Darker Than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini 01 – The Black Cat Doesn’t Have a Dream of the Star…   2 comments

Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 01Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 02Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 03Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 04Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 05Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 06Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 07Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 08Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 09Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 10Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 11Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 12Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 13Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 14Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 15Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 16Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 17Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 18Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 19Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 01 - Large 20


Two years ago in Siberia, on the night of the Tokyo Explosion incident, twins Suou and Shion Pavlichenko had been with their father during a meteor shower in which Suou wonders if it’s true that if you wish on a passing meteor three before it disappears your wish shall be granted. Suou’s dad agrees but says that there are other things that can charm you or so that’s what their mother had told him, after hearing all of this Suou wishes on a passing meteor. Meanwhile Shion asks his father if its true that when a meteor falls that someone has died his father doesn’t really know has it is a fairytale from when the sky was real. However, not so long after a meteor had actually crashed into their camp-site as a result Shion became a contractor.

Back in the present a woman is at a bar, explaining that the exhaling of smoking is more toxic then inhaling, anyway the woman asks if the bar tender as heard that when a star falls it signifies the end of a contractor. Apparently he hasn’t but he doesn’t know if they exist or not, they end up having a little discussion about meeting contractors when another person enters the bar, it appears that this person knows the woman and thus we find out her name is April and the guys name is August 7th nicknamed ‘Magician’. On to the following day, Suou is at school and is trying to take a photograph of a bird and accidentally overhears her friend Tanya getting confessed to by her other friend Nika. Meanwhile, Tanya agrees to go out with him, making Nika quite happy, and Suou manages to get it all on camera, however the branch she was on snapped and she went crashing down to the ground Tanya went over to see if she was alright, and she noticed the camera in her hand and asks if she saw which Suou nods in head in agreement.

Once school finished at home Suou shooed away a black cat and has a little chat with Bella who is one of the scientists that work for father. After that Suou brings dinner to Shion and she tells him what happened at school to Tanya & nika. Then she shows him a a copy of their mothers photo-book she bought on her way home, she states that one day she wants to visit her mother in Japan, but Shion feels he doesn’t need her. Suou leaves Shion’s room and not long after her father realised that she has been in his room and warns her not to go in there again or risk getting hurt. He recognises the photo-book and says that they should move forward instead of going back in relation to his wife.

However the following day, Tanya is late for school and for class and her friends begin to notice something different about her after she eventually arrives at class. When Nika tries to find out what is wrong with her after the end of school, she attacks him with a swarm of locusts that she is able to summon thanks to her new Contractor powers. It appears the price she has to pay for using her power is to pull out some of her own hair, and after doing that she calls off the locusts and runs away. Suou then follows her and can only watch as she is escorted into a vehicle by some armed men and then she runs home.  Meanwhile at their home Shion goes into his fathers lab and stands up and states that the renumeration as paid off and it’s time. By the time Suou gets home, she notices some military vehicles around, and she enters the house through a secret passage. Exactly at the same time some soldiers enter the house, and Shion telepathically tells Suou to go to his room, to change her clothes and to take with her a certain amulet. Shion then says to Suou that Bella knows the way to escape and unbeknown to Suou, Bella is actually April from MI6 and also a Contractor like himself.

Instead of running into April right way Suou overhears someone interrogating her father about the meteor core and Shion, although her father explains to the person that he isn’t there any more, the person in question electrocutes him. When Suou comes from the passage she finds the body of her father, and shortly after April arrive as well. April thinks that Suou is Shion at first but over careful inspections realises that isn’t the case and as no choice but to take Suou and flee. Outside of the house both April & Suou are met by FSB’s Goran, and he uses his supper-speed to capture Suou, it appears April’s gun isn’t any good with this and she decides to use her powers of water Goran gets holes in him from the droplets of water due to his powers. After using her powers, April has to drink, and has she is busy doing that she is attacked from behind by Hei. April does try to counter by surrounding Hei’s head in water yet still he manages to electrocute her. Before April dies, she recognises him as BK-201, this leaves Suou alone with him.

Preview: The Fallen Meteor…

Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 02 - Large Preview 01Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - 02 - Large Preview 02

Ending Theme:From Dusk Till Dawn” by Abingdon Boys School

Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - Ending - Large 01Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - Ending - Large 02Darker than Black Ryūsei no Gemini - Ending - Large 03

Personal Opinion:

Before I begin on my opinion of the episode I must state that this weeks episode had no opening so I can’t comment on whether the opening song called “Tsukiakari no Michishirube” (ツキアカリのミチシルベ)” by Stereopony, maybe they’ll show that next week. However I can comment on the ending song by Abingdon Boys School, it was quite a good song, considering it was relatively a bit slower than I’m used to by them, but I’m not complaining at least this song will be able to grow on me. I did really like the animation sequence focusing on only shots of Tokyo maybe its highlighting that the animé could be heading back there sometime soon, any the final shot with the flower, reminded of the very 1st ending song for Darker than Black.

Well I was more than happy with the overall outcome of the episode considering that I’ve been hyped up for a while that it’s coming out in the Fall Season. Anyway, I found that the first half of the episode was quite light-hearted considering how dark this series actually is. Before plowing on I though that even if the first half wasn’t as good as I imagined but it did manage to capture the innocent and peaceful life Suou managed to live, and reintroduce some of the major concepts of the show; even with the little insert song managed to fulfill the purpose by showing how cute Suou could be as she was blushing quite a bit throughout the first half, however I couldn’t help but feel that there was a foreboding are around everything. The second half of the show is where it really picked things up for me, there was quite a few things going off that were explained alright in my overall opinion, but the thing that surprised me the most was that they actually managed to kill off so many characters within the opening episode, one of the being April. Who if I can recall my memory was a returning character from the previous season, it didn’t quite sink in at first that she had died I was just beginning to like her again. Well it seems that August 7 will be the one to fill the vacant MI6 void now, but in the process of thinking that what will happen to July, I hope we find that out soon.

Pressing along, I found it extremely difficult in trying to adjust to the stroy since it isn’t following Hei anymore and seems to be porttraying him as some sort of villian in this series, when the time comes I think Hei’s involvement in this will be explained as the story goes along. However there are obviously some back-story that is still missing that can fill in the gaps, but one thing I can absolutely say is that he definitely wants to get his hand on the Meteor core and Shiom, hmm the question here is why and what purpose does this have with the story. Surprisingly, the good thing about this is that no matter who the story focuses on it isn’t going to be divided into mini-arcs like the previous series so in general the plot should be developed and end up better as a whole.

The production quality of the episode was exceptionally good from my perspective it looked as good as the original series, so I must give a salute to BONES for that. Even though I knew that Kanno Yoko wasn’t going to be composing for this series, I actually liked most of the music that was used throughout the episode, there was one thing that bothered me one piece of music, and that was the piece that was played whenever Hei appeared was obnoxious and didn’t really suit his character in my opinion. But that’s only a small complaint that can be easily overshadowed by all the amazing things that kept me interested throughout the entire episode, so I can put a guarantee that the next episodes should be as good as this and my Friday’s shall be complete a good way to start the weekend in my opinion.

Personal Enjoyment: 5/5


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  1. Hmmmm Darker than Black… yeah, I need to get back to that.

    • Yeah, Darker than Black is awesome, this series started off with a bang as I mentioned in my opinion of the episode.

      Neon Star - ネオン星

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