Naruto Shippūden 129 & 130 – Infiltrate! The Hidden Rain Village & The Man Who Became God   Leave a comment

Opening Theme 6: “Sign” by FLOW

Naruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 01.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 02.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 03.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 04.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 05.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 06.jpg

Naruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 07.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 08.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 09.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 10.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 11.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 12.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 13.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Opening 6 - Large 14.jpg

129-130 Screenshots

Naruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 01.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 02.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 03.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 04.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 05.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 06.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 07.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 08.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 09.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 10.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 11.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 12.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 13.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 14.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 15.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 16.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 17.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 18.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 19.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 20.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 21.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 22.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 23.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 24.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 25.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 26.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 27.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 28.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 29.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 129-130 - Large 30.jpg


So beginning this episode was a short recap into what has already happened so far in the series, it specifically focuses on Sasuke & Naruto’s will that was passed down to him from Jiraiya. After that the episode starts with Jiraiya successfully managing to infiltrate Amegakure; however Jiraiya thinks he has been undetected though that’s not the case as Pein notices that something is disturbing his rain. Jiraiya then goes and wanders around the Village and speaking to various villagers about there leader, Pein. Jiraiya unfortunately doesn’t receive any useful information, this is where he decides that he must capture some ninja’s and interrogate them.

Jiraiya disguises himself in a bar that has recently just opened, and two Amegakure ninja’s wander in and begin talking about pain. The two ninja’s are wondering why it’s raining on a Sunday as it never rains on a weekend. Though, it turns out that this new bar is just a transformation of one of Jiraiya’s frog and he begins to interrogate one of them and when that ninja refuses to divulge information on Pein, Jiraiya turns him into a frog. After doing this the other ninja complies with Jiraiya’s orders, the ninja begins to explain that the Genin reveals that the constant downpour of rain is in fact Pein’s Jutsu. Also that Pein easily managed to defeat Hanzo not only him but is family and friends. This newly found information shocks Jiraiya so much. Here comes a flashback of the three Sannin in a battle with Hanzo and he is the one who gave them the legendary names.

Meanwhile, has the interrogation continues Pein orders Konan to go and locate the whereabouts of the intruder, Pein stops the rain and Konan then uses a Jutsu that transforms her into little origami butterflies. Eventually Jiraiya finishes the interrogation on the Genin and informs him that he is staying inside the frog, he then walks away and summons Gerotora, and they then begin to talk about Naruto’s key. However while they are discussing Jiraiya informs Gerotora that he should go to Naruto next, as he thinks that this battle will be his last. Though, at first Gerotora disagrees saying that having him reside in Naruto is basically pointless and he doesn’t think Naruto is ready for it yet, according to Jiraiya Minato had originally intended that it should eventually go to Naruto as a sign for him to complete ‘that’ jutsu.

Not long after the discussion with Gerotora Jiraiya gets out of the frog and instructs it to go back to Konoha and let Ibiki deal with the interrogation as he then sets off to find Pein. Unbeknown to Jiraiya Konan was watching and goes immediately back to report to Pein, she tells Pein that it is Jiraiya-sensei. Pein changes into another of his bodies before instructing Konan to go and deal with Jiraiya-sensei. Konan does as she’s ordered and goes to encounter Jiraiya, they have a little fight and Konan discloses a little information that after he left their lives changed.

Apparently it doesn’t take long for Pein to arrive, however Jiraiya recognises him as Nagato a former student of his. Nagato begins to disclose valuable information to Jiraiya as he figures he is going to die so he can tell him. Pein begins with his own ideology and what the Akatsuki’s true goal is with the tailed-beasts. He reveals that by collecting all the tailed-beasts the Akatsuki will be able to create a Forbidden Jutsu weapon that can destroy entire nations in an instant; this will enable the world to become “mature” and will avert wars. Pein then decides he’s had enough of the idle chit-chat and summons a Giant Crustacean that goes to attack Jiraiya, but it is easily defeated before Jiraiya himself summons Gamaken, to help him in the forthcoming battle.

