Kobato winds-up playing with the children, but when the children begin to ask her questions about her father Kobato is incapable to answer there enquiries.

Apparently Fujimoto doesn’t want Kobato to be around because personally he feels she’s incompetent. Later, once the children are asleep, Sayaka explains that the nursery they work at is old, also that there are fewer children going there nowadays. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop Kobato as she offers to come by and help them again; despite Fujimoto’s obvious objections Sayaka accepts Kobato’s will and is happy to have her there helping again.

However, when Kobato is on her way out Fujimoto warns her not to come back if she just pities them or just curious, Kobato easily recognises that he is hurt in some way. The fact that Fujimoto doesn’t want Kobato around makes her realise that there are people who might not want to be healed. Ioryogi advises that if Kobato wants to heal someone she just needs to go ahead and do it. Afterwards, Kobato wanders across one of the children from the nursery who is waiting for his mother alone. It appears that his mother has been working late ever since she divorced his dad; the boy is very defensive of her because he’s heard what the other parents have said about her.

Kobato surprises the boy, by applauding his mother, and this in turn leads the boy into hugging Kobato in tears. The rest of the evening Kobato spend with the young boy playing and afterward, she discovers that there is something in her bottle. To her surprise Ioryogi suggest that it should be called a konpeitou since that’s what its shaped like, he also gives her a score of 100 for what she did today.

Preview: Gift of the Rain

Kobato. - 03 - Preview 01.jpgKobato. - 03 - Preview 02.jpg

Personal Opinion:

Hmm, well there isn’t much I can say to this episode to be honest, the best way I could describe it is that the episode was pleasant yet cute, but it also manages to lay some framework for future episodes in particular considering Sayaka and Fujimoto. Some of the background music was fairly enjoyable for me and also fitted in well with the whole concept of the episode.

Well the fact that this episode focused primarily on children, made me think that even though I’m a fan of children, I’m not when they’re annoying like some of them are in the episode. Even though the little boy at the final third of the episode was a drawback because in my opinion it was underdeveloped. Kobato collecting her first konpeitou at the end of the episode was to me the good deed.

However in my opinion the part about fathers in the episode was interesting not for the fact tha it foreshadowed the boys problem. There’s also something that’s been bugging as of late, regarding Kobato’s origin is the bird meaning of her name a clue by any chance, to back up my theory there is a lot of bird imagery with the show. Now I’m curious as to how they decide to devleop the story and move it forward. Although it’s blatantly obvious that it won’t be until episode 10 or so that we finally begin to learn anything significant about Kobato herself.

Personal Enjoyment: 4/5


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  1. OMG they made this into an anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to watch it!!!!!!

    • Heh, yeah sure they did and it’s amazing!!!!!

      So go ahead and watch it I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.!!

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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