Preview: Activate! Sage Mode

Naruto Shippūden - 131 - Large Preview 01.jpgNaruto Shippūden - 131 - Large Preview 02.jpg

Ending Theme 11: “Omae dattanda” by Kishidan

Naruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 01.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 02.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 03.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 04.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 05.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 06.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 07.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 08.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 09.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 10.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 11.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 12.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 13.jpgNaruto Shippūden - Ending 11 - Large 14.jpg

Personal Opinion:

Before I officially begin my personal Opinion of the episode I think I should mention the new opening and ending that premiered along with the episodes. Well the opening ‘Sign’ by ‘Flow’ this song is very casual yet manages to surprise especially with the animation quality that went with it (still can’t get the song ‘GO’ they did for Part I of Naruto out of my head its so easy to remember). The main thing I liked about it was that it showed us some of the more brutal and sad scenes that are still to come within this season, also they managed not to put too many spoilers in it for the people who don’t know what is going to happen or don’t read the manga.

Now onto the ending song ‘Omae Dattanda’ by ‘Kishidan’ personally I’m not really into the new ending so much the song is a little to repetitive in my book but still I can’t really complain. More importantly the ending animation was just as high as the opening animation. There was something about the way that both Sasuke and Naruto were represented in the ending that really had me wishing for something that will never happen in the manga. Maybe the directors were thinking that the song should fit around the current season which on that I can completely agree as the title ‘Omae Dattanda’ translates to ‘I want to see you’ which in that case is an exceptionally good choice of song to be ending with as it can be used with either Naruto & Sasuke or Sasuke & Itachi.

You know that this episode turned out to be one of the best episodes of Shippuden so far in my books, as the producers really decided to not hold back on the costs of creating this episode that was really shown in how the animation quality was exceptionally amazing throughout even the opening and ending which I have already mentioned. Though, I think I can see way they decided to do that as this battle is one of the turning points in the series, especially regarding Naruto’s future development.

Eventually we are able to see more of Pein or Nagato whichever one you prefer to call him by, and also Konan. At least, you get to see two of his bodies in the episodes if I’m correct the first one you see is the Deva path, and then the next one you see is the Animal Path. Maybe I should mention that the person who voices Nagato/Pein is Kenyuu Horiuchi who I think is the perfect voice for him, as he displays all the qualities of the heartless person Nagato/Pein is. However Konan’s voice actress is Atsuko Tanaka who in my opinion gives an equally good performance of Konan.

Right, I can’t believe I nearly forgot about the entire talk between Gerotora and Jiraiya concerning who should possess Naruto’s key after Jiraiya’s passing. Although, that really didn’t bother me too much he mentioned that Minato (yes the Fourth Hokage) had originally intended for the key to be in Naruto’s possession so that he can complete ‘that’ Jutsu, however the Jutsu has remained nameless which as really got me wondering how powerful is this Jutsu and maybe it fits into the current development of the manga. Who knows, anyway Jiraiya apparently believes that Minato knew that the Nine tails attacking Konoha wasn’t a natural occurrence but maybe someone was controlling it. Wow, you know what I’m beginning to like Jiraiya a lot more know that he’s not just a ‘perverted sensei’, though I know that what Jiraiya is getting at is right and to get to the point quicker we are then graced with the picture of ‘Madara Uchiha’ sitting on top of his statue at ‘The Valley of the End’. Interesting way to fit him into the episode in my opinion, at least we now know that it is Tobi/Madara who was the one who controlled the nine-tails 16yrs ago.

Well wrapping up my opinion finally I get onto what has made Nagato/Pein change his views on the world so radically, that is one of the main reasons he became the leader of the Akatsuki. We are also informed what the Akatsuki’s intentions are regarding the Bijuu’s apparently there goal is to create a Forbidden Jutsu that can eradicate certain nations and therefore able to reduce the occurrence of war. Well, I find that a little pointless really who in the right mind would create something so devastating and that in my mind is regarded as naivety as no matter what anyone will do there will always be war and no one can ever stop that its human nature. Anyway to sum up the episode it was very fascinating to watch and review.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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